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Samsung 65" Q9 QLED 4K TV QA65Q9FAMWXXY $2,999 + Delivery @ David Jones


Here is a run out sale on Samsung 65" Q9F TV at David Jones.


TV to the power of Q
Discover the next innovation in TV and see colour in a whole new light with our Q9 QLED TV. Ground-breaking Quantum Dot technology delivers 100% colour volume, and with elegant design and clever connectivity, QLED TV pairs seamless style with stunning picture.

Perfect colour
Certified 100% colour volume and more than a billion shades from Quantum Dot technology, for images with perfect colour and mesmerising realism.

Incredible brightness and contrast
Twice as bright as previous Samsung Quantum Dot TV models and with extremely low light reflectivity, Q9 can deliver clear images with impeccable contrast in almost any lighting environment.

Superb detail with HDR 2000
High Dynamic Range screens help reveal the director's original vision, so you don't miss out on details hidden in dark shadows or whitewashed by brightness. Enjoy the latest 4K Blu-ray¿ movies, stream box-sets and game on in incredible HDR.

Make every seat a great seat
From the middle of the couch to the corner chair, QLED TV's expanded viewing angles help colours appear bright and accurate from just about any seat.

Clear Cable Connection
Create a minimalist, streamlined living space when you connect devices with a single discreet cable. The thin optical cable helps reduce visible wiring and lets you place entertainment sources when they fit and look best.

Easy wall hanging
Achieve a sleek, low profile installation in next to no time, with QLED TV held snug to the wall by the No Gap Wall-Mount.

Boundless 360º Design, with metal back
With a near-bezeless, real-metal design and clever cable management built into the stand, QLED TV looks gorgeous from front to back, whether mounted on the wall or sitting atop a stand.

Now, that's Smart!
Find favourite entertainment in the one place, with streaming services, TV and your connected devices collected at the Smart Hub. Select and enjoy right away, or watch thumbnail previews before diving in.

One replaces many
Simplify your entertainment with the Premium One Remote, and control connected compatible devices with a single handset. QLED TV automatically displays device names too, so setup and source selection can be a snap.

Well connected
Keep your focus on great pictures - not messy cables - when you plug entertainment sources into the One Connect box and not the back of your TV.

Key Features

  • 65"" Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) QLED Display
  • QLED Quantum Dot Technology
  • High Dynamic Range 2000
  • Clear Cable Connection
  • Smart Hub
  • Quad core processor
  • 4 x HDMI
  • 3 x USB

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David Jones
David Jones

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  • +1

    Who will buy this instead of OLED?

    • +1

      When I was looking and comparing this to the LG C8, it appears that Samsung is more bright and the colours more saturated. So those with a bright space and not so concerned about colour accuracy would be my guess.

      • +1 I did heaps of research before pulling the trigger on Q8FN. Samsung does have brighter colours, an effective game mode and it does not suffer from the "black crush" issue which is experienced in OLEDs. Not to mention the "burn in" issue with OLEDs.

        In any case, to each their own. Buy a TV which suits your needs the best!

        • +1

          same here with the research. I too defaulted to OLED until I saw the comparisons. QLED is more suitable for living rooms where there are light sources for most of the time while OLEDs are the champions in a home theater setup (dark rooms)

  • +2

    Very good price I think

    • +2

      Perhaps not, if this is 2007 model

      • you're right. It does seem like it's the 2017 model. The 2018 model is Q9FN.

  • That's a very good price for the series 9 unit.

    There's not much difference compared to the series 8 as I have my heart set of either model depending on price and availability.

  • Not a fan of Samsung TVs but its the only model i would consider buying given its a FALD set and therefore better blacks

  • Is this last year's model?
    JB have the Q7 for about the same price as part of black friday. I've got the 2018 Q7 and it's an awesome TV.

  • Q9FAM is the 2017 model, so seems a bit pricey

  • Oh okay then if its the 2017 model it wouldn't be FALD…Sony 9000f or OLED are a better option

  • Definitely last year's model. This year's Q9 at DJs is $4,700.

  • +2

    WARNING - DO NOT BUY. Major defects. Vertical banding, Sound muffled (like being underwater), dead pixels (single and clusters). Save your money and buy the 2018 version. It resolved all manufacturing and design issues.

  • -1

    Hahahah Samsung trying to fob of last year's models at 2018 OLED prices! And the mainstream consumers will fall for the Samsung marketing muscle at the cost of an inferior overpriced TV. And for anyone saying that OLED isn't bright enough for living rooms need to get their eyes checked - I have one both in my living room and in my dedicated media room and the wow factor is their regardless of the room and plenty bright. The picture just pops that no other LCD can ever hope to replicate. Samsung TVs also have some of the highest failure rates out of all of the premium brands. Don't fall for Samsung's QLED marketing crap and go in stores and actually see for yourself the difference. If you really want to get everything out of HDR and Dolby Vision (which Samsung TV's don't support), then do yourself a favour and get an OLED.

  • Anyone got this?

    Genuine review?

    • I had 4 brand new replacements over 8 months. I advise against getting it, but that’s up to you.

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