expired OnePlus 6 (Chinese ROM): 6GB RAM/64GB US $408.09 (~AU $565.82) or 8GB RAM/128GB: US $438.90 (~AU $608.51) Delivered @ Joybuy


ONEPLUS01 for 6GB RAM / 64GB (-$10 US)
ONEPLUS02 for 8GB RAM / 128GB (-$20 US)
Price in title is of checkout price and the corresponding coupon applied (GST included).

I believe this is has a Chinese Rom as they include ROM flashing instructions on the site.
Confused as the product page says the deal had 8 hours more than the homepage, where this deal is featured.

Latest flagship SOC (Snapdragon 845), Band 28, NFC, 3300 mAh battery and NFC.

Free shipping: "Ships within 7 days, Delivery estimate: 8~12 days"
Couldn't find the IMEI/ESN number.

First post. Have been leeching of OzBargain for a while.

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    Q:How do I upload a photo to the deal? I uploaded the photo to my files.

    Mods should be on so I think I can upload the image.

    • You don't upload images at all. The deal submission page has the following warning note

      Do not upload a thumbnail. An image will be generated automatically from the link you provide. Only insert your own image into the URL/Link field when no direct link to the deal exists.

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    Did you also add the 10% tax too ??

  • -2 votes

    Baffles me as to why sites like JoyBuy and Aliexpress are cooperating with the Government's GST collection policy? They are wholly located in China, and are not beholden to the Australian Government's wishes…

    I have recently started taking to having things shipped to Planet Express in the US and then on-shipped to me, to avoid the GST - really makes a big difference on these high-value items.


      I'm sure the government could block the website, just as the US does block certain sites over copyright. Governments can also legislate in the future, if those powers aren't in place now.

      As for GST, its to make sure that intent of the GST is enforced (At the time it was introduced, online shopping wasn't considered). Its in a sense reverse protectionism as foreign online stores didn't pay GST.

      I know GST is a pain but what you're essentially doing is paying a freight forwarding company to dodge tax. This contributes to higher taxes (than otherwise), less government expenditure (good or bad is arguable) or more public debt. Its estimated by the ATO that tax dodged by individuals accounts for over 3 times that of multinational companies.


      Sure the rich would make up a fair chunk, but many little ones can also add up to a decent amount.


        Yeah, like they "blocked" piratebay. You can't really stop people from being cheap. I'm not saying GST is bad but blocking sites is not the most effective way.


      are you saving more money redirecting through a mail redirection service than paying 10% more? What are your savings on US$400?

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