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SanDisk 120GB Plus SSD $25 C&C @ Umart & Centrecom


Great price for this SSD. Not a large capacity but may be suitable to chuck in an old laptop to give it a new lease of life.


Edit - Umart site is currently very slow or timing out. Most likely getting smashed by click frenzy!

Same price at Centrecom (thanks snarky)

This is part of Click Frenzy deals for 2018

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    Anyone else cant access umart? I think they have crashed lol

  • 504 Gateway Time-out

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    yup, I've had issues for the last few hours. 504 here also

  • Got MySQL database connection error.

  • I managed to get in briefly but then clicked away and lost the page.

  • I got all of the above, plus a 502 error because I'm special.

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      Added to OP. Thank you

    • 9.95 ship

      Free CC VIC only

  • …is it so cheap, that the server crashed due to unexpected volume? x'D

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      …they running their server on ** SanDisk 120GB Plus SSD**.

  • yep it crashed

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    give it a new lease of life

    give it a new lease on life


    • No grammar nazi for you! Come back one year!!!

      • Lol im the least nazi gramaticle poonpie my friend

  • Website has been down since before 7pm. Wanted to see what their 7pm sale was like. Most likely crap and sold out.

  • Just bought 120 ssd
    Could not get in using Firefox but Chrome worked, but then again it could have been just luck.

  • Centrecom post to wa = $9.95
    Umart = Crash

    • Umart ship also 9 bucks

  • This would be a great deal if the website worked

  • +3

    The sale has now been canceled. If you click on the Hot Deals link, you see this: "Unfortunately, due to an extremely high amount of traffic we have suspended the click frenzy sale. We will continue a bigger and better sale at another time to reward our loyal customers. We apologise for the inconvenience caused and will be working hard to ensure this doesn’t occur again."

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      Pathetic attempt at a sale.

  • Getting a webserver error when I try to check out :/

  • The Umart ssd is available now, but Standard Post is $11.00. C&C is in nsw and qld stores only.

  • Ordered this morning. Called them just then to confirm. No stock at Epping or West Ryde so they have to ship from Milton to those stores - 3-5 business days wait.

  • Working smoothly now. Ordered 10, $16 postage to WA.

  • Bloody hell Apple. Both NVME and Sata are getting cheap. Bloody greedy of you to use a 128gb for a $1800 weakly specced laptop.

  • Good!

  • thanks, i can swing over to milton, pick up then go rock climbing next door

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