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Sony WH-1000XM3 Noise Cancelling Headphones $274 C&C (Or + Delivery) @ The Good Guys Commercial (Membership Required)


Update 11/12: Stock of the black headphones is back again, and price is the same :)

Union Shopper partnership seems to be excluded unfortunately.

Greetings everyone, I just found this on TGG commercial website, I know it's niche and targeted to TGG Commercial users but it is too damn good to not post! This is a ridiculous price for a newly released product..

This is targeted at TGG Commercial users, from what I can tell, there are many different avenues to which you can get a login. For example, Union Shopper, Senior Shopper, Professionals Australia and many other shopper programs provide access to this website. So if you're part of those programs and haven't signed up yet, check out if you can get access!

I'm posting this to raise awareness, and maybe if anyone wants to help another Ozb'er out, to order for them if they feel generous :)

Including TRS, this is $246.60 ($300 min spend required for TRS), insanity. Just picked up my pair :)

Proof of Price

As always, enjoy :)

Mod: Do not comment asking for access or to purchase the item off another member, use the wanted section of the classifieds. Members who have access and are willing to assist other OzBargainers, please see that wanted section of the classifieds. Whilst we appreciate members offering to help in the comments, it is open to abuse and some members offering to help are actually attempting to resell for profit/a fee when contacted privately, we'll therefore remove all those comments as such.

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  • +25

    How to get a commercial account?

    • +1

      Same question

      • That is the 1 million dollars question

        • +7

          Do you mean 274 dollars question?

          • -4

            @edfoo: Well, technically it wouldn't be the $274, but the $72 question.

            The '1 million dollar question' is a reference to game shows, where if you provide the correct answer to the question, you gain 1 million dollars. There is no spending element in these shows.

            For this deal, we don't gain $274. Instead, we would gain however much we save.

            $346 (Lowest price of the 1000XM3 in other deals) - $274 (Price for 1000XM3 in this deal) = $72

            That's just my humble opinion, of course ;)

    • +2

      If you are a member of a union, you can get it through union shopper. That's how I got mine. I love them!

      • Which union are you with?

    • +4

      There are many ways, unions and various professional memberships etc, you'll need to use some google-fu

      But please don't try to abuse it if you don't qualify, you're just screwing over people who are meant to have access.

    • You can join Choice Consumer online and use Choice Shopper to get access to this

      • +2

        Hi ive already a member of choice shopper how can i access it? Please help me

      • +2

        Yeah I signed up. www.choice.com.au right?

        Mind shedding some light on how to then register to TGG? Cannot see any way this is possible.


      • +1

        Doubt it, I'm a choice member and contacted choice shoppers they denied any association with TGG commercial

    • I just used my professional Australia account to register for the TGG Commercial site, still have not received login details from them. Will this offer expire soon? worried.

      • You're a Gerry Harvey professional

    • Harvey Norman has a Flash Sale today. I purchased for $274

      $359 sale price - $50 amex cash back + $35 Claim tax when u travel oversea = $274

  • +1

    Very tempted. My 1000xm2 is still good.

    • +46

      Nah don't. Use your headphones until it dies then buy a new one.

      • +4

        Will do.

      • +1

        HaHAHa… I have the OPPO PM3 and they don't seem to be dying anytime soon. Dangit!

        • +1

          Same. They will never die. I'm thinking of getting these just for travel. The pm3s are not so portable.

          • @mit: I think they can be classified as portable. Slightly less portable than BOSE or Sony NC. If you want a significant jump in portability, it would be a HD238i or a Koss PortaPro.

            • @JuliusSeizure: The the PM3s are portable but the Sony's fold which almost halves the size when you don't need it. For travelling, it's just the NC that I'm going to have a go with. I've held out this long. The price is too good.

              • @mit: Oh I see. I always carry my backpack when I bring my portable cans. So storing the OPPOs in their hard case isn't much of an issue. I only use my QCs when flying or on long transits.

    • You can sell the XM2 for $280-$300 quite easily, check eBay you will see people are still happy to pay that. Not everyone is an OzBargainer/aware of how low Sony headphones can go.

      • Yes, I did just that. You can expect up to $280 for 1000xm2.

        However, having used 1000xm3 for about two weeks, the difference is incremental and not a huge leap like Sony would like us to believe (4x more processing power in Noise cancelling processor).

  • +5

    I don't think TRS is claimable in this case? Since they require the goods to have a minimum of $300 and this is sold at $274.

    • +5

      Ahh yeah, I got 2 pairs, I'll put the $300 requirement in thanks!

    • Also possible to buy something extra to take you over the 300 mark. Cords, battery pack etc.

    • You're correct if you only buy the headphones alone. It's claimable if you buy more than $300 from the same retailer for any amount of items (must share the same ABN). Doesn't have to be the same transaction either IIRC.

      • +1

        That’s right, they don’t need to be in the same transaction:

        if you bought items from one business, even on separate invoices, that together total AUD 300, these items could be eligible for a tax refund under the TRS


        • -3


          So I bought one through my TGG Commerical account and it says the customer is Member Benefits Australia (VIC) even though the "delivery customer" is me.

          I then went and bought from the same store (same ABN) another product on a separate date (ie separate invoice too) to bring the total over $300 and now the sales customer is me, not Member Benefits Australia (obviously).

          My question thus is… will I come into problems with TRS? I paid for everything, same ABN, but potentially the "customer" was different on the 2 different invoices.

  • +4

    Any way to get a commercial account? Looks like an amazing deal but I don’t have one :/

    • -1

      See my comment above

  • +4

    Just shows how much they rip off the everyday buyer if they can offer these prices

        • +11

          Exactly. I'm so tired of people expecting retailers not to make margin. News flash guys it take 35% margin to keep the doors open in most cases (margin,not markup, different math).

          • +5


            However 10% of the price is the most unfair taxes that can be devised being applied by the government. Which people who like losing money voted for.

            So, what's your proposed alternative?

            A service tax (like the gst) is a 'relatively' fair tax as it taxes consumption, and is one of the ways to ensure even the lost dodgy of cash only people pay some form of tax… You buy more, you get taxed more..

          • +2

            @Diji1: How is it an unfair tax? It's actually incredibly fair in that all consumers pay it, so there is limited way to dodge it, and unlike income tax, is much harder to avoid

            • @RMBC: As those with more money are impacted less than those who are poor, so the GST is considered not very fair.

              • +1

                @slimmy: Seems pretty fair to me. Those who are poor already benefit from lower income tax and/or access to welfare, as well as concession discounts on selected goods and services.

              • @slimmy: Everyone paying the same amount, ie 10% on purchases is perfectly fair. Plus progressive income tax rates mean those with a higher earning capacity pay more in income tax anyway, and that is before welfare payments are considered

    • Also note there's still margin in these from sony.

      • -1

        how do you know? you know their wholesale prices?
        I believe these are lost leaders to get people to know This new joint. of course, they could have organized a good rebate from Sony.

        • While I'm not really allowed to tell you the actual cost price, I can assure you this is very close to the cost price for the major retailers themselves (eg. TGG, JB, etc.)

          As such, what solidussnake is saying is true as Sony obviously sells these to stores at a profit.

    • +1

      So, by that logic, the Bose are not as much of a rip off because they don't get discounted as heavily?

  • +6

    could anyone please name a place where u can get login details or buy the headphones for me so I can pay them.

  • would someone be able to buy on behalf of? would be uber grateful!

  • That was a quick drop lol. Now to get access…

  • Bought some off the JB commercial deal a couple of weeks ago. This is like $70 cheaper! Great headphones. Sound is good, Bluetooth has good range, noise cancelling so far so good though no flights since purchasing. Very comfy.

    • Me too, but could get it for $379.
      Have access to GG as well, can't believe it's more then 100 bucks cheaper.

  • the question is how to get the price if one dont have commercial account ?

    • +13

      you dont

    • Join a Union that offers Shoprite or Union Shopper service.

      • You need to pay a subscription fee though, right?

        • Yeah that's right, getting consistent discounts though.

  • I want one! But I'm not a commercial member.

  • -3

    A way of accessing that price would be very much appreciated!

  • Would buy one at this price but unfortunately do not have access. Shame.

  • Would love to buy at this price

  • +10

    I've got access via my Mortgage lender. Finally, something paid off.

    PM me if you would like to buy and I'll see how many I can help you with.

    • Which mortgage lender ?

      • +1

        State Custodians. It was a limited time offer I believe.

        • Just made an account to look for these? Are you still helping people out trying to get them? :)

    • +10

      Update status: I've got 5x of these (probably maximum I could buy). Already helped one peep so 4 remaining. PM me to arrange picking up :) (Mel/VIC)

      • +1

        Too bad you are not in Sydney. Thanks!

      • PMed!

      • PMed!

      • Messaged!

      • please,I wanna one!thank you so much!

      • Pm,ed

      • Hi do you have any left? PM me I'm ready to buy now. In MEL/VIC

    • +28

      OK all gone. Please stop PMing me. When my wife is home I'll ask her to see if I can get another 5x using her account and let you guys know.

      • +23

        Guys rejoice. I've managed to place another 5x. Bad news: status is Backordered so you might have to wait but payment gone through. Happy to help out again.

        Note: Only PM if you can pick up from 3029/3141 area
        Proof: https://imgur.com/a/KXM5Osp

    • I would like one please

    • +19

      Hi guys,

      Have just picked up the first batch!!!! Yay! Photo here + the username of those included in this first batch. Everyone will get the same PDF of the receipt emailed to them so that you can claim warranty if needed to.

      Also, a good guy working at the good guys (see what I did there) said the limit on my Commercial account is per pick up. That means I can get another 10 x via mine and my wife's accounts. The catch is that these have to be on back order (5 days according to him). The thing is that I have to make sure there are enough people placing orders or I'll end up having a house of Sony XM3; it's gonna be a very quiet house indeed.

      • I'm keen.Please grab me one. PM'd

        • In for 2 please if you are placing another order. PM'd.

      • pm'd

      • Pm'd

      • can you upload the receipt for price match mate. Also, where r u?

      • i’m keen for one, unable to PM you tho, TIA

      • +2

        Ok, I have enough people so I just placed another 10x. I'm not taking on any more as my inbox exploded and my credit card is almost maxed out.
        I'll contact you all when the order arrives and will arrange pick up with everyone.

      • Pm'd

      • Fyi nkahoang is reselling these for $300 "for his effort".
        Good way to make $500 if he finds buyers for all 20 he's bought so far.
        I'm out.

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