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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 128GB Midnight Black + Other Colours $1019 @ Becextech (Officeworks $968 via Price Match)


Came across this deal for $1019 and have contacted the site and they said they have "Priority Package (AU$29.95) - Insurance is optional"

You can also take this and get office works to price match it as its australian website and they have started matching online i did this today and managed to get the phone for $968 they forgot to include the shipping and it does not display onsite unless they put into cart and checkout works in your favor


Office Works Price Match $968 Receipt
User Mingles Receipt
User Sharmanat0r Online Receipt
User Umar511986 Receipt

Other Colors

Ocean Blue

How to claim Fortnite Skin



Can also claim the JBL NUET NC HEADPHONES

Using this link - https://www.samsung.com/au/galaxy-offer/

This is my first deal long time lurker if i have done something wrong or missed please let me know and i will try to correct it

You can claim the TRS of $88 if your travelling within 2 months of purchase
I will post receipt in a day or so with the $968 pricematch from officeworks
Final price after TRS claim would be $880

I suggest all the people who are being refused complain to Officeworks Headoffice and then also threaten to contact the fair trading department and ACCC for misleading and deceptive price match policies

Mbojja 24 min ago new
Tried fair trading thing and got it for $947 for midnight black. Price match against mymobile.com.au. Thanks OP

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    • Get them to match MyMobile instead

      • clearly states HK seller and import stock. This would not work.

        • Isn't that the same as becextech?

          MyMobile has a store in Brisbane, they're an Australian store. Seems the exact same thing to me.


          Dispatches From Brisbane Store

          Identical to becextech.

          • @doweyy: thanks doweyy

            I think OW is playing hard ball now.

          • @doweyy: Just checked mymobile and here's what's showing on their note9:

            ABOUT THIS STOCK:
            Express Direct Import Stock
            Seller MyMobile Hong Kong
            12 Months Local Warranty provided by MyMobile
            Ships Express from Hong Kong Warehouse
            Includes GST and Australian Tax-Invoice
            Orders Over $1100 (Incl. Shipping and GST) may be subject to Customs Charges

      • $990 for HK stock, dont think OW will match that

    • +1

      Same, OW rep said they dont price match www.becextech.com.au because they dont provide part number.

      • which store mate

        • Called South melbourne store, they didnt have stock. Then called 1300 633 423 and they said they cant price match. Any tips?

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    Was set on getting a S9+ but now I'm thinking this. How much bigger is it? Is it uncomfortably big?

    • +1

      I'm a Note user. Note 9 is a great phone(reviews on youtube galore) but it is a tad big if not familiar. You will definitely get used to it.

      I went from iPhone 3GS to the then Note, never looked back :)

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    Just an FYI for those who have tried to pricematch this with Officeworks.
    Went to two different Officeworks stores yesterday to pricematch with becextech and was rejected straight away due to no model number and they claimed that the phone was an overseas phone.
    Feeling frustrated i called the 1300 number to price match the phone.. straight away they said many people have been attempting to pricematch with becextech to no avail. The dude kept telling me there is no model number on the becextech website. I then asked for a manager and had an argueing match with him..
    End game: i was able to purchase 2 x Note 9 128Gb for about $1040 each. ended up price matching with T-dimension :)

    • Thanks for the input Addicted2Bargains.

      So they disagreed to price match on becextech and did you ask if they would price match T-dimension?

      • Yes, i asked them to price match with T-dimension.

        Literally sat there on the phone going through each and every store that came up on google shopping :)

        They price matched it with the 9600 model number.. the N960FD model is supposedly the overseas model

        • THanks the website has only reference of N960FD though

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              @Addicted2Bargains: Just an update
              After being refused by 2 officeworks stores, I went onto the officeworks Facebook page and expressed my annoyance.
              Received a call from one of the Officeworks stores that had rejected the price match originally.
              I advised the dude that their price match policy according to their website says that the product must be identical. Has no mention regarding matching serial/product numbers. According to title and description of phone from Becextech website then the phones are definitely identical.
              He told me he would call me back shortly after investigating. A few hours later he called back and advised me that they would put two phones on hold and that they would honour the price match!
              After putting all the kids to sleep (all six of them) I went in store to purchase the two phones! Yay!!
              I got the copper coloured version which is $1039 on the Becextech website. They even forgot to add the postage costs :)

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                @Addicted2Bargains: Awesome news and good that they are honoring there price match policy i mentioned below the exact things you just said and was telling people to contact fair trading / accc and there ow headoffice to complain because its misleading and deceptive

    • My officeworks receipt is up now they can't refuse to match an officeworks receipt

      • I was just refused at my local OW

        • Not sure how they can refuse to price match there own receipts lol the price has been done others have also been successful based on this post i guess wait until they also put receipts up then go in there with multiple receipts to prove its not a 1 off mistake and be like ok im not moving until you price match or call head office and complain there refusing to price match there own receipts lol

          If you really wanna be annoying could also report them to fair trading for misleading marketing

          • @User123321: Tried two stores so far in Brissy, both refused, claiming diff model number etc and would not even budge when I showed them the receipts. Glad you got one. Anyone in brissy successfully price match?

      • I was refused a price match at local store in Sydney. The guy referred to internal OW circular/notice saying this website is on 'banned' list as there have been some complaints of phones being 'Refurbished' and not 'New'.

        For the receipt, they said, 'Well, yeah may be that store did but unfortunately we won't' :(

  • Just checked with my local OW in Brissy. They refused to price match :(

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    Got a price match here in Vic for $968. No issues whatsoever. Got lucky I guess. I can post receipt if anyone is interested.

    • +1

      I am interested, thank you in advance.

      • yes please

    • Can you plz post receipt and which store did you go?

    • in store?

    • +1
      • Thanks for this.

  • Yes please

  • Yes pls

  • Receipt is now live let me know how you all go post more receipts so they don't single just mine out thanks

    • +1

      this price match option would only happen in store, am guessing?

    • Thank for that. So how does this work? Do I just show this receipt to my local OW and they sell one to me for this price?

      • Guessing it should be that easy now with an actual ow receipt they cant really say no when its already been done ?

    • price match only available in store?

      • +1

        I did mine in store i believe you can do it over phone too

        • i checked my local store, out of stock, can i still get this deal?

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            @GreyMann: Either find a store with stock or see if you can place an order for stock either instore or over the phone with the price match the 3 receipts so far can be found on main post

  • I could only get 1039 in store as the guy was clued up on shipping, 5% off the total, the woman in front of me was an OZb as well so she did the work and I just said to the guy to grab 2 units.

  • +1

    Many thanks. Just ordered mine in store @ $968.05. šŸ‘šŸ‘

    • Be good to get a few more receipts up if you can so they can't say its a mistake or 1 off if you can šŸ˜Š

    • @Viku82
      Which store?

      • Werribee, vic

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    You should add the fortnite skin in the description. Can knock another $50 off.

    • Added thanks mate

      Also what do you mean by $50 ? Can you explain how to sell the skin

      • +1

        You can sell it on gumtree eBay or here.
        It's tied to the phone, so they send their account and you login

        • would people give their login details to you?
          I'm just wondering how is the transaction going to be.

  • got mine 996.55

  • If you guys successfull match $968 with officeworks can you please post your receipts with your personal information blacked out i will then add them into the original post so other users have easy access to multiple receipts so they can't be refused would be greatly appreciated have 3 receipts up so far will keep it updated

    • +1

      Mines a few posts up.

      • Yep got yours added in with your name :) thanks mate

  • Anyone had success at the Glebe NSW store? Thinking of popping down there arpund 5pm if yes. Thanks in advance.

  • Just called Officeworks 1300 number and was advised, they dont have any Note 9 (in any color) available in stock!
    Not sure if it was just a blatant lie!

    • +1

      Might be playing the old "we are out of stock" until the price matches blow over to avoid having to match possibly ? but that would also cost them sales too if there telling people there out of stock i think best way would be go into store and ask for the phone and ask them to check other stores stock without mentioning price matching then if they have 1 in stock let them get it out and then right at the end mention the price match that's what i did

      • Its definitely that. The store that I was in just 5 mins ago has two in stock and now the store shows as 'no stock'

      • Must be it, went to all 3 stores in Sydney CBD, none got stock, even in warehouse, and I can't put pre-order and wait until stock arrived.

        Blantant lie. This price probably below their purchasing price

        • Well the receipts are gonna stay valid lol so just hit them up in a few days / weeks and do the same nothing they can do now they've price matched a few lol

          • @User123321: Any limit on how long we can use the receipts for?

            • +2

              @OzBestDeal: Wouldn't have any idea but i mean i can't really see how them pretending they have no stock is somehow going to make people not use price matching receipts in say a week or a month ? if anything prices will gradually come down so they lose even more money and may be at risk of having to price match an ever lower find ?

              Seems silly they should just honor there price matching and stop being so fussy otherwise scrap the price match

      • There is just as high chance that another grey import shop will drop their prices to this price point soon anyway!

  • No stock anywhere online haha

  • I picked up one up and price matched becxetech, I think it is all up $1039.25.

  • Do you think I am able to price-match 512gb version against OW?

    • Yep. I think someone a few posts up did a price match on the 512gb version.

    • You can try but its pretty much up to if you get lucky with the OW employee at least with 128gb you have a few receipts to prove the sales been done

    • I suppose OW does not pricematch ebay (Allphones with 20% off)?

      • i tried and they wont because the 20% is a promotional code.

  • Also how does 1 get the free Google Home Mini?

  • +1

    You're a true broden. I ended up buying some discounted coles gift cards and managed to get it down to $800.

    • +4

      Redeem headphones worth $350 sell for $200
      Claim TRS if your doing any travel within 2 months $88
      Sell galaxy skin for fornite on gumtree $50

      $800 - $338 = $462 for a note 9 impressive ;)

      • Think its worth holding onto the fortnite skin for a bit in case prices go up?

        • "Your Galaxy Skin does not expire. The Galaxy Skin will be available to redeem until 12/31/2018."

          You can hold onto it for a while but i think value of skin is likely to go down not up with price drops and more availiable i would just sell it asap if you can get someone to buy $40 - 50 cheering

      • Wont be able to sell headphones for $200 now. I can see many listed for $175 on Facebook marketplace and open to negotiation

    • 20% off gift cards?

      • ?

        • How did broden get it down to $800

          • +1

            @follow: That was 800 including all the other stuff like headphones and tax rebate

  • Honouring grey import seller for price match is bad move for officeworks, I wonder if they're going to keep this price match policy for long.

    • Warranty don't effect them though right ? so really there selling identical products for a competitive price and beating it by 5% after the phones sold if you have issues you don't go back to office works you go to samsung right ?

      • Its the same product but different warranty. I don't think you get 2 years warranty from ACL if you are buying from grey import seller. Even if you can get same product and warranty, Officeworks is mainly brick and mortar shop, they have higher operational cost.

  • If OW continues to be "out of stock" for this model, would you be able to point out any other GOOD stores that would price match this?


    • Tried Harvey Norman to price match (not price beat). They still won't do it. Told me its grey import with 1 year warranty only. They also won't match based on OW receipts that users have posted here.

    • I talked with JB and they also said as it doesn't have au warranty they can't price match. Offers me to reduce the price to 1340.

  • I went to a few Office works stores in Perth WA yesterday and they refused saying that they got an email from Head Office specifically instructing the stores NOT to price match.

    Different stores have different reasons for not price matching:

    1) No Model Number
    2) They stay that model sold my OW is a Single SIM and the one advertised is a Dual SIM
    3) Email form HQ not to price Match

    Can we complain to the HQ.

    I think people who purchased in the morning and afternoon were fine until the news got out

    • Make a complaint to the fair trading department for misleading and deceptive price match policy

    • Which stores?

  • +1

    Out of stock at every store in Melbourne Metro region.

    • You may wanna try to make an order through phone (Just call OW 1300 number). This will save you further cost and time.
      I purchased mine through phone yesterday.
      If Becextech is banned, as Addicted2Bargain suggested above, you can try price match with T-Dimension.
      And oh, if they're going to charge you with delivery fee, just ask for pickup from your nearest OW (maybe it's because Becextech charges delivery fee)
      Good luck!

    • Not sure how their stock system works, but I get different answers each time I call a different store. I was told there were no stock in Melbourne anywhere, but when I called another store, they had stock. Best bet is to call individual stores as they can physically check if the stock is there or not.

    • When I contacted the 1300 number, they only had stock of the copper coloured version. They advised that the stock levels are based on each state. Ie if Iā€™m in Vic, they will only check available stock within the Vic warehouse

      Best to call each store that you are willing to drive to. I was able to pick up two phones from a local store today at 8.30pm.

      • I tried a few stores in Melb inner metro, but had no luck.

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