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[VIC] Free Cup of Long Black Coffee from Tuesday (13/11) 8AM @ Pellegrini's Espresso Bar (Melbourne)


I was in two minds about sharing this deal but thought it would be worth it to encourage people to personally pay tribute to Sisto Malaspina, the Co-Owner of Pellegrini's Espresso Bar, who was fatally stabbed last Friday. They also encourage donations to the Salvation Army in lieu of flowers. Swing by from 8am Tuesday for a long black, Sisto's favourite, on the house. RIP

66 Bourke Street, Melbourne

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    +1 for the description OP. I was actually at the scene about 30m away at the time of the incident; saw lots of cop cars and people with their phones out recording. Also saw a few people running away from the scene, so decided it was better also to walk away. Was hoping it was ‘just a fire’ or something, but another tragedy in our city. Coincidentally ate at Sisto’s restaurant once previously as well. May he RIP.

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    An amazingly generous offer; OzBargainers could respond by still paying for their coffee, of making a donation.

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    A Melbourne icon tragically taken from us. RIP

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    This man was a true Australian following the purest Australian spirit. He immediately rushed to save what he thought was the victim of a car accident without a care or hesitation for his own priorities. Saving someone's life came first. I don't want to go into whether or not Morrison is good as a politicion but he said things which needed to be said. He called for religious leaders to call out radical ideals. The leaders are the root cause of the problem in some cases but for Australians merely being aware that radical beliefs ARE taught in our home country will be a step towards greater safety.
    It is so tragic that we lost an Australian simply wanting to follow Australian spirit. Rest in peace, mate.

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    Thanks for this post.Like many other interstate visitors to Melbourne,we always made the pilgrimage to Pellegrini's for a coffee and a real introduction to Italian culture in the form of Sisto's hospitality.In the true spirit of the Italian people he was going to help the guy whose car was on fire,but instead died at the hand of a lunatic.Vale Sisto.
    Ti vogliamo bene.

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    When I lived in Melbourne I used to frequent this place all the time after being introduced. He certainly had a great sense of humour and loved chatting to everyone. It's been months since I last visited.

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    Yes, it’s important that people who see this don’t consider it a ‘bargain’, as such, but instead donate money and reflect on the events of last week.

    I suppose, in the sense of raising awareness and the opportunity to increase donation to a worthy cause (the Salvation Army) this post is good, but please don’t rock up to Pellegrini’s just for a free coffee then leave.

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    +1 for raising awareness. The place is like eating at a warm and comfortable home in the city. We would sit in the kitchen with a granita and order our meal. We would watch one of the ladies do the cooking and served it direct from the stove to us. Takes you back to a time when things were simple and people were not hiding behind some mobile phone chatting to someone at the next table in silence. There was always a sense of family and happiness at Pellegrinis. Hopefully the happiness will return soon. We should not concentrate on the sadness of what happened. Sisto would never have wanted us to be sad. We should remember all the happiness he created in his little corner of Melbourne and that the legacy of what he stood for and created to make Melbourne Melbourne should go on forever.


      Sounds wonderful. :')

      Is the shop in good hands with the younger generation?

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        Sisto’s business partner Nino is still there to keep the memory alive and ensure the place runs like it has for more than 60 years.

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    Sisto was a great man. Mama's cooking was amazing. I got to sit once in the kitchen and eat. We need to remember Sisto by how he lived. With joy and love and passion.

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    Wish I heard about this fellow earlier ;(

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    Saluting Mr. Malaspina.


    They are saying Donations to Salvos. He made Bourke St!


    Just announced on JJJ


    Just walked past.
    Melbourne icon gone.


    Years ago, heard about the hype of pelligrinis so decided to get a coffee before work one day. Just so happened to be a long black.
    For me it’s not my type of coffee as it was way to bitter, I couldn’t even finish it.

    So warning to anyone, don’t just go to get a free long black unless you like the Italian bitter style.

    Still very sad news nonetheless

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    A tale of two immigrants…

    RIP Sisto.


    Salute to The Victorian Police, Trolleyman, Coneman, Chairman, etc…