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GoPro HERO (2018) $199 @ JB Hi-Fi


Good deal for the GoPro Hero at JB. This looks to be the same model that can be "hacked" to a GoPro Hero 5 Black as per reddit link previously mentioned in a deal posted by Jimmy007

Update: Also same price at Amazon thanks mini2 for those with the Amex offer/Cashrewards/Shopback.
Amazon link Out of Stock

Key Features

2-Inch Touch Screen
Quickly switch between modes, frame the perfect shot and check out your footage on the 2-inch touch screen.

Waterproof + Durable
Built tough and waterproof down to 33ft (10m), HERO goes where your smartphone can’t to capture every adventure with no worries.

Voice Control
Control your HERO hands-free with simple voice commands like “GoPro, start recording” and “GoPro, take a photo.”

Wi-Fi + Bluetooth®
Connect to the GoPro app to control your camera remotely, check out your shots and share your favorites on the spot.

Auto Offload to Your Phone
Your photos and videos move to the GoPro app automatically so you can share the moment, in the moment.[2]

QuikStories Enabled
HERO automatically sends your footage to the GoPro app where it transforms into a beautifully edited video with music and effects.[1]

Auto Cloud Backup
With a GoPro Plus subscription, you can automatically back up unlimited photos and up to 35 hours of video to the cloud.[3]

Full HD Video + High-Quality Photos
HERO captures stunning 1440p and 1080p video plus 10MP photos of all your adventures.

Video Stabilization
HERO records smooth, stabilized video whether you’re shooting by hand or using a GoPro mount.

Simple One-Button Control
Never miss an awesome moment. A single press of the shutter button powers on your HERO and starts recording automatically.

Compatible With GoPro Accessories
Wear it. Mount it. Love it. With 30+ accessories available, you can get unique perspectives and capture your life in a creative new way.[4]

Fast-Charging Ready
With the Supercharger power adapter (sold separately), you can charge up fast and get back out there.

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  • +1

    Same price at Amazon, potentially $15 cheaper if you’ve got the Amex/Amazon $100 spend $15 credit offer.

    • Thanks mini2 will update post

  • If CR is still doing 11% this is an amazing price from Amazon.

  • +2

    Cashrewards 8% Cashback on Amazon

  • Is this equivalent in every other way spec wise to the hero 5 when flashed?

  • How is this compare to GoPro Hero 7? As in day and night? I don't do extreme sports, probably just occasional outdoor activity like trekking or dipping in a pool?

    • +5

      Your comment reminds me of this video

      But I think you'll be fine. The biggest thing about the 7 is the image stabilisation. But the 5 has it just not as good.

      I recently went away with a gopro 3 and it was fine for a family holiday with snorkelling. I upgraded to the 5 on a deal from a few months ago which came to $230. I think it's great for the price. Definitely not worth paying an extra $250 for the 7.

      • LOL!!

        /me looks at his bedside table where his GoPro 5 is literally there covered in dust.

    • +1

      You'll have to be more specific. There is
      GoPro HERO7 Black
      GoPro HERO7 Silver
      GoPro HERO7 White

      I use my GoPro as people would have used a camcorder in the past, just cos it's small. I sidegraded from HERO6 Black+gimbal+microphone to HERO7 Black+microphone for one major reason, image stabilisation. The video stabilisation on the HERO7 Black is mind boggling. It's almost as good as walking around with a real gimbal and only really fails on stupid fast shakiness. So for something like trekking or messing around in a pool, you won't push the stabilisation to its limit and will reap maximum reward from its capabilities.

      I've heard the audio on the 7 Black is also vastly improved, haven't had a windy day to run any back to back tests yet. Might be able to get rid of the bulky microphone adapter too.

      These features I mentioned are not available on the 7Silver and 7White, nor the plain Hero.

      • +2

        Sorry I meant Hero 7 Black. So I guess stick with Hero 7 Black then?

        • My line of thinking was if you're going to buy a camera for vlogging basic stuff instead of just using your phone, you might as well get the best.

          Just don't pay more than $471 (GoodGuys best price so far).

      • +2

        +1, the image stabilisation on GoPro 7 Hero is amazing. I had a Sony 4K Action cam which I paid around $500 about 2 yrs ago and I rarely ever used it due to lack of IS on videos. Made walkabout trips hardly viewable. IMO it's worth saving up for the 7 or nothing. GoPro 7 also has voice commands which is more useful than I thought. e.g. "GoPro Turn On/Off", "GoPro Start Recording/Stop Recording".

        • +1

          Thanks for the reviews.

          Sounds like if one was to buy a go pro, the Hero 7 Black is the way to go for video stabilisation.

          This basic hero is really cheap though

      • +2

        Aside from saving time, is there any advantage to having the camera do the stabilization compared to doing it yourself later with software?

        • +2

          Less artifacts. When stabilisation is done onboard the camera, it will use the gyro and accelerometer data to help with the smoothing where as software stabilisation on a PC will analyse the video to identify movement which will generally be less accurate.

          I don't actually have a GoPro so this is just my ramblings about action cameras in general. Correct me if I'm wrong.

  • Hmmmm very tempting as a backup

    • Me too, but still want to wait till it drop under $150 …

  • Can't buy through Amazon atm. When I click to add to cart it just says the cart is empty. Maybe no stock left?

    Edit: Yup amazon is out of stock

  • Hmmm… GoPro hero @ amazon (…) seems to be $285.52 + $7.79 Delivery now?
    Did they change it maybe? DOH!

    • Nah Amazon just ran out of stock by the looks of it.

      "$285.52 + $7.79 Delivery
      In stock. Sold by Australian Hub"

      It was showing 1 left with more coming soon when I went to buy one, but I couldn't add one to my cart.

      • sad emoji

  • +1

    Great price!

  • +2

    Price matched at HN, finally have a chance to use my gift card from the Amex deal

  • damn, just ordered a xiaomi mijia 4k

    not needing a case in the water would be far more practical.

  • does this have the gps inbuilt also?

    • +1

      GPS is inbuilt - though not enabled with the default software.

      i.e. the difference between hero 5 black and hero 2018 is only software wise - hardware wise both are identical.
      you will need to 'adjust' the software to make it the same though & thus use all available resolutions or gps etc

      • that is excellent!

  • +1

    I managed to grab one from Amazon for $199 - $20 McDonald's coupon = $179. With further cashback, and the ability to upgrade this to a Hero 5 it makes it a bloody great deal!

    • +2

      No cashback if you used coupon

      • Oh yeah you are right. But I've just got a cashrewards cashback notification. It did work previously sometimes with coupons.

  • +9

    I don't need this, I don't need this, I don't need this…

    Why do I need this?

    • +9

      I also don't need one, but I click on every GoPro deal -.-

      I always then go onto cashback sites, and discounted gift card sites, work out the price, then change my mind. Kills half hour though.

    • -1

      You don't. Just give me your $199 instead :p

  • +1

    Thanks ordered via Amazon just in time it looks like + Cashrewards :)

  • +1

    Hey guys, I don't know much about this. Will this be good for snorkelling and diving and stuff? Thinking of it as a Christmas present.

  • Where does this unit sit in the GoPro tree?

  • Who or what are the uses of this over a DSLR or Mobile?

    • +3

      Is your DSLR waterproof to use on a surfboard, snorkels etc

      • -1

        So it's for people who are Vin Diesly 😂🤣

      • +1

        Or your mobile phone?

        My s7 edge while waterproof was crap when trying to film/take photos in the surf. Soon as the screen got wet the touchscreen was horrendous to use.

    • Anyone who wants to go underwater or isn't fussed if it gets knocked around a bit. However you you want to strap your DSLR to your bike helmet while you go racing along mountain bike tracks, by all means go for it.

  • +1

    What does the hacking give it over standard?

    • +9

      4k@30fps and GPS by the look of the article above.

      • For how much less than the gp5black? 30$? if 30$, might as well get gp5black, saving risk or doing it yourself?

        • +2

          $150 more. However, most people wouldn't buy GP5Black at the current price.

    • +3

      Also different fields of view, including linear, in lower resolutions.

    • +2

      If anyone is still unsure about the diffs between the Hero 2018 and Hero 5 Black….…

  • Would the price be expected to decrease by January/February of 2019?
    Or is $200 as cheap as it's going to go

    • +1

      Price will definitely decrease by December 2020.

    • +1

      I don't know. Let me grab my magic ball.

      • Is a magic ball equivalent to a crystal ball once hacked? ;-)

  • How do these go with wind noise? Anybody had any experience with these as a helmet cam on motorbike helmets?

  • I literally bought this two days ago before the sale price, does jb hifi do any price match policy after purchase?

    • +3

      But another one and return it using the more expensive receipt?

      • +2

        Thought about that but I already opened mine. I walked in anyways and they told me I can get a refund and they usually do for price drops that occur up to 14 days after a purchase so all good!

  • It seems ebay can beats price 5%?
    Anyone tried?

  • Damn it, have a $20 coupon from maccas I can use on Amazon but no stock…Anyone know how long it usually takes for re-stocks?

    • what is this $20 coupon from maccas you speak of?

      • The thing you peal off the packaging had a $5 coupon for a number of places including Amazon. Turned out that it was actually a $20 coupon for Amazon on any order over $70. Don't think you can get it now since Maccas monopoly is finished and you had to activate it through the app.

  • +3

    Got my GoPro 5 Black.. thanks

    • +2

      No need to brag about it…

  • I just bought a Yi 4k the other day for $102 USD on sale. It's already been shipped. Which would be better?

    • Spec wise it's pretty similar. Both take a long time to save a RAW image. The GoPro is waterproof without a case though.

  • +2

    Thanks OP. Bought one this afternoon. Now have a hero 5 black.

  • +1

    tempted to buy 4x and do 4k VR with one of those mounts

  • +1

    Very happy, upgrade worked perfectly!

  • Does the 'hacking' void the warranty?

  • +1

    Just converted mine to the HERO 5, easy as.

  • +1

    Thanks op. Don't forget additional 5% via egift cards.

  • +1

    Thanks, "upgraded" successfully. Paired with my Samsung Galaxy watch using GoPro Shutter Pro app and working beautifully :)

  • +2

    Thanks OP. Purchased, charged, upgraded (this part was so satisfying!), and paired to my phone. Now to find a reason to use it!

  • Thanks guys - I can join the club - no worries converting my shiny new one this morning ;)

  • Hi folks. I 'converted' mine successfully (I think) last night. However, I noticed that the battery depletion rate is very high. Battery went down by 3% in 5 minutes, without any recording activities. I just left it on a table, till it shut itself down.
    With this rate, a full charge would last 2-2.5 hours. Is this normal? Or have I done something wrong?

    • +5

      The batteries are small. You're apparently supposed to carry around a power bank or multiple batteries. You can only cram so much power into them for a HD video recorder. Spare bats are only $35 so not so bad. The 2h power time is normal. You can go into the settings and turn some things off or down to help it last longer.

      • Thanks mate.

  • +1

    Click and collect was quick, got the pick up message before the store was even open, so when I rocked in at 10am~ I was good to go.

    The flashing was as easy, gopro apps recognize it as a hero 5.

    Cheers mate.

  • Anyone try this site - Looks legit, but would be good to know if anyone else used it

    • I think the same link is mentioned in the reddit post, didn't try to verify if those *.bin files same, it is not that hard to patch the file yourself though.

      • +1

        Ended up using them, worked fine.

      • +1

        Can also confirm… used these files and worked fine.

    • I used those files - no problems here. Everything unlocked 😀

  • +1

    Don't need one but I ordered it anyway. Killer price. thanks op

  • +1

    Will replace my bearly used hero3 black for one of these, hope I use the new one more 😂
    Used JB egift card and saved a further 5%

  • +2

    Thanks OP got one and updated to the hero 5 black really easy to do

  • What accessories would you need to get for this for let's say travelling and general use? Also anywhere that sells them affordably?

    • +2

      If your not using it mounted to a helmet or surfboard etc, you could get away with just buying an extra battery, or the dual charger & battery combo, some glass screen protectors for the lens and LCD screen and maybe a grip of some sort

  • Has anyone that ordered from Amazon had their GoPro shipped? Mine is still pending. Considering cancelling my order and forgoing my Cashback and picking up the GoPro from JB.

  • +3

    Got one yesterday. TLDR review = Great video, uses "Ambarella" chip so good quality motion on h.264. Pretty bad audio, heaps of hiss and the AGC is slow to adjust. I've had heaps of Chinese "Fauxpro" action cameras and the real thing is great, especially in Protune (better shadow detail at the expense of some sensor noise)

    Used the file patch (took about 15 mins to download and prepare) and it flashed the Hero5 software no problem, make sure you factory reset the camera.

    Make sure you have the 4 files in a folder called "update" and copy that to the SD card (fresh formatted preferably)
    camera_firmware.bin <————- This is the file patched with the command-line BWDIFF.

    The contents of BOTH text files must be as follows:

  • Quick couple questions for those that have patched to hero5 firmware. Does the hero then support 128gb microsd? And does it have the superwide option when videoing?

    • if anyone want to know i bought it and the answer to both questions is yes


    Is this the link for the same product? If so, it seems HN has dropped price to $194.

    If anyone can confirm the model. Thx

    • +2

      Both the JB Hifi one here and your linked one from HN appear to be listed as the same model number


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