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Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ $53.56 Delivered @ element14


Use coupon code RPI3BP10AU for 10% off Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ boards.

Coupon code also applies to the bundle with the SD card as well as the bundle with the SD card, power supply and official case.

Product Overview:

The Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ is the latest product in the Raspberry Pi 3 range, boasting a 64-bit quad core processor running at 1.4GHz, dual-band 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless LAN, Bluetooth 4.2/BLE, faster Ethernet, and PoE capability via a separate PoE HAT. The dual-band wireless LAN comes with modular compliance certification, allowing the board to be designed into end products with significantly reduced wireless LAN compliance testing, improving both cost and time to market. The Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ maintains the same mechanical footprint as both the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B and the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B.
* Broadcom BCM2837B0, Cortex-A53, 64-bit, quad-core SoC @ 1.4GHz
* 2.4GHz/5GHz IEEE 802.11 b/g/n/ac Wireless LAN (WLAN)
* Bluetooth Low Energy v4.2 (BLE)
* Gigabit Ethernet over USB 2.0 (maximum throughput 300Mbps)
* 4 x USB 2.0 Ports
* Extended 40-pin GPIO Header
* Full Size HDMI, MIPI DSI display port, MIPI CSI camera port
* 4-pole stereo audio/composite video output port
* MicroSD card slot for operating system and data storage
* Power over Ethernet (PoE) enabled (requires separate PoE HAT)
* Power supply requirements - 5V/2.5A DC via micro USB or GPIO

Terms and conditions:

  • For web orders only.
  • Get 10% OFF Raspberry Pi SKUs 2842228 | 2842230 | 2848199 from 16th November to 14th December 2018 or while stocks last, whichever is the earliest.
  • This offer is for customers who are not receiving special pricing from element14.
  • This offer is valid only for retail customers – not for any type of resellers.
  • Customers must enter a valid voucher code RPI3BP10AU at the checkout when ordering over the web while logged into the website.
  • The voucher code can be used only for above three Raspberry Pi listed products.
  • Voucher is not valid for bulk orders quantity or to the resellers.
  • Offer is valid only for first break pricing – customers can only buy max. 2 units per order.
  • The minimum line value amount does not include freight, GST or discounts and must be placed in one transaction.
  • The code cannot be used more than 5 times per customer.
  • This offer is not available for customers who are already receiving special pricing.
  • This offer is not available in conjunction with any other discounts, promotions, offers or any element14 print publications.
  • The voucher code cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts, offers or contract pricing agreements and provides a discount on the goods value only. VAT and any additional charges must be settled separately.

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  • +4

    Seems to be local stock :)

    These are great to load on Retro Pie on !!

  • +1

    There is a new model just released - Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+


    Processor: Broadcom BCM2837B0, Cortex-A53 64-bit SoC @ 1.4 GHz
    Memory: 512MB LPDDR2 SDRAM
    Connectivity: 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz IEE 802.11.b/g/n/ac wireless LAN, Bluetooth 4.2/BLE
    Access: Extended 40-pin GPIO header
    Video & Sound: 1 × full-size HDMI, MIPI DSI display port, MIPI CSI camera port, 4 pole stereo output and composite video port
    Input power: 5 V/2.5 A DC via micro USB connector 5 V DC via GPIO header

    Cost $38.23 plus $3 postage from core-electronics

    • +1

      It's a stripped back version of this one. Less USB ports, half the RAM and no ethernet, thus the cheaper price.

      Probably a good option for headless servers etc that you may want to run over wireless if the RAM won't be an issue.

    • Hey I hadn't seen that new model. It's really nice. It's smaller (and cheaper) with mostly the same specs.

      As far as I can see the differences are:

      • Half the RAM of the B+
      • No USB hub (just a single port)
      • No Ethernet

      Depending on your application the A+ could be great though.

      • For running a Kodi media box or a Retropie bluetooth gaming console (or a gameboy) this could be ideal.

        • +2

          Definitely need Ethernet for Kodi box. I wouldnt trust Wifi only.

          • @Piranha2004: Depends what you're doing with Kodi. I use it mainly to stream video off my NAS, which it does flawlessly.

          • @Piranha2004: I've had no issues streaming 8-12gb files on my 3B+ over wifi.

  • Thanks!

  • is this good for streaming movies off putlocker? :P

    • You can do what ever you want with it.

  • +3

    Instead of a NAS, would this + an external HDD be a cheap but decent alternative for seeding/downloading Linux ISO's?

    Asking for a friend.

    • Yeah but you'll need a powered hub to run a 2.5in drive. Then you could just use deluge in daemon mode.

      • I set my sister up with a 3b+, libreelec and a 4TB 2.5" usb drive. With the right wall wart and a short power cable it's been running fine for months with no low voltage warnings.
        Using longer power cables that came with mobile phones phones had issues, I'm guessing from voltage drop over the longer cable.

    • +2

      The RaspberryPis have slow USB. The network port also uses the same bus as the USBs, which is why you'll never get 1Gbs despite the port technically supporting.

      That said, the DietPi distro is great for this use case, if you can handle the slow IO speeds.

    • Linux distros is the only reason I download torrents and it's so infrequent that when I need to download one no one knows what torrent client is worth using >.<

  • +1

    I hope I have a better experience than the previous Arrow deal, (Arrow were great btw, refunded with no questions), dead 3B+ after one reboot like a few other people.

    • I also got a 3b+ from Arrow and was running fine for 2 months out of sudden it will not boot up only showing red light.

      Sent Arrow multiple messages through the website and I did not get any follow up.

      No more Arrow for me again I guess.

      • What was the date under the QR code, 21/05 ?

        Hoping it was a bad batch of regulators that got into that RasPi batch and subsequent batches are OK …

  • +1

    Ordered one off arrow recently for <AUD$48 delivered.
    Arrived sooner than my Element 14 order i'd ordered the day before.
    Weird considering the Element 14 order was local and the Pi came from the US

    • +1

      "In stock" at E14 often means within their network in the UK / US / SG. When ordering always check for "available for next day delivery" to see if they have it locally else you'll be waiting 1week+.

    • Yes, you also won't be charged GST from Arrow, while Element 14 prices will have GST added to them.

  • +1

    Can someone point me to a cheap/but safe power adapter for this also?

    • Just use a quality power usb charger from mobile phones which can deliver 2A… it works for me. I have been using LG and Asus ones they all fine.

      • +2

        If you plan to have peripherals hanging off it then you should use a quality 2.5A rated PSU as recommended for the RasPi 3 or later.

        I've got my RasPi 1B and 2B plugged into a Tronsmart 5 port desktop charger.

        • Cheers I am only using them for pi-hole and octoprint so no peripherals attached. Turn off wifi even saved some power requirements and consumption too.

          • +2

            @siuol: Got Transmission, SABnzbd, and other generic downloaders running on the 1B.
            The 2B is running Kerberos, (for security camera), WebDL, and a streaming video recorder.

            Trying to get a lot of this low-power requirement stuff off my 24/7 MiniITX PC so I can shut it down most of the time.

            • @4wd: Cheers for the WebDL, gonna try tonight.

            • @4wd: Hey cool idea! What are you using for the cameras themselves?

              I've been looking at getting the Arlo but it's soooo pricey that I am considering doing a similar build to yours with Kerberos.

              • @b-t: Only running one camera atm, just an external, generic network ONVIF cam - only the 720p, didn't have the 960p when I bought it.
                I've also got an Escam Q6 lying around, (another cheap generic cam), that I'll try to get working as a dual cam setup - need to do some reading.

                Might end up having to run multiple docker containers, one for each cam.

                • @4wd: What? You can run Docker on RPi now? Lol

                  • @b-t: For about 2 years you've been able to.

                    Problem is Kerberos isn't geared towards multiple cameras unless you pony up for their Kerberos Cloud.
                    Without it you're left with media from separate cameras all being clumped together in the one directory.

                    Since I've got multiple RasPi's I can run a camera on each if I have to.

    • If you don't have a spare USB charger as suggested by siuol then you can get the Raspberry Pi power supply from RS Components for $13.81 delivered. Possibly also from element14 for $13.20 extra if bought with the Pi, but element14 site is down for me at the moment so can't check.
      +1 for wanting a safe power adaptor!

    • If you're not running USB powered devices, especially hdds, from them then really anything 1A+ will be fine. 2A to be sure, so pretty much any semi-recent phone charger.

      If you do want to run a 2.5" HDD from one then having a decent, short, power cable seems to be as important as a good 2A+ wall wart from my experience.

    • I had several 12V power bricks around; I've been using one of these to step down to 5V.

      Paired with a beefier 12V PSU (say 3A, so ~36W of power) and you can get enough juice to run the Pi & an external HDD from a single power source, vs multiple wall-warts. You will just need a power splitter USB cable for any drives.

  • any deals on the zero w?

  • Getting random access denied errors :(

    • +1

      Clear your browser cache/history, disable any adblockers, try again.

      I had to end up using Edge before I could get it to work correctly.

  • Cheaper standard price at RS components.


    • +6

      That's ex GST

  • Do you guys think the complete kit is worth it for $93?

    It’s in the same link as well.

    • No, not to me.

      • Curious as to why not?

        • +1

          Includes a lot of things that not everyone will need.

          MicroSD Card + Reader - can be obtained pretty cheaply and personally I prefer USB boot.
          Case - I prefer to print my own or not use a case
          Power supply - I already have a lot of USB chargers I could use and if not they can be bought pretty cheap.

          I might want the power supply (if it is the official one) but then I would buy that and the Pi separately.

  • Has their website crashed?
    I'm getting a "Access Denied"

  • Offer extended to 31st December 2018 by popular demand!

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