Telstra Broadband - No Contract Plans Now Have Setup Fees Waived (Plus a Free Google Home Mini if You Signup before Dec 25th)

Update: please read the comments in this thread - there have been numerous reports of mistakes being made during AND after the order.

Telstra unlimited cable broadband 50/5 Mbps now $89 per month with all setup fees waived.

This is the cheapest non-contract cable broadband from Telstra I have seen.

You get unlimited 50/5 cable internet, free latest modem, and free calls to landlines and mobiles in Australia (and a free Google Home Mini if you signup before Dec 25th).

I will be getting this while I wait for HFC NBN to be available in my area.

Ps. This is an online only deal, not sure if you can get it from a Telstra shop.

Also, this deal applies to new customers (although the website only mentions moving home).

Edit 1: Current Telstra customers - after reading the comments it appears that at least one current Telstra customer was able to get this deal applied as well, by chatting with an agent online.

Edit 2: Non-cable internet - this offer applies to all broadband connections, not just cable (according to a few comments in this thread).

I entered my address, chose the plan, when asked if I was an existing customer I clicked 'No' and I got a 'Good news we're waiving the $240 setup fee for you'message.

There have been numerous reports that sometimes the discount is not applied, others report (as has been my experience) that various discounts will be applied when using different browsers/devices (even by the same person).

I have had anything from $0 to $99 to the full $240 setup payment depending on device/browser before I was able to get the full discount - So if you're a new customer enter your address and check for yourself if it works for you.

If the link provided doesn't work, try this one (which is essentially the homepage for this offer)

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      Not everyone has the NBN


        It sure seems everyone who can't get the nbn posts about it, though, look at all those down-votes!

        Thanks to Oz gov, Telstra is going out of its way to white-ant the NBN with every wireless and pre-nbn service it can muster

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        I know people on the NBN who don’t have the NBN

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        While the uploads are better, Telstra cable was way more reliable than my HFC NBN too. I hope they are sorting the issues out though.

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          Same. Rock solid 118/2.
          Now 20-40/10-20


          HFC NBN too

          Are you sure it is not because your ISP? Not HFC related?


            @superforever: I'm with ABB on the Kew POI and it's a mixture. 10 planned outages from NBN, 10 planned outages from ABB, one unplanned outage from NBN, two unplanned outages from ABB, and one other outage of unknown origin. The are exact figures, all between 1 and 12 hours, and all in the first 12 months. Sometimes the planned outages will be most of a weekday during business hours which is an issue for me because I work from home.

            Seems to have settled a bit now but I can only remember two brief outages in the 10 years before that on Telstra cable.

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    pretty sure this is a bullshit joke, telstra cannot be trusted. i signed up with telstra on a month to month basis and it says contract ends in 2020.

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      Same here, had to fight tooth and nail to get them to fix it all, finally they gave me a $438 credit somehow, but it took at least a montn for them to even slightly fix it.

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        i guess ill fight them about it because thats bs.

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          Definitely call them about it, ask directly for the complaints line as they're the only team that had any idea how to help, the other representatives said they could do it but ended up not fixing it whatsoever.

          In my case they didn't even change the contract end date, they just waived any fee for cancellation, doesn't make sense how they can't just change the end date..


            @doweyy: will do, cheers.


            @doweyy: Was it the jb offer? I cancelled mine and they said it's all good. Month later get a $100 invoice.

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              @TarquinOliverNimrod: Yeah I was originally on the JB offer, but then I moved house and wanted to drop down from $99 to $89 and all hell broke loose. They didn't have any idea what was going on, would call me saying my service was being installed yet I already had a full working service lol.. I essentially signed up again for the $89 casual plan and it was processed as a 24 month plan so had to call up a ton of times and fight them on it because they're genuinely useless.

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            @doweyy: Going directly to complaints also puts you on with an Aussie who speaks fluent English. It's the only way.


            @doweyy: That's due to a system limitation, which most call centre consultants cannot get around


      This is the point, to contract us into a non-nbn service past the marketing budgets of the competition runs out, after nbn becomes available to us. So we feel there is no need to change until we are forced to

      Oh the deal was off-contract but you've been setup as in contract? Happens to many, they constantly let their processes and systems malfunction in their favour. People don't notice, get confused after time and if motivated often fail to find an avenue to call Telstra to account (as exempts them from normal trade practices law). It's approach to this is to prevent staff being able to act/resolve customer account problems, as it effectively outsources customer service to the TIO and other taxpayer-funded complaints channels, such as your local MP.

      But this service isn't cheap, have they even knocked $5 off the price, as they want to bring something to the table in their evil-partnership with Google, etc. all of whom want to orgy on your metadata and all the other PII they can slurp.

      And it allows them to:

      • shoe-horn you into a speed range that suits the new HFC segment architecture
      • reduce upstream contention spikes from existing video streaming out to existing 100Mbps 'speed-boost' down-links
      • retire old models that will fail/present risk/potential support costs
      • amortise the cost of network changes and new modems across new plans
      • etc.

      Beware the new modems. They are likely to be just as cheap and nasty as the old ones, maybe more so

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        And for anyone on normal 30M cable, check your up/down speed- you may be getting all or better than this 50/5 plan provides already ;-)

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    Optus and Telstra are the worse customer services.

    • +5 votes

      They are actually in competition - who can do the worst!!!

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      I actually think Telstra’s customer service is pretty good. It’s just amazing how much goes wrong in the background with setting up services and accounts and all the exceptions/offers they run at all times. I genuinely feel that the people you speak or chat to, do everything they can to help.

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        I actually think Telstra’s customer service is pretty good.

        It is actually better than Optus, their tech support don't know what is telnet.

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        I thought it was OK too. Mostly used live chat because there was less confusion that way.

      • -1 vote


        The staff seem genuine in doing everything they can under the circumstances, at least that has been my recent impression.

        It certainly doesn't help when (in my case) the online sign-up process ended up sending me the wrong order number in the order confirmation email !!!

        It took several sessions with online chat support and two phone calls, before chat support provided me the correct order number, so I could track my order.

        I'm just surprised that it took a day and a half and all these support calls before they did.

        Every time I contacted them I offered to give them the order confirmation number I received by email, but they weren't really all that interested in it, almost as if they knew the online sign-up system generates wrong order numbers.

        The one time they tried entering the order number I received (almost at my insistence) turned out to be either not relevant, or was not attached to my order, in any way that would make tracking it possible.

        System-generated errors like that make their jobs almost impossible, and leave a very poor first impression on new customers.


        The above series of upvotes and downvotes is quite intriguing

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    It seems like the offer is only available to existing telstra customer moving home, not for new customers.


      New customers too.

      I just tried to enter my address, and when I chose the plan it asked me if I was an existing customer or not.

      I clicked 'No' and I got a 'Great news we are waiving the $240 connection fee for you' popup.

      So it looks like new customers as well (enter your address and check).


    BooYa - contracts for optus cable are null and void once NBN becomes available

    edit - just had a look at their plans and WOW, use to be $60 unlimited.. not its like $115, for crappy optus cable.. they definitely don't want new sign-ups, so much for that idea


    Anyone compared the Gen 2 Telstra Smart Modem to Gen 1 ?

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    Thanks OP. Used this offer as a leverage to get a free modem as an existing customer who changed to the casual plan 3 weeks ago.


      Wow, that's great! From what I've read they don't usually do that!

      I suspect since you're not on a plan you had more bargaining power to get that discount.

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    Thanks, I signed up for 50/5 Cable plan (no NBN yet) and it went through smoothly. Agent on live chat confirmed the order and the Google Home Mini + the 4G back up Modem. $89 minimum and then month to month. Not a bad deal.
    Upgraded from current unlimited ADSL2 plan with TPG @ $70/m. Did not have any issues with existing service in last 4 years, but speed boost would be good.


      How many days did Telstra say that they will take for the new connection?

      I am planning to do exactly what you did.. no NBN yet in my area and thinking if getting a cable would be good now

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        I asked that question. Agent said normally 7-10 day for connection to be activated.
        However the modem will be sent out sooner than that and I can start using the 4G connection.

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          Thank you.The agents are busy now.

          and the previous one tried to push me on 24 month plan… had to step out and eventually disconnect that chat…

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            @krishnabhargavt: I completed order on my own and when agent was available, simply asked him to confirm order details and the offers.


              @o2saint: Aah.. my address didnt have cable the last time I checked.. even optus shows ADSL2 now.. hence skeptical if Telstra showing that they can get cable is actually true.. hence going with the chat first and letting them do the job ..


            @krishnabhargavt: You can just signup online. Then confirm by chat or phone when you have more time.

            Edit: sorry @o2saint beat me to it.


      I'm almost exactly like you. TPG ADSL waiting for HFC NBN to come to my area, then I saw this offer.

      Mind you, I've been wanting to swap over to Telstra cable for a while but I'd never go on a contract (let alone a two year one) and the setup costs of the casual plan with modem were more than $500 if you included the modem cost and first month fee.

      We are scheduled to have NBN here in April-June but the way the HFC rollout has been handled I wouldn't bet on it.

      So I can't wait for the upgrade, but in the meantime Telstra cable 50/5 will safely see me through until then.

      And the price difference from TPG when you look at a cost per day is nothing for speeds that (I hope) will be 5-10 faster.

      Currently I sync with TPG at around 10 Mbps but I'm lucky to get 1-2 Mbps in real life to streaming sites that interest me (the buffering is unbelievable and all I would need is a consistent 3-5 Mbps but not with TPG).


      Did you cop the casual plan fee ?


        I haven't signed up yet. Probably today.

        But when I entered my details into the signup form on the Telstra form they asked for tge address then asked if I was customer (I clicked no) and a pop up said 'congratulations we are waiving the $240 connection fee for you).

        So I expect to get it free.

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          The only fee that is waived is the CONNECTION fee. The $240 casual plan fee will NOT be waived.. Maybe change the OP with these details?


            @design2last: I checked.

            There are no other fees. The connection fee of $240 is shown as a credit, and the casual plan fee is shown as a debit (canceling each other out).

            What you get at checkout is $0 net fees. Ongoing monthly cost $89.

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              @BooYa: When I attempted using Chrome this was not the case. When I switched to Firefox it worked. Cheers

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                @design2last: Interesting. Thanks for letting us know.

                I was using Chrome and it worked ok. But with all the browser plugins and addons who knows, those might interfere with scripts.


    Who generally has less congested lines between Optus and Telstra?

    I would assume Telstra purely based on cost

    • +6 votes

      On average (arguably) if you're looking at the ADSL and cable internet market - Telstra has by far the best network in Australia.

      It is certainly far better than Optus as far as congestion goes (Optus is renowned for their congestion).

      Telstra also has significant advantages over other telcos in the NBN space, but some ISPs leave Telstra in the dust as far as NBN goes.

      I have found the Australian Whirlpool forums to be the best source of information about all things internet from a customer's perspective.

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      I was on Telstra cable for 10 years, in 2 suburbs of Melbourne, and it was great the whole time.

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    Does this mean there is no installation cost from STREET to HOUSE ?

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      Unless it's a non-standard install that requires a technician visit (I think that's in the Critical Info Summary).

      As far as I can tell the deal applies to self-instals - you get the modem already preconfigured to the Telstra network and you just plug it in (with cable broadband you plug it into the old Foxtel/Telstra cable outlets in your home).


        The Telstra cable is across the road (same as optus) so Telstra will need to attached a cable to my property pole from across street and then from property pole into my house and run it to a room.

        Will there be e cost to do that ?

        I am currently on Optus for a few years. Optus did this for free. (I called up telstra at that time (a few years now) and they said there is a installation fee)


          I'm pretty sure that's a non-standard installation.

          This offer would almost certainly not apply.

          You may have to get an estimate from Telstra for the cabling work, or wait until you get access to the NBN.

          Have you tried checking when your address/property is scheduled to be NBN ready on the NBN Co website?


      I too have the same question. Please someone.. Thanks


      Would like to know as well. Moved into a new built place and it has no lead-in to the Telstra pit.

      It wasnt done by the builder, since NBN was scheduled for installation. NBN could take upto 12 months, so ended up with 4G broadband, as the cost of the lead-in installation was too high.


        Unfortunately, to the best of my knowledge, ISPs are only responsible for connection to the property boundary line (usually the pit if it's a house).

        Although I am far from an expert in this area, so you're best off getting proper advice from someone who is.

        I think the ISP provisioning teams are usually the most knowledgeable about these things, but it's hard to actually get in touch with them unless they need to contact you for some reason.

        The qualifications check on the Telstra website is pretty good with the majority of properties, but in your case I suspect you'd need a technician visit to really confirm.

        Surprisingly, these tech visits that just require an inspection (instead of service or cabling) are pretty cheap with anywhere from $60 to a 'hundred something' depending on the ISP.


    When internet is anything more than just entertainment for you, Telstra for many Australians is still the only way.
    This is a good deal..

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    Telstra are a great company to have your mobile with but for everything else, especially the NBN, they are a joke outfit.



    Is it just me or is everyone else getting the $250 casual fee when checking out ?

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