expired Free 2Degrees New Zealand SIM, Good for Receiving Calls/Texts While in NZ (Free Shipping Globally)


I found this website that sends out free 2Degrees SIMs mentioned on Whirlpool.

If you are travelling to NZ with friends (sorry JV), then you can save some money by only buying one SIM for the designated navigator/team leader and having them call whoever is lost/separated from the group. Receiving calls in NZ is free, so not having any credit is fine for the travelling companions without a sense of direction (Telstra, Optus and Vodafone prepaid roaming will charge you $1/min to take the call in NZ). Combine this with offline maps from maps.me or HERE maps and you have enough to survive in NZ (it is an English Kiwi speaking country, after all).

Save some money, only buy one SIM, load offline maps and enjoy NZ.

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