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Melbourne to Manila, Philippines from $208 Return Direct on Cebu Pacific (Feb-June)


We had a deal for this last week for $306 Return (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/413336), so this price seems incredible.

Sat 23/0218:05 Melbourne Tullamarine, AU023:15 Manila Ninoy Aquino Int.08h109
Sat 09/0306:00 Manila Ninoy Aquino Int.016:50 Melbourne Tullamarine, AU07h509


From a Saturday to a Saturday, 2 weeks there. Direct flights. Get in quick. Only found specific dates but more might be available around there.

Bags, meals and seat selection are not included.

EDIT: Available at Cebu's website for dates from Feb and beyond.

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  • Wow looks great. Looking for cheap tickets here. Thanks!

  • +7

    wish they flew out of Bris.

    also glad they don't fly out of Bris - can't afford more holidays.

  • Haven't been to Philippines, worth visiting? What's it like? I've read Manilla is boring, but I'm curious about Cebu and other islands.

    • +3

      Manila - 1 or 2 days max. The old Spanish area is interesting, smart cathedrals etc. Then get to an island.

      I've been to Palawan. Cheap flights (Cebu too) to Puerto Princesa, some nice places there, but a 6 hour shuttle ride gets you to El Nido - the nest, and it's incredible. Do some google image searching. It felt like it was 'about' to become touristy when I was there, but it's still cheap, fun, and beautiful!

      • That sounds awesome… Hope the offer is around for a few days, going to check out what to do tonight.

        Bloody hell, cheap flight but we're quickly becoming america, look at this fkery:

        Administrative Fee
        AUD 28.00
        Passenger Movement Charge - AU
        AUD 60.00
        Safety and Security Charge
        AUD 4.56
        Passenger Service Charge - AU
        AUD 47.28
        Fuel Surcharge
        AUD 40.00
        PH Passenger Service Charge
        AUD 14.36
        • +1
            Base Fare
            Adult1 × AUD 6.80
        • +3

          Most of those charges would be from the Australian side which are much higher than they are in America. It’s a very aussie thing to get ripped off.

          • +1

            @potm: Most of those 'fees' are airline imposed and are really just sneaky ways to increase the price whilst looking like they are almost giving the tickets away for free.

            • @[Deactivated]: There’s minimum taxes and airport fees that will have to be paid even if the airline sells the ticket for $0.
              For $208 return, the airline is not getting most of that.

    • Depends on your preference. Spent two years there and only saw a smidge and had the time of my life in Manila.
      Avoid the tourist places and that's where you'll find the real Manila or for that matter the real Philippines.
      Not for the faint hearted though, poverty and crime can be extreme.

      • About the crime, how does it compare with say Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam or even Indonesia? I know guns are common in Philippines but with Deturte's (sp?) crackdowns, are things still bad when exercising normal commonsense things to not attract attention like not wearing a watch and an old junk smartphone enough to avoid being a target?

        I like doing it tough and avoiding tourist traps.

        • Depends where and when. Just don't put yourself in compromising places and if possible go with locals/experienced people. General rule is anywhere outside of the cities are generally safer, I've spent two months in Mindanao (not that I would recommend it though effin beautiful and untouched) and felt safer than Manila.

          Just don't wear fancy clothing and brands when you go, even your phone…

          Use grab taxi when you're there to save the hassle of being ripped off, they can usually tell if you're a newbie.

          Look outside the Makati/Palawan tourist bubble, travel slow and you'll experience the real Philippines.

          • @compound: Where do you meet locals and foreigners who know the place when you are just going for a holiday?

            As for seeing the 'real Philippines', I'm sure that's the last thing people want on their annual vacation.

            Horses for courses

    • I spent one night manila via a previous deal. Managed to leave my wallet in the airport taxi. He didn't answer the phone after that lol. Pretty shit experience but maybe others can chime in

      • done the same in Bangkok, after ordering a beer realised I had no money and wallet and its like 2hours walk back to the hotel.

    • Anything outside Manila please if you're interested in going. I would suggest going to El Nido, Palawan. A new trendy beach island is Siargao. You can go visit the north of the Philippines as well.

  • +7

    This is an incredible deal. I flew to Manila with them in March this year. I paid $380 return and I'd do it again at that price in a heart beat. It was an overnight flight on the way back and that was fine too. Not much to say about the seats. I did buy food on board as it was cheap and it wasn't too bad. Almost everything was under $10 and you could eat really quite a lot of food for $15.

    As for the Philipines itself. Get out of Manila. If you are not interested in old colonial buildings then don't even stay one night. Just get a connecting flight so you don't even have to leave the airport.

    Go to Palawan. Its one of the nicest places I've ever seen. Especially Coron. My mate and I did two weeks in the Philipines for $1500 AUD each. For everything hotels, flights, insurance, food. We even hired a boat wth a driver one day to take us around Coron. Thats one of the coolest things I've done. they go with you to the market and buy food and cook it for you on the beach. We found others to split the cost with and at the last minute one guy pulled out and it ended up just being 3 of us.

    TL:DR take this deal and fly to Palawan

    • +1

      Yep go there if you want the tourist experience. Once and never again. The Philippines has over 7000 island check it out.

      • I dont know about you but I can live in Palawan for a looooooong time and not feel like it is a tourist trap at all

  • +3

    Just got back on Cebu Pac and booked again for Easter 2019 at $207, so no surcharges for those dates.
    The flight there was only 25% full, so got to stretch out, flight back was busier.

    Also suggest Palawan, the beach parts of Cebu and Boracay has just re-opened . Read about the new rules there. I stayed at a quiet beach there called Diniwid. Manny Pacquio has a house there.

    Internal flights are very cheap through Cebu Pac too and beer too!

  • -4

    It was $138 return from Sydney a few times about 5 years or so ago.

    • +6

      Hopefully I can buy a Delorean for. $70

  • how long do these sales on cebu pacific last ?

  • SALE PERIOD: UP TO November 10, 2018 OR UNTIL SEATS LAST | TRAVEL PERIOD: December 15, 2018 - June 30, 2019.
    They often go on sale from time to time.

  • +2

    The price just went from $207 return on my screen to $350 in the time it took me to link it to my friends.

    • yeah i'm really annoyed, i was up to entering passport numbers and it went 200 bucks more expensive per person so i clicked back to check it and now i've lost that price

  • +1

    Price gone up. No deal.

  • yeah not bad best i had is $180 sydney to manila return about 2 years ago.

  • -3

    Also finding no dates at this price, guess it was only a few seats available to promote the airline.

  • If you want something a bit different, I highly recommend Banaue. We stayed in a fully serviced Ifugao hut with a stunning view of their rice terraces (@ $30 p/n inc. breakfast mind you) and went swimming deep underground within their huge cave systems. Such a chilled out and beautiful place. The weather in the mountains is a lot nicer too, not as hot and humid as the rest of the Philippines. To get there you take a flight from Manila to nearby Cauayan ($120 return) and then taxi to Banaue (approx $50).

    • It is where Thanos retired from Avengers scene

  • Or a 8-9 hour luxury bus from Manila for 650 PESOS atm @ AUD$17 Codalines
    Luxury Bus has Comfort Room and only 35 seats and usually half occupied (plenty of legroom).
    For the true OZBARGAINER.
    Fits in well with Syd - Manila customers as it leaves Manila at 9 and 10pm arriving around daylight.
    Can book online and very professional Bus Service

    • I've actually caught that bus before but was not a very enjoyable ride so didn't suggest it

      • I have too it stops 4 times and $34 return verses $340 its a no brainer if your on a budget
        Its better than any bus I have taken in Australia.

  • Great deal, wish I saw this last night, I can't find any deals at that price anymore

  • Expired, prices are now back to normal.

    • Please use the report link in future so we can mark it expired.

    • Dammit too late. I hope they put the deal back for click frenzy.

  • Lock the price by creating the booking in Alipay and have 24 hours to decide…

    • how does that work??

      • +1

        in the payment page — you can choose Alipay — and it will give you 24 hours to make tha payment (and in Alipay, you can see ir booking refernce number)

        but the time frame differs — Airasia only has 1 hour to pay

        Jetstar also has this payment method now

  • Does anyone know a third party site where you can have a month view and see when is the cheapest price to book?

    Cebu pac used to have this feature a few years ago but have discontinued it

    See below screenshot for reference

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