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10pcs Self Adhesive Reusable Hook and Loop Cable Tie with Plastic Buckle US $0.98 (AU $1.33) @ Zapals


Price in title inclusive of GST. Much cheaper than the last deal.

Organize your wires and cables with reusable hook and loop cable ties.
With plastic buckle end for extra durability and flexible enough to hold all of your cables securely.
Lightweight and easy connection with strong fastener.
Fully adjustable along cable tie length.
Wide range of uses, good for keeping all kinds of cords cables well organized and tidy in place.

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  • Wonderful thanks!

  • +2

    Thank you for not calling it Velcro

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    Just received mine from last time. It takes way too long for the shipping.

    • It's good for you that it took you forever, I actually never receive them. Instead, they put in the package sth else which I don't even know what it is and how to use it!

      • 11 weeks for me and not the colour I chose. The other one I ordered never showed up so I got a refund.

  • these are pretty handy…bought em last time tempted to get em again

    …also these zapals 'freebies' are addictive…currently waiting on 5x orders to be delivered :P

    • +1

      The good news is you'll likely receive at least three of those. At least!

      • 1/1 delivered so far…100% success rate as far as im concerned! ;)

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    Not worth it. They're quite short. Delivery takes forever if at all. Just get some immediately from reject shop for $2 for 1m and cut to size. You get to choose between black and white too.

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      …but sometimes short is ideal…all depends what youre using them for i guess?

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        Like I said just cut to the exact size you need. Literally takes less than 1 second with scissors.

      • She never said that

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      They're quite short

      Length 20cm, Width 2cm - shown on site.
      Wraps 5cm diameter of cables - just checked one.

      reject shop for $2 for 1m

      2m total length for $1.33 delivered = 1/3 price of Reject Shop equivalent.

      I use the long strips cut to size for other uses, but 5cm dia for bundle of cables is usually big enough.

      I like the buckle to give secure closure. Wrapping around on itself without it can be more difficult in my experience.

      Never had a Zapals delivery not turn up (slowly).

      • -1

        Bloody hell, reading your posts, you are quite obsessed with these cable ties. Lengths, colours, hot equipment - you really are throwing everything in, don't you? :)
        Do you work for TV Shop or something?

        • -1

          Was just responding to comment they are "Not worth it. They're quite short." Not in my opinion.

          I've got a few of these - a very handy length. Have years of experience using this style of fastening.

          [Whereas, you seem "obsessed" with warning people not to buy?😱]

    • You get to choose between black and white too.

      5 colours to choose from in this deal - which can be very handy to identify cable use etc. Red, yellow etc stands out better than black or white.

      • Yes the page let's you choose but they send you a random one anyway from my experience. Also, I had ordered this twice and one never came. The first one came after almost 11 weeks!

        As for your comments about the length, the reject shop is actually 2m not 1m as I first thought. The zapals one is only 13cm of loop and 6cm of hook. So that's 130cm of loop @ $1.02/m vs 200cm of loop and hook @ $1/m. But yes the buckle is useful for sure. The reject shop one has an adhesive back too for other purposes.

  • Code not valid for me

    • Did you log in? Working fine for me for both of my accounts.

      • logged in and still same
        tried several times
        maybe wont work through mobile

        • +1

          Yeah it could be, I did my on desktop.

        • Worked on Android with Chrome, logged in now.

  • +1

    We stayed at a Cordis hotel in Hong Kong and came back the first day to find the maid had looped our cables and used fabric ties, like these, to tidy them up; the ties had the name of the Hotel on them. That seemed to be pretty smart advertising to me.

  • choke me daddy

  • Before you buy this and turn it into landfill, ask yourself the question:

    Do I really need it?

    If the answer is "No", or "I'm not sure", then save the planet, don't buy plastic you don't really need.

    • Agree with that comment, I do try to avoid the buy crap options. But the real plastic problem is packaging.

      • +1

        Yes, unfortunately, the plastic waste comes wrapped in plastic waste. What an irony

    • Having had cables fry when fell on hot equipment (& come in contact with live mains in one case!) - cable ties can improve safety, save time, money, avoid damaged cables entering landfill, & avoid requiring new cables.
      These can help save valuable resources at minimal cost!

      • I almost expected you would add "and cures cancer" to that amazing list of how useful cable ties are.
        Following your argument, every product has reasons for their existence so we should buy them.

        So may I ask: do you already have cable ties or is this the first time buying? Because if you already have… you know… maybe you don't need more?

        ps. trying hard to imagine the situation where that cable fell on that "hot equipment" and you came in contact with live wires. Darwin award?

        • Always have found a reason for a few more. One of my favourite items in my toolbox.

          Handy for quickly fixing things in place. (Temporally attached umbrella to relative's wheelchair with these, to keep him dry.)

          Haven't you read posts & comments on OzBargain outlining the number of included cable ties - many Ozbargainers like cable ties😀

          These are better than standard disposable plastic cable ties - as easily reused many times. Some of mine in use are around 10 years old.

          [Uninsulated shielded cable dropped down across mains plug that had become partly unplugged (old plug lacking insulated prongs now standard) - blowing amp etc! As had been installed years before, in poorly accessible spot - hadn't seen the danger. An expensive mistake, which could have been far worse. Now lash cables down & don't use uninsulated cables. And always check installations for safety!]

          Learnt from experience. It's not always as simple as you like to make out. (I used to say things like that - as an environmental campaigner!)

          Sometimes a little plastic (like Velcro) can save a lot of waste bound for landfill. It depends on its use & reuse, and a little thought.

          • -1

            @the INFIDEL:

            Always have found a reason for a few more

            What a sad way to live a life…

            • @ocoolio: I'm happy😀
              - with my selective use / reuse of simple useful technology where benefit can outweigh the (environmental) costs.

              Its the use of thoughtfullness in our usage that brings about change, not mindlessly following ideology.

              Sad you spend your life fruitlessly telling others how to live their lives😞 It can have the opposite effect!
              What a sad way to live a life…

              Guess you're a new convert to the environmental game. (I've been involved for so many years.)

              You post deals made with environmentally troublesome products… like plastic😉

              Set an example rather than preach!
              Maybe spend the time examining your usage of all troublesome products & services harmful to the environment first!

              Hidden your preaching.

  • Still waiting on my order to arrive from the last deal. :(

    • Standard shipping is slow - states up to 6 weeks (15-30 Business Days). That is on top of any processing delays…

  • Anybody else having trouble with Zapals site? When trying to add these to cart, it gets stuck at "Adding" and never gets anywhere. Tried on 2 computers and mobile. Multiple browsers on each. Had the same problem on and off (mostly on) for the last few weeks now.

    • Did you choose the colour after clicking add to cart? Required for this purchase.
      Otherwise doesn't add to cart etc.
      Other than missing that, I had no problems.

      • Yes, it warns if colour wasn't selected, in which case the button doesn't change to say Adding.

        The same problem happens for any item I try, not just this one.

        • Did some more testing and found that the problem doesn't occur if I've set currency to AUD. USD, and a couple of other random currencies selected, always just result in the button changing to "Adding" then it sits there and goes no further.

          Same problem (and same successful workaround of setting to AUD) seen on Chrome and Firefox on Windows, Chrome and Samsung browser on Android (on both wifi and mobile data).

          Anybody else able to test by trying to add any item the cart after selecting USD?