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½ Price Clif Bars 50g $1.45 @ Woolworths


Half price clif bars this week at Woolies.
Original bars are $1.45 and the nut butter filled bars are $1.75
The nut butter variety is much lower in sugar and is very good!

Flavours I recommend:
White choc macadamia
Nut butter variety - peanut butter

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  • Nice, cheers!

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      Clif Bars


  • These taste real good but don't be mistaken, just because they're vegan doesn't mean they're particularly healthy!

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      They aren't a health food, they're an energy food. They're extremely dense and easy to eat - great for hiking, climbing, cycling etc. Don't eat them if you're sedentary.

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        Yup, I use these for cycling, mainly anything over 50km+ in distance or where I need a lot of energy for consistent climbing.
        It's the same as an energy gel, so as jrowls said, don't eat them if you're just sitting around.

        • i wouldnt say its the same as an energy gel, they typically have more in the way of instant sugar in various forms, whereas this takes time to digest.

          i use these more for endurance when i don't have time to stop. i have gotten sick of them in the past though, ordered plenty today but mainly new flavours i haven't tried.

          • @DisabledUser254352: I know a few people who have gotten a few upset stomachs from eating too many energy gels. But, I know different energy "foods" have different effects on individuals but I'm curious, how many Clif bars did you eat to get sick?

            • @shrewdster: i didn't really got sick from them exactly, but probably more tired of them than anything. they really are more of a type of energy bar to just keep you going when nothing is really available or really no time to stop and eat properly. but yes, i bought a large amount of them and i was eating about 2-3 daily every few days for a few months ;) but then i slowed down and only had them when i had no other choice. but we're talking about 8-10 hours of endurance exercise and that was on top of regular meals. unfortunately with that kind of exercise you pretty much get sick of everything at that point.

              always found real food to be better, but for longer endurance these are much better than energy gels. real food is just no. 1 for me

              still, i bought about $60 worth.

              they can be had for cheaper, ie. around $1, but usually short dated and the worst flavours.

      • That's exactly my point.

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          Yeah I know what you meant, I just wanted to clarify that. Healthy is a bad word - it's too vague but people use it all the time to mean whatever they want. Wasn't having a go at ya or saying you were wrong :)

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    "nut butter"?
    Surely you jest?

  • Agree with recommended picks, they're def the nicest imo; go great with a tea/coffee.

    All the Coles near me stopped selling the white choc one a while back, so have to go to woolies to get my fix heh.

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    20% sugar according to the website.

    If you believe the business attempting to sell you the product, it's probably higher.

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      They're not to enjoy during a work day. They're for high energy activities (hiking, running).

    • Read again. 22g sugar per serve, but 32g per 100g = 32% sugar. (The first one I clicked on)

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    If you are interested in how the company was founded and managed to rise through an already packed field of energy bars, here's a really great interview with the founder

  • Thanks OP! Perfect timing as I'm doing the Overland Track next week!

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    Thinking of taking some for overseas travel, would anyone recommend for that?

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      Why? If I am going overseas I rather eat the local food

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        Well just incase I'm off on a day trip somewhere and don't have ready access to food

        • Everywhere you're going has food.

          Worst case, plan better.

    • Did exactly this a few weeks ago :) It's a good idea to get a couple, I had a few early mornings when I couldn't stop and get food. Not too many though because they actually get pretty heavy!

      • How long did they keep you going for?

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          Got me through a 9km hike with uphill sections. Didn't eat anything else and just drank water (not ideal but we were very tight on time).

  • They're nearly all sugar and artificial sugar. Have a banana instead. Or even better, have something high fat and low carb if you want more sustained energy.

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      That doesn't always work when you are carrying 4+ days of food on your back for a multi day hike (which is the kind of activity these are designed for).

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        Literally did that for a 4 day hike in Wilsons Prom. If I tried taking a bunch of bananas (or even one) I'd have nothing but banana paste all over my gear after an hour of hiking.

      • You're correct, bananas won't work if you're carrying 4+ days of food. Most people don't buy these for what they are designed for, however regardless most of the variations are as bad as a snickers bar.

        • Snickers are also great backpacking food… need some variety though so maybe take both?

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      You've missed the point of these bars entirely.

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      They're <30% sugar. How is that "nearly all?"
      The sugar in a banana is the same sugar in this, sugar is sugar.

      • They're not less than 30% sugar, except maybe one of the nutty ones. All are mostly brown rice syrup which is a hidden sugar.

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      I've never eaten these so I can't confirm what they are made from.

      However in the interview I posted. He mentions how he spent months with his mother testing different recipes with no sugar, oil, or butter (skip to 4:40 to hear him say it)

  • damn these taste good but i get so flatulent afterwards

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      as others mentioned, these are for hikers and people who do prolonged activity. Flatulence is a benefit as it propels you forward thus giving you an advantage

      • I see someone knows his Newton's 3rd Law

      • Only an advantage if you have a backwards facing anus, not all of us are so fortunate

        • propels upwards for the rest of us, so we can all be like Mike

        • Me too!
          I use it while OzBargaining.

  • not a lot left at woolworth town hall

  • none at woolies canterbury nsw

  • Cliff bars are great as a post workout replenishment.

    Wouldn't treat it as a snack but more of an energy bar.

    • real food is better post workout, and a can of coke to stop you from collapsing before getting said food. but this all depends on what you're doing.

      • i eat these after my long runs, right after which there is a 30minute window of elevated insulin sensitivity, these are easy to carry, it also happens to have a pretty good 4:1 ratio of carbs:protein. (Chocolate milk incidentally is also pretty good).

  • Bought a few at parramatta, not much left. These are great for hikes and climbing. Usually have these with banana and plenty of water to stay hydrated!

  • I prefer an adrenaline shot to the heart before I do everest but each to their own..

  • was anyone able to get, or see the blueberry flavour? it's not listed in their online catalogue so i assume it's not available. never saw a trail mix flavour, any good?

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