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PS4 Pro + Spider-Man $465.45 Delivered @ Sony


Those of you waiting for Black Friday deal. This might be something to look at

with cash rewards you get 5% off with code TA-FRENZY as well 6% cash back.

Your total turn amount turns out to be close to $400 - $24.45

$489 - $24.45 (cash rewards) = $464.55 - $27.87 (cashback) = $436.68

If you manage to sell Spider man game you could even go below $400 for Pro its amazing!!


Original TA Frenzy Deal

This is part of Click Frenzy deals for 2018

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    These numbers are all over the place. Is the final price after the discount and cash rewards $436.68 or $400?

    • +84

      Could sell the controller to. Making it $350
      HDMI for $2 = $348

      Maybe the box on eBay for $5 making it $343

      Rent it out to someone over the weekend for $10 - $333!!!!!!!

      • hahahaha well said

      • LOL! Good one. :D

      • +1

        You forgot step 4. PROFIT $$$$

      • +10

        Sell the hard drive and it will be almost $250. Guys quick this will not last!

      • Well said… reading your comments feel like this could be a deal everyone was waiting for.

      • +1

        Could go into prostitution, making this free with extra money from Cashrewards.

      • You've got to laugh at some of the rationalisation some people use to brag about a deal/purchase.

      • +2

        Sell the PS4 pro too, making it 100?

      • Broden it - $100 profit!

      • Also sell the tax invoice!!

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    'Could' and 'might'… Those words aren't a deal

    • +11

      They could and might be.

  • +1


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      It's 8.30am, mods don't start until midday.

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    you guys are funny let me update it hahahah

    • +6

      We get funnier with each revision.

      • +3

        I'm just waiting for the Ozbargain Pro

    • We try, welcome to the site.

  • Shopback is 8% cashback FYI

    • Will it let you use the code though?

    • +1

      TA deal, you don't get any for Shopback.

  • Math is all wrong. What is the price that gets charged to my credit card?

    • $464.55 than you get $27.87 cash back on cash rewards ends up $436.68

  • Do we think we will see lower prices on the Pro for Black Friday?

    • +6

      The bundle with the Fortnite skin sold for $379 on Amazon recently. I think a lot of people (including myself) are holding out for a deal as good as that one.

      • +1

        Anything below $400 is an instant buy for me.

        My only worry is they only seem to be selling black consoles at most places, I really want a white but I suppose I can live with it.

  • did anyone get message from Sony website "The selected country is not supported for shipping and billing address"

    • Ive ordered mine last night it was fine no issue. may be contact them :)

      • are you ordering via Cashrewards website?

        • yes - so you can get 6% CB

      • Have they given you a delivery date yet or still early days?

  • +2

    Can we get this removed from the description? It makes no sense and clashes with the following sentence which is clear and accurate.

    Your total turn amount turns out to be close to $400 - $24.45

    • done

      • -1

        Are you sure? That still appears in the description when I view this post. Even ignoring the grammatical error, it makes no sense.

        In terms of pricing discussion, just stick with this paragraph that you've got, after the unclear one.

        $489 - $24.45 (cash rewards) = $464.55 - $27.87 (cashback) = $436.68

  • understood cashrewards but what is the cashback from?

    • -2

      TA-FRENZY voucher code on CR website

    • your wallet!

  • Meh, worth the wait for next Friday

  • this is last year price of console alone at Costco on BlackFriday - $399.

    • +1

      Great price if you want the game. I've got a regular ps4 and thinking Amazon au might do one for $399 +cashback. Would consider an upgrade with that.

      • +2

        I would 100% wait for blackfriday if I am in the market to buy pro. Costco may set the price again $399 or may be less with unlimited warranty. win-win

  • PSVR for $299, is it expected to be cheaper on Black Friday ?

  • Question, I ordered the ps4 pro in glacier white but couldn't figure out if spider man was automatically added or we had to add it into the cart and it was deducted from the total? Can anyone help?

    • should automatically add to your cart you will be able to see it- it should say 2 items at the checkout

      • Balls mine never added it to my cart I thought they would just ship it with console… Here goes contacting Sony saying the deal didn't work 😭

  • dang, white Pro is sold out

  • wanted the fortnite bundle + spider man looks like sold out

  • +1

    For those looking to get PSN this is worth getting at 20% off and may be stackable with the FB10 code/barcode for an extra 10% at Big W this weekend too.

  • +1

    i wana wait for the model CUH-7200, it has quite fans, updated version, apparently the current ps4 pro fans sounds like a handheld vacuum cleaner under load.

    • Yep. This is the reason I'm not buying this deal. If I could confirm it was the new one I would definitely buy. The old version is 55 decibels and the new version is 43 decibels from what I've read. Makes a big difference from what I've heard.

      • +1

        I recently got a 7102 model, have not noticed any high fan noise sounds.

        • Now I have some slight regret lol. Life is tough haha

        • actually there are youtube versions of that compared to the new one, new one is less quite, you will really start to notice it after a while. its a big deal for me as i hate whining noises

          • @striker5950: I have the middle one. So maybe it's acceptable for my ear levels :D :D

    • +1

      CUH-7100 is better (quieter) than CUH-7000 - but runs hotter (still fine)

      CUH-7200 is better (quieter) than CUH-7100 - but runs hotter as well (still fine)

    • +1

      Rear external exhaust fans and vertical stand with fans will solve your problem.

    • +1

      Just got confirmation via Sony Australia’s Facebook that these are the CUH-7200 models. 👍

  • +1

    Updated calculations:
    $489.95 - $24.5 (5%) = $465.45

    Got a cashrewards email about the cashback = $32.69. It says the sale value is 544.90 so maybe this is the regular price minus GST.

    $465.45 - $32.69 = $432.76 final price for the bundle.

  • -1

    buy second hand off facebook marketplace for $250 with 10 games.

    • This is for the PRO, you might be seeing some OG PS4's on there for that price.

      • Can confirm; sold my OG one with the disc eject issue and no games for $220 after getting the $380 Amazon Pro deal..

  • When clicking the link: This item is currently unavailable.

    Maybe out of stock.

    No Stock Available

  • +4

    A week ago the PS4 pro was $529 on Amazon. Yesterday when I checked again it went up to $549 and now it's $613.95.
    You could think they're doing it on purpose so that their black Friday deal looks better…

  • Got an email from Sony PS4 pro white won't be available till end of January. That gives me time to see anything good this black Friday. If not I'm happy to wait.

    • Got the same email. Do you know if we are able to cancel in case of a better deal or if it is locked in for good?

      • I didnt even get an email, called them to follow up dispatch and was told "due to high demmand, my order has not been allocated yet".

        • which number did you call? I need to cancel my order.

          • +1

            @carlJack: 1300 13 7669. Then you go thru prompts but don’t press the key for PlayStation as this will take you to PSN who can’t help you. Follow promts for “TVs” or whatever the first option is.

  • Anyone relieved confirmation their order has been shipped? I purchased on 14th and only received an email saying the order is being processed.

    • +1

      I purchased midday Wednesday and still nothing. I understand it was during a sale event, but because I purchased as a "guest" , there is no way for me to track my order.

      I have a feeling it will take until end of next week to either be delivered, or on it's way.

      • +1

        Same! Purchased as guest so can't track it either. Hopefully get confirmation soon with delivery. They've already charged my credit card for it. That was bloody quick!

        • Any shipping news for you?

  • +1

    No response either on the black pro, was told to wait for a shipping email notification but no eta

  • Has anyone received their order from Sony during the Click Sale? Or any updates?

  • +1

    Just received confirmation ps4 pro is on back order but due to arrive today, and that they are the updated CUH-7200 models. Score

    • Just now looking on the Sony website, the black PS4 Pro's are "in stock" again. Maybe they'll start shipping?

  • +1

    I still havent received details of delivery. Can't believe how long it can take after the purchase just to get confirmation the item is on its way.

    • I got through to someone on their online chat today and they said I should have mine this week. haven't received any shipping emails or anything though.

    • Scratch that, just got my shipping email.

      • Lucky! What’s the eta like? Thursday/Friday?

        • 27/11/2018 ETA, but I am in Tassie.

          • @TasmanSam: Oh okay. I'm in Melbourne, so maybe sooner. Wont hold my breath though.

  • +1

    Just got my shipping email finally.

    • Which day did you buy? Tuesday or Wednesday?

      • Wednesday

  • +1

    Just got my confirmation and shipping email. I purchased on 15/11. Finally it's going to arrive!

  • +1

    Bought on 14th morning. No ETA confirmation yet. Located in Melbourne. Very disappointed 🤔

    • I'm in the same boat.

    • +1

      Bought mine on the morning of the 14th and still haven't received any ETA

      • Spoke to Sony who said that the stock is available and that I'll get tracking details next week…

        • +1

          Wtf. Stock is available, but won't be sent out until next week? This is beyond useless.

    • Order was placed on 14th and No ETA/updates whatsoever. Called Sony a few times they told me I should get updates on Monday.:(

    • Got my delivery email on Friday night. Probably will be delivered Monday or Tuesday the latest. It's a long wait but be glad that we are getting the updated model which only just released.

  • Anyone received this item? Does the Spider-Man delivered separately?

    • Two packages (PS4 Pro / Spiderman) delivered this morning by DHL / arrived together
      Model 7202

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