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6x Meals, 3x Snacks, 1x Juice and 1x Cooler Bag $44.00 Delivered @ Youfoodz


A bit of a mix of other deals, but not a bad one if you order the following with the $10 off coupon code:

YF Survivor Pack $5.00
-1X Nacho Beef Bowl
-1X Coconut Protein Ball
-1X Random Juice
-1X YF Cooler Bag

YF KickStart Bundle $49.00
-1X Slow-cooked Lamb Shanks
-1X Clean Chicken & Sweet Potato Mash
-1X YF Fried Chicken & Gravy
-1X Beef Fried Rice & Wasabi Mayo
-1X Nonna's Spaghetti Bolognese
-1X Salt & Vinegar Popcorn
-1X Coconut Protein Ball

Then use the YFFAM-10 code to bring it down to $44.00!

Free shipping to metro areas, some places have a fee.

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  • Slow-cooked Lamb Shanks are surprisingly nice.
    Nonna's Spaghetti Bolognese is fillings, but pretty standard meal (meh)
    Beef Fried Rice & Wasabi Mayo. Little bit chewy, but not a bad meal.

    • I remember the first time I order youfoodz I though I can't go wrong with Spaghetti Bolognese. Oh gosh I was wrong. Didn't like them at all.
      I usually buy
      Chargrilled Lemon Pepper Chicken
      Teriyaki Chicken & Tokyo Potatoes
      Flamin’ Chicken

      I tried others but these have more protein than most other meals and most importantly I'm extremely picky person and didn't like the other meals that much…


        Yeah I haven't tried the others, but the Char-grilled Lemon Pepper Chicken and Teriyaki Chicken & Tokyo Potatoes are both great. The spaghetti I got once for free and quite liked it, but I'd never pay even the discounted amount for something that easy to make and freeze or buy frozen.

      • Their spaghetti is too sweet.

  • How are these sizes? We've tried the other company, and they were enough for our child.

    • Enough for child. Similar size to lean cuisine ie not very big. For adult may want to add something to it.

      • Seems overpriced then, even with this discount

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          They're cheap compared to others in the target market (eg Lite N Easy) which are $11 each for similar size, and frozen. They're much better quality and the same size as the $5-7 frozen meals in the supermarket as well.

          I'd agree something like Spaghetti Bolognese is overpriced though, it costs a tiny fraction to make yourself, and freezes well so you have the same convenience. The snacks are also very overpriced, but again similar to the prices people pay for similar snacks in the target market.

          For some of the more 'fresh' meals, I think they're good value meals for 1, ok for 2. But don't bother so much if you were already going to cook for 3+ people.

          The issue I have with 'better value' options is that they're much more bland it's impossible to cook 'fresh' meals of this quality and diversity for 1 person regularly without huge amounts of waste that makes the cost comparable. (Depending on the recipe, obviously those which freeze well or work with frozen ingredients are easy to replicate). Also you get calorie controlled meals, which is good if you're watching your weight, but worthless otherwise.

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    Couple of comments in and we've already ticked off small servings and delivery to Perth.

  • Is this a good deal to try youfoodz for the first time? It's seems like an alright deal however some people have commented that it's not filling enough. Are the lunches/dinners filling for an adult, average sized woman? Or would you need to eat a snack as well? Anyone know when this expires?

    • Depends on what you're after.

      This deal is cheating than eating out/takeaway but is more expensive than making your own food.

      If you just want to try Youfoodz then it's not a bad deal. Seems to be pretty standard deal though.

    • yeah they are big enough for me for lunch


      It'll depend on the meal and what else you eat in the day. Some meals are quite filling, others may require a small snack at some point probably. Also depending on if you're looking at these for weight loss or not etc.

  • Is it only me or their meals are just average? I should agree out of 7 meals we ordered from last promo only lamb shanks were good, all others were below average and not worth trying. Would never pay $9.95 for that. I know probably not everyone is paying full price but you can get lean cuisine or aldi frozen meal (I know it’s not the same) and they would be much nicer. The portion as mentioned previously is sometimes not enough, sometimes it’s just right and never too much (for leftovers).

    • Not a big fan of frozen meals but do agree with you. Most meals are just not big enough and some of them are hardly average.
      I only buy those with high protein content and have a piece of fruit with it.


      Wait, you think the lean cuisine meals are better? They're smaller and really bland in comparison. I've got both in the fridge / freezer and I've found the YouFoodz ones are miles better.

      What are the meals you didn't like?

      $9.95 is pretty high, not quite as high as their $11 frozen competitors (Lite n Easy). I don't think it's really possible to pay full price for these if you pay any attention, at a minimum you can find a free meal or a 10% off and usually much better.

      These aren't gourmet or anything though.

      Most of the meals I buy are things you couldn't buy frozen (eg they have salad components) or don't freeze well. If you're buying something that freezes well it would be a tougher call (eg, I'd not bother with lasagne / spaghetti).

    • I've really enjoyed 90% of the meals I've tried and the are miles better than anything frozen at the supermarket. Haven't gone close to paying full price thanks to OzBargins.

      Top 5 would be
      - Glazed Tasmanian Salmon
      - Chicken Schnitty & Chips
      - Tasty Turkey Rissoles
      - Clean Chicken & Sweet Potato Mash
      - The Moroccan Fish Ragout

      But plenty of other close to the top 5. Only ones I weren't a big rap for was the Teriyaki Chicken & Tokyo Potatoes & The Beef Fried Rice. Tried them all now and is quite diverse & stuff I'd never want to make myself lol

      Dead last is the salt & vinegar popcorn snack, but thats the same rule for anything salt & vinegar

  • came to $51.09 for using the coupon


      Ah, did you add everything individually or use the bundles?

  • saw some youfoodz selling at aldi today, @ 8.95$,

  • Tbh I’m just in it for the cooler bag

  • If you haven't ordered in a while try YFHEALTHY. YMMV but essentially I got

    11 meals
    5 snacks
    1 random juice
    Cooler pack

    $72.45 delivered