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Melbourne/Sydney to Manila, Philippines from $306 Return on Cebu Pacific (Various Dates Nov '18 - August '19) @ Trip.com


Cebu Pacific is a low cost airline, so carry on is included but you'll need to pay if you want to check a bag. But this is the Philippines, it's nice and warm!

Personally I'd recommend using Manila as a stopover before flying to Palawan, I loved El Nido especially (fly to Puerto Princesa, take a shuttle).

Dates vary but there are ones almost every month from now until winter next year. I've linked to FlightScout as it highlights several of these, but once you click through to skyscanner/trip you can search your own more specific dates.

Airline: Cebu Pacific
Destination: Manila, Philippines
Dates: various over next 8 months

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    306 ways to die! I am Australian, and been there many times before for work and play. But not now, no way..
    I've been drugged twice & lucky to make it back to the hotel. then out cold for 2 days.
    I've had a gun at my head twice, once with police I knew at a Karaoke bar, 1st time in a night club 2 very drunk men in black… and this was all before Duterte was elected.

    Anywhere where the President allows people police or not to shoot anyone that could be associated to drugs and get away with it.
    My friend in Sydney lost her brother gunned down on the beach very close to Cebu city, and my other good friend lost her 38y.o sister & brother in law two months back.
    Crazy. all the women and children led out of their houses, the Police then shot all the males, 5 people in all, planted guns under their hands and said it was suicide… What for all of them, 5 suicides in 10 min !
    The Police helped themselves to whatever items they liked and then moved on to the next raid. No Big deal.

    I know what you're thinking, but none had anything to do with drugs.
    If Duterte is giving people open slather to kill, then corruption becomes absolutely impossible to control, even after he has gone ! To be honest I'm surprised he hasn't already been shot, which says a lot about his possible connections to these people.

    Yeah a great holiday destination !

    • wonder how much of this is real…

    • -1

      LOL been there many times no problems you hang with the wrong people if that is happening to you!. not many places you can stay for $20 night at hotel and beers for $1 these days!

    • It sounds like a different country to the one I know. I've been there 25+ times since 2011. If I had to guess I'd say your type of fun sounds more like after dark experiences. I stay 2 hours south of Manila, I feel safer there than I do in Australia for sure.

      It's likely about the right place and network, I've had nothing but a great time over there. I just don't know the Philippines you speak of.

      Act like a lawful, considerate tourist and the pinoys will absolute treat you according. More so than the other 50+ countries I've been to.

  • -1

    Great story. You should write a book with all the fiction nonsense you mentioned. All that happened to you and people close to you? You must be some special unlucky person. Meanwhile, in other "100 Things That Never Happened"..

  • +1

    People, While I have not lived an ordinary life, I've have lived in many countries for 6m to 1.5 years at a time. This country is not as safe as other people are suggesting here.
    Please don't listen to the trolls here, my warnings here are not fiction ,trust me.
    I have many other stories, friends that know me can relate.
    If you are a tourist there use some caution and watch out for the scams. There are many of them and they are very good at it.

    Quite possibly these trolls just sit at the pool all day, eat Maccas and don't see any of the country or have any idea what the country is really like. Why bother travelling then ?
    Just look at what's reported each day, many innocent people have been killed over the last few years.
    And remember quite a bit doesn't even make it on mainstream, I remember in Thailand a murdered tourist used to be pulled from the water every 2nd week and it never made TV news.
    Keep that in mind if travelling there.

  • +2

    @jd4free. I don't think we are trolls. I don't believe you are either. I know there is merit in what your saying but I just feel it's super easy to avoid it. I gtfo of Manila as fast as I possibly can. I don't think anyone can say that's a safe city. We would agree on that. My wife is originally from there so my experience is influenced by their protection to a large degree. Knowing they know you in 'my' barangay, knowing they know my family - yes that all makes things much smoother. I believe what you said. I never said I didn't, I just said it isn't the Philippines I know.

    Here is my analogy. Melbourne is somewhat safe. Do gangs at times engage in home invasions? Yes. Was their a time the underworld were striking out each other in Lygon St? Yes. Melbourne has had idiots trying to hit pedestrians. Nightclub violence can be a problem. It goes on. Would I tell my international friends to avoid Melbourne? No. I'd tell them to be vigilant, cautious. I'd say the same about The Philippines, a country I love.

    You sound like someone that's lived an intriguing life, didn't want you to think you were being hit by keyboard warriors - you actually seem like the type we should all share stories and a beer with. Take care man. :)

    • I just wanted to point out the fact that PI does have some issues that have affected my friends life and my own for that matter.
      When referring to trolls I was not referring to you at all, you seem to be quite educated, just the others indicating that I lie and i make up these stories.
      These people that have died are real people that I knew, and it's quite amazing people refuse to believe the truth, their heads in the sand.
      Melbourne has it's own unique problems, but nothing like what I have seen there.
      I actually have many more stories, a lot worse in fact actually…but I don't want to scare people.
      i.e last year my friend lent her motorbike to a schoolmate so he could pickup some books, when he arrived in the town 5 men cut him up into meat chunks with a machete, including the bike !
      My friend was more pissed about losing the new bike. Life is pretty cheap there in SE asia, that I'm sure you can agree.
      I'm 52,not 13 like many of these kids online here, would love to have a beer with you any day of the week.

  • Go to cebu every 2-3 months to see my family it's like anywhere mind your own business be respectful and use your brains and don't get into bad situations.If you go to bars and get intoxicated and then walk down dark alleys you will probably get into trouble.

  • This is a sweet deal! Not a fan of landing in MNL to be honest. Would prefer to have a stopover in SIN and then land in CRK. Anything outside of Manila is great if you're visiting the Philippines.

    • even cheaper here (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/414771). I agree re Manila, but if you can get there cheaply, connect to Puerto Princesa and get up to El Nido - Palawan is amazing :)

      • I saw! Thanks for that. I currently reside in Sydney so I commented here instead of your latest post. I'm from Angeles City, where CRK is and it's so convenient to just land there instead of being stuck for hours in Manila traffic (which I experienced the last time I went home).

        El Nido is great! It is absolutely breathtaking. I'd love to go back there soon. The people from my country have been talking about Siargao islang. You should check it out too.

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