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Audioengine 2+ Powered Speakers Black: $249 (Was $359) + Delivery (or Free Pick-up) @ PC Case Gear


The award-winning Audioengine 2 speakers just got better. With a built-in digital-to-analog converter, the Audioengine 2+ allows you to send high-quality digital audio direct from your computer's USB port. Backed by a 3 year Audioengine warranty.

Also available in white Sold out

Other deals:
Audioengine 5+ Premium Powered Speakers Black $399 (Was $579)
Audioengine D1 Premium 24-Bit DAC / Headphone Amp $199 (Was $249)
Audioengine DS2 Desktop Stands $39 (was $49)
Audioengine S8 Powered Subwoofer Black $399 (Was $499)

Alternatively, you could:
- Price match at JB-Hi-Fi to avoid shipping costs (credit to @Bismar)
- Purchase a red version at Mwave for $259 with free shipping (credit to @stickyfingers)

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  • The DAC isn't too bad but has a massive volume problem when using TOSLINK.

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      The DAC isn't particularly impressive, performance wise a lot of PC sound cards will have a better DAC, let alone standalone DACs.

      Speakers themselves are good speakers but I wouldn't buy this to eliminate a DAC / soundcard in the signal chain.

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    They are premium bookshelf speakers and this is a very good price because Audioengine, like Apple are rarely discounted.

    The A2+ generally is the top pick or amongst the very highest picks in their category on every review site I have ever seen.

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    Those stands should really just be packaged with the speakers.

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    How do these compare to voll speakers?

    • I have owned both, and would have to say the 2+ is better than the Volls, the bass those little fellas put out is incredible given their size. Having said that I don't think the price justifies the performance.

      I've only heard the passive Volls, so if you take into account the price of a separate amp or the powered Volls, this is a good deal.

    • I have the 1st gen Voll speakers and earlier Audioengine 5 speakers. Haven't listened to them for a while though..

      My recollection is the Audioengines have more detail. Volls have better soundstage I think. Tonality the Volls is a bit unbalanced and the box isn't very good so at higher volumes it can sound a bit broken-up. Volls are very good value for the price though ($80 a pair without amp).

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    Edifier r1280db or this?

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      hope you didn't hurt yourself with that stretch

  • I have a pair of these, really great speakers

  • I got a pair of Audioengine 2s 7+ years ago for $229.
    I normally use them two nights a week off a PC for movies/music.
    They are very clear sounding, a bit light on base. I'm not a fan of big base but a bit more would be a plus. They are quite directional, more for pointing at you then filling a room. Very compact. Sound a lot better using my $100 Dac Magic.
    I recommend them.

    How much of a step up is the A5?

    That gets answered here

    Delivery to NSW $41 for A5 and $50 for A2, (smaller costs more?)

  • How do these compare to Aktimate Minis?

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      Aktimates have good sound quality but they tend to break. If you go to their FB page you'll see a number of people with complaints of their speakers breaking after warranty period expires.
      It happened to mine and the repair wasn't cheap (resoldering the board + replacing of parts). It was just over two years old. Zero help from the manufacturer "too bad so sad".

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        Funny you say that. My Aktimate Micros don't put any volume out to the slave speaker any more. When I checked their website it looked like it hasn't been updated in years.

        Shame, because they sounded amazing and were the perfect size.

        I'm using those Pioneer Andrew Jones bookshelves now, they're great and all, but passive and bloody huge.

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    I have the A5+ speakers and they are bloody fantastic as a stereo setup for my lounge room. I have them paired with a sub.

    had them for 5 years, turned on pretty much constantly, never had an issue. great value at these prices.

    EDIT: so I checked my purchase info on these and I paid $399 in June 2013 through PC Case Gear, plus $45 delivery.

    Exchange rate to USD at the time was 75c, so it seems odd that the RRP today is $579 given our exchange rate today is 71c.

    good price for A5s but its not an actual discount on what they should be sold for.

    • A5's or A2's?

      Whoops my bad didn't even read the description of post, apologies.

  • These are really good. Low volumes are whatever but high volumes really shine.

    Woops, nevermind, I'm talking about the +5s

  • Not too bad at all. As an alternative, and arguably little bit more quality and flexibility: (EDIT: And higher price)

    Just purchased a computer speaker setup, Topping MX3 to power both my speakers and headphones (that need more power than standard headphone output jack on my PC) + it's a very decent external DAC (Connected via SPDIF to my computer) + had subwoofer output as well. Power output is 42RMS per channel (2 channel)

    Going to setup with Monitor Audio Bronze and a sub. Yes, only 42RMS per channel but that's heaps for a desktop. Sub of choice but looks like Monitor Audio Bronze sub which I suspect will need to be turned down so I don't blow up my computer desk….

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    Looking up A5+ prices.. came across this
    $299 at PCCG in 2014

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      Makes this deal not seem that great anymore.

    • I noticed this trend too while looking at prices for other headphones and speakers that are 3+ years old. For some reason the prices were much cheaper years ago. Does anyone know why the prices of older headphones/speakers are more expensive nowadays?

      • I guess they’d blame it on inflation lol

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    I have heard good things of the A2+
    So is the Audioengine 2+ = A2+
    and Audioengine 5+ = A5+

  • Perfect for a desktop setup. Been using them for 5 years, maybe… Still looking for a stand to make them ear level.
    Plug and play, no software required.
    I switch to D1 (via toslink) when I use headphones. Simple and sounds good. Make sure your PC has good USB port power if you are going to connect by USB.

  • I have the A2s for about 4 years now for listening to music and gaming on pc - great speakers.

    I have them setup on a shelf so they are around head height when I am sitting. If you are going to have them positioned lower down, you may want the stands to properly direct the sound. Or you can cut a tennis ball in half and use that if you don't mind the ghetto look.

    • I found a black squash ball was good for that, small enough to be discreet but big enough to get a decent angle and made of rubber so it doesn't slide around.

      • The Oscar Wylee glasses case work surprisingly well…..

  • +4

    $10 more for the red version with free shipping at Mwave.

    • Thanks jumped on this instead

  • Waiting for the 5+ to be $299

  • If there are any audiophiles watching this thread, any suggestions/recommendations for a television soundbar (or separate speaker equivalent setup) for under $500? Or perhaps I am dreaming?

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      Why not just go the A5+?

      • +1

        Thank you cornbeef. I had not realised these can be connected directly to a TV.

        • +1

          You can run RCA between the TV and speakers through line 2, and you can also plug in a bluetooth receiver to the audio line 1. I assume you can run a subwoofer from the line out, though bass is generally fine for the A5's. The left speaker has a built in amplifier and the right speaker is passive.

          If you were to go something like the Voll A44 you'd also want to add the Voll subwoofer. Bodge has that bundle for $275, though the subwoofer is out of stock at the moment.

    • +1

      Not an audiophile, but for a Soundbar in that price range I'd probably go for a Yamaha YAS 207. Seems to be well featured and well reviewed.

      Probably hard to get a passive speaker/amp combo new for less than $500. Can't compare to the A5+ or any other specific active speakers. You'll potentially get better sound from speakers (and bass if the soundbar has no sub), but lose out on some features from soundbars (e.g. different sound modes, maybe simulated surround). Also may depend if the speakers have been designed more for music, compared to a soundbar which will likely have been designed for TV/movies.

    • Reviews seem pretty good.

    • +2

      Love Polk but these are ugly AF

  • I considered these last year but they were a bit too exxy for me. They're a bit like the Apple of desktop speakers. I bought some Presonus Eris 3.5 for $190 a pair and they are very very good.

    • I heard Presonus Eris 4.5s are way better than Audiengine 2+

  • How do these compare to the Bose companion 20?

  • Awesome speakers, I have a pair and love them.

    Would anyone know if I should turn them off when I am not using them? they are connected to my gaming PC which I only use on weekends so not sure if I should turn them off when they are not in use or if I should just leave them on all the time.

    They are connected to power but have a volume control at the back of the left speaker that once you go to Min you would hear a click and the speakers would be turned off.

    Any thoughts? I want to make sure that they last as long as possible.

    • Amplifiers tend to heat up so perhaps best to turn them off.

    • +1

      Had mine for 4.5 years connected to my desktop and have never turned them off. They automatically go into standby mode to save on power.

      • If they're turned on though, they're still drawing power. Best practise is always off at the wall if you want to save power.

        • +2

          I don't care about saving power, just letting the poster know that mine are 4.5 years old and have never been turned off and they are still working fine.

          • @yippy: Thanks that was exactly my question. it is about maximising their life and not about saving a few cents on power. I will keep mine on then.

          • @yippy: Mine have been on for about 8years straight, no issues.

  • Are these better than Elac UB5?

  • My A2's recently died. Converted them to passive and just trying to find a decent amp to power them. Have been considering the SMSL AD18

  • Are these good for a home gym? I want good sound quality but also like decent bass response.

    • Depending on the size of your gym, you might want something more powerful, and also maybe a subwoofer as well

  • +3

    If PCCASEGEAR is too far or you don't want to pay shipping, I got JB Hifi Bourke Street Melbourne to price match the speakers without issue. From $379 to $249.

    • LEGEND I was nervous since JB havent been able to price match for me many times

      Hope I can cancel this order

      Drats they say it's too late to cancel…Anyone in Brisbane want a black pair for $15 off?

  • Noob question - if I want to utilise this set of speakers as a wireless system what would I need? I would like to be able to play music from phone/computer wirelessly.

    • What program do you use to play music?

      • Various from Spotify to Apple Music

        • Spotify works well with a google chromecast audio which runs over your wifi network. If you have an apple play device then it does much the same for itunes. The next option of course is bluetooth so you could get a bluetooth enabled speaker, such as the one mentioned by thelastnoob or add a bluetooth receiver such as the logitech or something cheaper like this Ugreen.

          As per my comment above this will give you a few options. For example you can plug one audio line straight into your computer and use the other audio line for wifi or bluetooth. Hope this helps.

  • If anyone wants to trade their white set for a black and cash on top ($20-$40)
    Let me know
    I am in Brisbane

  • +1

    Red version also available at Scorptec for $259, free delivery today, as an alternative to Mwave if it suits anyone better. There's a 0.7% cashback for them at CashRewards, so technically a bit cheaper.

  • Who bought out the S8 subwoofers… what a shame. Please let me know if you're willing to sell these, been waiting for a promotion for over 6 years now.

    Or does anyone have a receipt/invoice they can share for their S8 purchase at $399?

  • +1

    omg literally waited 6 months for a sale on these and the one time im on holiday and check ozbargain they go on sale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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