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Sony WH1000XM3 Noise Cancelling Headphones $358.20 (Free C&C or + Delivery) @ The Good Guys


Not the cheapest, however seems good.

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Original 10% off Storewide @ The Good Guys Deal Post

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  • Ha!…..checked store for C&C …..no stock within 500km….wonder why :-)

  • I just wanted to share my sentiments on this as I was one of probably many of you who saw this deal and thought to themselves that it might be a good idea for your commute to and from work:

    I ultimately decided not to pull the trigger on the headphones because, well, they're headphones. It get's pretty hot up here in Brisbane and I don't relish the idea of having to clean the earcups every day. I perspire, I sweat and even when I'm stationary or sitting down, my skin tends to produce sebum regardless of how sedentary I am.

    That, and some people might not enjoy the compressed cabin sensation when you turn on the noise cancellation.

    So whilst these deals are great, they're not the be-all or end all. Don't let the FOMO get the better of you, it's best to weigh up your options: Maybe, if you're like me, you might be better off with a pair of Meizu POP's, or the cheaper Havit G1's.

    Do try the WH1000XM3's if you're on the fence, I'm sure your local JB has them out on display, and really give them a feel before committing your wallet to the purchase. I did, and I decided that they're not for me, or my oily ass face.

    • I totally agree with you! After give a try , I gave up to own one!

    • I would suggest either QC30 or WI-1000X if you can't handle over ears. These are in-ears with good ANC and should sound better than your wireless earbuds.

  • I bus commute daily in Brisbane and sweat like a pig in summer too. I wear my Bose QC 35 II every day on the bus and have NEVER felt my ears get uncomfortably hot or sweaty.

    I actually prefer the sense of being in my own bubble that I get from ANC, but can see how it may not be for everyone.

  • Every headphone has if-else conditions that are not revealed in reviews and on the packaging. This list is huge for the 1000xm series. Few I realised after buying and using it for a few months. It can only connect to only one device at a time. Adaptive noise cancellation is present but does not work with LDAC. Sound Quality is good if the headphone is turned on even when the headphone is used in the wired mode. In the accompanying app equalizer, sound positioning, clear bass, surround, etc does not work when the headphone is connected to LDAC. The sound quality is terrible when the headphone is connected wired to the device and they are not turned on.

    • Here is the entry in the manual about connecting to a music source and smartphone simultaneously.

      Here is a Reddit thread about using the equaliser with LDAC.

      Do either of those change your if-else conditions? Curious because the XM3 is on my shortlist, but I'm not an owner yet.

      • Checked both the links you provided. In the same way I mentioned most of the app features does not work with LDAC to connect to dual and use equalizer you are forced to use the basic SBC codec or AAC. Cannot use LDAC. I suggest visit a sony store with the sony headphones app installed on your mobile and try it yourself.

        • Thanks, I've tried the headphones and the app a few times already, but I have an iPhone so LDAC no can do.

    • Probably an even bigger sound difference between the headphones being turned on/off with the xm3 model's new amp

  • Just wanted to clarify even though website states it will be delivered within 3-5 business days, it is not true. It will be on backorder as non of TGG stores have them and Sony advised them it will available end of the year or early next year.
    I bought couple from TGG Commercial and that is my case and I am waiting.

  • I got a pair and LOVE them. But I understand the arguments presented. The touch control is so smooth and the ANC is great. Not worlds better than the Bose 35 II, but a slight touch. Wouldn’t wear them for a marathon. The battery life is great. And yes, not cheap.

  • I own one of these, bought it about a week or so ago… My work environment can be quite loud and these are a life saver. Even with no song/sound being played the NC is so dam good! I often work outdoors too and have no aircon obviously and to be honest so far I haven't had any issue with sweaty ears or whatever ppl have mentioned. I'm sure if I was sweating due to heat/exercise that would also extend to my ears and wearing over the ear headphones of any kind would exactly the most pleasant idea.

  • Dumb question probably: On these and the QC35 IIs, can you turn off ANC? I actually kind of want to hear things around me, when I'm walking on the street or in the gym or something.

    • Better yet, there's on the Sony's there's ambient mode where it lets in more sound than you would if you just turn them off, which you can. Also, ambient mode sensitivity can be adjusted

    • Yes you can turn off ANC on both. As bkhm wrote, on the Sony you can select how much of the ambient sound is sent through. The app has a 20-position slider that lets you control the mix of ambient sound with music and you can also press a button on the headphones to toggle it.

      The QC35 doesn't actively let ambient sound through. If you turn ANC to low or off, some ambient sound will leak in, the same as if you put them on while powered off, but it doesn't get picked up by the mic and sent through like on the Sonys.

  • how long is this deal?