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Shimano Sienna HD Combo - $79 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ BCF


For those who have asked for a decent starter fishing combo in the past, this is the one I referred to. It comes up for this price a couple of times a year.

I have three of these sets before the HD suffix was added. The only difference I noted was the colour change. Used over 30 times with sub-optimal cleaning and maintanance. Just started showing signs of seizing.

Comes bundled with a graphite rod. It's the typical Shimano OEM so not much info on them. Nothing special. They have changed the rod specs but the old one was decent for the price. Prone to cracking at the ferrule if high sticked (just don't do that with any rod and it's a non issue).

I paired the 2-4kg rod with the 2000 size reel. With nylon, great for whiting.

$79 ex delivery. Pickup available in store.

Normally $149.

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BCF - Boating, Camping, Fishing
BCF - Boating, Camping, Fishing

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  • I'm looking for a cheap surf rod for Christmas camping.
    Would it be better than this on from big W?

    • yes much better

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      Better yes. But better suited for your purpose? Not so sure.

      The longest I see in those Shimano combos is 9 foot. Not really a surf rod…

      • I have a few Shimano 15ft rods.

        Super terrible. Thinking of cutting them and adding a sharpened storage hook from Bunnings to the end and use it as a gaff.

    • It's worth considering what kind of fish you're chasing and how well you can cast. Personally I use a 12 footer in the surf and would not use anything less because I often try to throw out pilchards with reasonable sized sinkers and I can get a better cast distance on a 12foot than say, a 9foot road.

      As above if you're targeting whiting nearer to the shore you really typically don't need to blast big baits out far so this might be perfect for you. A friend of mine swears by these reels and he fishes every week, he loves how they perform for the money and reckon you can't beat them.

      I'm no fishing expert but have fished beaches on and off for 10 years, for me personally I would want a 12 footer for the surf.


      • I can cast better with a 10ft vs 12ft and beyond but I still go 12-13ft in the surf because I need that extra length to manuevre the weed and rocks.

        • Yep it's absolutely personal preference I guess. I have a mate that hates using his 12 footer and uses a 10 instead. I'm over 6 foot and he's quite a bit shorter so maybe that might have something to do with it.


          • @bogrolls: I get more successful strikes on 7ft rods but it doesn't matter when I keep losing the fish on snags and rocky bust offs.

            If you're fishing clear beaches and ideal conditions, anything works.

            Tight lines.

      • I can cast fine. I went to Fraser and used a little boat rod in the surf because that's all I had (only time fishing in the surf). It wasn't the most pleasant experience but caught a few nice tailors. Once the wind picked up that was all over because I was getting hammered in the surf and the beach was too busy.
        I'm heading up between hawks nest and seal rocks somewhere and I honestly don't know what the conditions will be like but I think it might be best to get a longer rod, I can still use my smaller one closer to the shore if needed.

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    My dad always said that fishing is 10% brains, 95% muscle, and the rest is good luck.

    • Still early days in my fishing career, but I'd put it at 50% luck, 30% local knowledge and 20% having the right gear with you (hook sizes, rigs, baits, lures).

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    Nice price for a nice combo. Reel is smooth as.

  • No idea if the "seinna hd" product is any different than what was offered previously, but the sienna combo at bcf has been priced as low as 59 before.

    • I doubt the HD is any different. There's no mention of it anywhere and neither is it in the Shimano catalogue. It is probably another OEM by BCF to prevent price matching but still retain the Sienna name to retain old customers during sales.

  • Hi! I'm new to Australia and keen to learn how to fishing. which size of rod can you recommend for freshwater fishing or fishing at Jetty as I don't have boat?


    • Best to check fishing forums. It's different even within the same state. I fish a few spots in Victoria and at my usual spot, I use a 6-8kg rod paired to 4000 reel because I may be targetting whiting and end up with a big snapper (yeah, it's WP).

      Then there's places I know it's just whiting and occasional sharks, I'd go 2-4kg. If it is a shark, I just cut the line ASAP to not waste line.

      • Thanks OP! Will check forums !
        Have a good day

        • Good luck.

  • I can only select the 7'6" combo?

    • Try selecting the length before the weight rating.

      Some lengths only go with some weights, vice versa.

      Ps. No issue for me.

  • Anyone know if this come spooled with line?

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      You don't want it prespoooled anyway.

      If it comes prespoooled with braid, it is terrible braid.

      If it comes spooled with nylon, the nylon retains shape if left on the spool untouched for too long.

      • i have this problem with nylon i bought from amazon. any idea how to 'straighten' it out. it's freakin terrible.

        • Use a clamp and put leather to pad the contact. Clamp the line and pull through with about a third of the lines rated tension, ie 10kg line, about 3kg of tension.

          The heat and tension will straighten it out slightly.

          Crap mono deforms too quickly so I either go super crap to last me a few trips out, or I go good and despool it at the end of season to store without tension.

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