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Bosch WAW28620AU 9kg Front Load Washer $1239.20 + Delivery or Free C&C (Bonus $100 Cashback via Redemption) @ The Good Guys eBay


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    iDOS 286. Sounds like a slow wash.

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      The youth won't get that comment ;)

      • Yeah it just shows how old you are ;p

      • I remember back in the "olden days"(ie the 90's) when a computer guy tried to convince my parents to upgrade for 286 to 486 (which had just come out) instead of going for the 386 on the ground that if they did that, they would probably not need to upgrade ever again!

        ahh - dodgy computer sales people..

        • To be fair back in those days we didn’t realise we’d be upgrading computers every few years for the rest of our lives. Actually if we knew that I doubt anyone would have spent $4000 on a doorstop.

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    Great machine. Bought one during the last 20% off - huge capacity, fast, quiet. The iDOS (automatic dosing) means you just put the clothes in and don't have to muck around with powder and fabric softener.

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      Yeah, it's 2018. I shouldn't have to muck around with powder. I'm done with shaking drinks too.

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        that'll stir things up.

      • Thanks for the Seinfeld reference.

      • No need to blow your sinuses away when there are so many new dosing methods

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      I got one too ~$1320 delivered and old machine removed (1220 with cash back)
      Good machine so far
      PS It will only IDos liquid detergent not powder

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        Does that function actually work? El cheapo detergents require more liquid per wash than a more concentrated liquid, so how would the machine know that?

        • And harder water and more soiled clothes may need more detergent
          It’s a cooperative robot not AI

        • You need to calibrate the machine 'how much' is a standard wash, it has a sensor to weight your laundry and also detect the fabric type, and adjust to correct amount. It also detect the hardness of water.

          That means, you will stick to one brand of detergent only, but then they also allow you to bypass that with manual mode

        • it works. got one last time. but for the concentrated liquid(pretty much all brands), you have to dilute, otherwise it will be too viscous for the machine to draw up. ( its from the costumer service and manual), OMO is the the typical liquid deterdent you have to dilute.

          and everytime you change detergent, you have to manually set up the dose. and if you dilute, you have to do the math.

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    Goodguys has some 20% deals - I just got the LG 8.5kg for $599. Basic update of a 15yr old 6.5kg model we have.

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      Which one? Can you share thr link plz

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        Just go to their ebay store and search lg 8.5. 20% off store wide with the code.

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          Couldnt find it. Thats why i asked u to share the link

  • Grabbed a Samsung 8.5kg front loader on Friday for ~$639 ($631 after CR!). "Luckily" the existing 9 yr old unit broke its spider drum mount Friday morning - During the sale. That never happens. Had the new one Friday arvo, ordered at 12, picked up at 2. LG was out of stock (for local pickup).
    I already repaired the Samsung twice, 1 door lock, and 1 drain pump. To repair the replacement drum mount would cost >$250 to buy, take me a day of swearing to put it in and a week to arrive. It was time to go.

    • Can u plz share thr link?

        • I had a cheap 5.5kg LG top-loader that was awesome.

          Eventually had to fix it (main bearing wore out after 10 years hard use, and it still lives today, 14 years later).

          Then all my friends with expensive Samsung and LGs found out:
          They wanted me to fix their 2yo front loading ones for a variety of different problems arising from sensors and construction/design!

          Whilst fixing the LG though, I bought the previous Bosch to this one (no auto dosing). It is better than any washing machine I've seen before quality wise, and quieter and more stable (very very heavy- I had trouble installing it alone). But once in, we were all very happy.

          It uses <half the power, 1/5 the water… and doesn't wake us up in the morning as we always use the timer so clothes are ready to hang out first thing in the morning. Timer wash is a great feature as frugal machines need to spend >2 hours washing (we always use the standard or long wash modes, not the fast ones to get best results with minimal consumption).

  • Excellent washing machine. Very quiet operation with great wash results. The iDOS system isn't at all a gimmick.

  • We've had one of these for over a year now and couldn't be more happy with it.

    We got ours through a friend who works at Bosch so only paid the employee discount price. This price is almost the same.

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    Great price we got our WAW32640AU back in July 2016 paid a crap load more than that, also got the heat pump dryer and had a deal for the top mount kit so you stack it for free.

    The bearing did go in the first 3months, Bosch service was excellent replaced with whole new machine has been going fine since then (just a random bad one) has concierge so got some $$$ on an eftpos card too while it was down.

    Once you find a good liquid the iDos works perfectly, one time we changed to a new one and it just bubbled up something chronic, surprisingly the coles stuff seems to work well.

    Oh and this is a German made model too which some argue is better than the ones made elsewhere.

  • Will this fit in the back of a soft 4wd? Not keen on $55 delivery for a 4min drive

    • +2

      If you mean a tray back or style side back, yes no problem, if you mean a rav4 or prado, prado maybe rav4 I reckon pushing it.

      Get something slightly long from Bunnings free hire trailer for a few hours :)

      • Good idea :)

        • Then return the item with the trailer 😂

          • @Steptoe: On the page it says $5 for delivery - where did you get $55?

            In my case I wouldn't mind paying for a deliver, fit and take away the old one service (or at least deliver and remove) but couldn't see the cost of that.

  • I bought one yesterday, it's shaking and vibrating really bad, does anyone know how to fix it?

    • Make sure you level it - each foot can be height adjusted. Use a spirit level across top across front / front to back etc and go from there

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      You haven't removed the travel bolt at the back which will stuff up the machine. See instructions to remove it.

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        Thanks, you saved the machine:)

  • bought this last binglee deal with 10% ebay off GC. great machine. made in germany as well.

  • Do u know if we can request weekend delivery?

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      Bought this during the last GG deal and so far so good. Yes, they did offer me a weekend deliver (I didn't need it). I-dos is really convenient!

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        So I'm guessing they call before delivery to organise a time? The courier won't just rock up without prior notice? I just don't want to purchase and get stuck with a weekday delivery when no one is home.

  • Thanks. Bought one!

  • Jumped on it with just 50 minutes to spare! I couldn't click and collect as their was no stock near me (but there is a store 5 minutes away.) Do you think there is anyway to get the $50 back if I tell them I am happy to pick it up from the store when it comes in?

  • Hey guys,

    I just got this machine today. I think I might have stuffed up the i-Dos detergent setting for the cotton program when playing with it. Can I just check with you guys that it comes with 1 bar on the iDos symbol when on cotton (is it 1 bar for the rest of the programs that use detergent too)?

    When switched to automatic mode, neither of the Softner/Detergent iDos level symbols are lit. Is that normal?

    Also, is SpeedPerfect preselected for most programs?


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