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Asus Zenfone Max Pro ZB602KL 6GB/64GB $322.05 Delivered (HK) @ TobyDeals


It had band 28, NFC, headphone jack, expandable storage, 5000mAh battery, micro usb, 2.5 hours to fully charge, updates till Android q, no zenui, sd636, ok camera.

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      FYI - I think this version is missing band 28.

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        If it is the A version then it has no B28 and miss out on a lot of other bands.
        You need the B version for all the bands.

    • Why does it show up as $269 when I visit the site,
      but on google shopping it says the same price you have?

      Here’s images for proof


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    Any good experiences with Tobydeals? The reviews seem pretty shocking but it’s always going to be a bit bias

    • Seems to be more bad feedback than normal from a few sites.

  • Are these rootable?

    As with ANY Import phone, first thing i wanna do is a manual stock firmware reinstall direct from asus.

    Have to sorta trust the kernel though…. But hey, whatcha gonna do.

    At least it cant be as bad as OnePlus.

    • What's bad about OnePlus?

    • Alo wondering. What's bad about OnePlus?

    • Have to sorta trust the kernel though

      Why don't you flash a third party kernel? (Stability isn't a strong point usually though)

      • Yeah. Depends whats out there :)

        That said, norootfirewall makes sure nothing talks out of the phone that you dont want to.

    • This phone is very active on xda forums, so plenty of custom roms and stuff.

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    Wow 5000mah and sd636 this thing would last days!

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      It's been exactly 3 days (72 hours) since first recharge for my mum and it's at 44%. She's not exactly a power user though! And she's been extra careful since it's new and scary. But sounds like 10 hours SOT from what I've heard, so probably a couple of days even with decent usage.

    • Some posts on WP are saying since their latest update the battery is draining fast.

    • I imagine similar to my mi max 2. I watched 9 hours of movies in full brightness, while connected to Bluetooth speakers, and it used about 50%. Great combination.

  • 2.5 hours to fully charge

    WTF? Are you sure this thing isn't an iPhone?

    • No fast charge and the battery is 5000mAh, which is huge. Pretty standard to be honest for 2.5 hours charging. The iPhone with 5W charging taking that long has 1/2 the battery.

    • 2000mah is one hell of a charge rate!

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    Keep in mind that this phone comes in A and B version. You want the B version which has band 28.

    I can't see a mention of version, but from what I can tell from listed frequencies, this one does NOT support band 28 (ie it's A version) despite what poster claims.

    Just something to keep in mind and to double check.

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    The specs on the sellers site doesn't list band 28. It also doesn't list AC wireless, which I thought all new phones have.

  • micro usb,

    No, it is not that old! It has USB-C of course.
    Good deal if it has band 28, but looks like the wrong version.

    Will 6GB really make a noticeable difference over the much cheaper 4GB model?

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      It's a great budget phone, especially the 4gb version. But it does have compromises. One of them is micro USB. I know specs says USB C, but I suspect it's wrong. The 4gb version we have is certainly not USB C.

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        Wow, usb-B in 2018? I'm always plugging those things in the wrong way, and have had a couple break.

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          LOL no.
          Micro usb, or usb-C maybe.

          USB-B on a phone would be hilarious.
          Though i guess you could charge from your printer cable….. Hmm. Lol

          • @MasterScythe: "micro USB" here is the micro-B. There are other micro-USB connectors, but less common.
            Printer is original B, and old phones used mini-B.

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          So much human suffering would be avoided if we sent a Terminator back in time to eliminate the person who designed USB-A :p

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      Yes but possibly no.

      Having less RAM mean apps will be removed from memory sooner as you open more programs and all the RAM is used. Then they will need to be loaded again from storage next time you use them instead of instantly switching to them.

      You might not notice this depending on how you use apps and which ones.

  • 6gb/64gb B version with B28 and other bands that the A version does not have here…
    $400au + $13 shipping + GST :-(

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      GearBest has stopped charging GST. I can verify this as I brought a couple of things from them last week.

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        Where did you bring them?

      • If that is the case, is there anything that can be held against customers regarding this?
        Or any extra charges when the product arrives?

        • From what I gathered, the process at Customs remains unchanged. They only stop and add GST on items over the $1K threshold. For low value items under $1K, it's up to the Online Shop to collect GST and remit it to the Australian Government.

          I guess after a few months, Online Stores with no ties or presence in Australia decided to give our Government the "middle finger".

    • Why would you want to buy from Gearbest if you can buy it much cheaper on eBay.

      • Link to cheaper B version 6/64 on ebay?

        • QD_AU on eBay. And use discount code.

      • Well, for one, apparently there's no GST charged.
        However, if its MUCH cheaper elsewhere, then of course I wouldn't buy it for GearBest.
        Just a note: we also do have to consider the GST cost added to the price now also.

        PS: Please provide much cheaper price link…

  • anyone experience this?

  • I have this phone, but got it from QD_AU on eBay. Camera is average but love everything else about it. Stock android,get monthly updates, has NFC for Google Pay and battery lasts me at least 2 days, some times longer. QD_AU phone does have B28 too, I checked with a root app.

    Beware though that this tobydeals one might not have B28 and NFC.

    • I’ve heard the b model has nfc and band 28 I’m just looking for nfc, I don’t need band 28, so would any of the 3gb or 4gb models have nfc?

      • From what I can see only Taiwan site lists NFC and only on the 6GB RAM model. That would be Model B. Not sure about others.

    • Install other cameras, which improve the results greatly.
      I use 3 different cameras depending on my needs:
      - Google Pixel2 (there is a way to install) (will also need to install Camera2 API Probe for HDR+),
      - OpenCamera works really well (will also need to install Camera2 API Probe for HDR+),
      - Manual Camera Pro DSLR - getting great results

  • I hope Asus have improved. I had a Zenphone II and it was honestly the worst phone I ever owned. I usually will give my old phone to my father-in-law but this one just went into the bin. There was a ghost in the phone or something, it would randomly freeze and sometimes would reboot while I was in the middle of a phone call. Whether bluetooth worked was pot luck.

    • Have been using it since August. Great phone.

  • Can they give us Deal on asus' flagship phone plz?

  • I have this phone.
    Camera is pitiful.
    Battery life is great however it could be tweaked - i find it drains fast as it doesn't go into full sleep mode if you have some apps running the the background.
    Battery on average still lasts me two days - I am a Pokemon Go player.
    I can get a full day playing Pokemon Go if i'm playing hardcore eg 6 hrs on screen time + standby time.

    • See my comment above about the camera.

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