Unlimited Calls and SMS in Aus, 15GB Sharable Data $49 P/Mth on 2yr Telstra Contract with Bonus iPhone 6S


I needed a second iPhone (don't ask). I already have a few business services with Telstra. I was trying to get a better price on an iPhone 7 now that the new XS/XR models are out. When I asked the rep why was the 7 on contract over twice the price of 7 outright and 3 times the price of a prepaid 6S upfront.

The rep offered an iPhone 6S for free if I took a new service. There is an unadvertised plan called the "Business Team Plan" (CIS). Normally this plan is $59 per month with standard calls and SMS in Australia and 15GB of sharable data, for 2 years, without a handset. I told the rep it was still a little high for a discontinued handset. The rep immediately offered a $10 per month account credit. The ETC is ~50% of the balance of the contract and there is no MRO for the handset. I suspect Telstra have a bunch of 6Ses sitting in the warehouse they want to get rid of ASAP.

From what I can gather you only need an existing Telstra business account to take advantage of this offer.

Mods: sorry if this constitutes a "negotiated deal". I didn't feel like I negotiated.

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