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Black Friday TV Sale: Sony 70" TV 4K HDR KD70X8300F $2249.98 (Was $2799.98) + More @ Costco (Membership Required)


Costco hardly ever puts it's final sale price on the catalogue which is so annoying. Was in there today and noted these down.


  • Panasonic 55" TV 4K HDR 55FX600A - $929.99 (Was $1179.99)
  • Panasonic 55" TV 4K OLED 55FZ950U - $1749 (Was $2399)
  • Panasonic 65" TV 4K OLED 65FZ950U - $3499.99 (Was $3999.99)


  • Sony 55" TV 4K HDR KD55X7500F - $999.99 (Was $1279.99)
  • Sony 60" TV 4K HDR KD60X8300F - $1349.99 (Was 1649.99)
  • Sony 65" TV 4K HDR KD65X7500F - $1349.99 (Was 1749.99)
  • Sony 70" TV 4K HDR KD70X8300F - $2249.98 (Was $2799.98)
  • Sony 75" TV 4K HDR KD75X8500F - $3249.99 (Was $3649.99)


  • Samsung 55" TV HDR10+ QLED QA55Q6FNAWXXY - $1379.99 (Was $1879.99)
  • Samsung 55" TV 4K HDR UA55NU7100 - $1049.99 (Was $1229.99)
  • Samsung 75" TV 4K HDR UA75NU7100 - $2449.99 (Was 2849.99)
  • Samsung 75" TV 4K HDR UA75NU8000 - $3249.99 (Was $3949.99)
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2018

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    Thanks for the hard work!

  • Wow that oled price

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    Anyone has Sony 65" KD65X7500F and would be kind to share their opinion?

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      would be keen to know too.

    • I bought the 55" version a few weeks back and very happy with it so far. Android TV works great with my phone and Google Home. Picture quality is very nice and the interface is pretty decent. If you pick one up, I would suggest going into the settings and disable/turn off some of the apps as there is a bit of clutter on the Home page with everything installed. But other than that, very happy.

      • Bought the 55" version too. Great TV so far. Bought it because it was one of the few who ran android. I installed Kodi on it.

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      If you're looking to watch any 4K HDR content it's nothing special. But if you haven't had a 4K TV before obviously the clarity is great. You need to get the higher end models as the brightness is the same as standard TV's thats been around for years. Although the colours are good. It's an IPS panel so poor brightness and contrast including grey blacks. I would wait for a special on the 9 series if you're after a Sony, which uses VA panels. Otherwise the Hisense P7 has local dimming and is the best of the mid range TV's. Only get the top brands if it's a high end model. There's not too much difference between mid range models. Rather get the one that's cheaper.

      • Thanks this is very helpful. So in your opinion the Hisensd P7 is better than this model Sony?

        I was thinking of getting the P7 previously but thought it’s better to hold out on a branded tv instead.

        What do you think is best in the $1500-$2000 region 65 inch?

        • Yes as it has a VA panel with local dimming so you get better blacks as it shuts off pixels that aren't needed. If you can find the X9000F for a good price get it instead but otherwise P7 is by far the best value

    • I have the 55" X9000E. Agree with @seanfoite about the clutter although it's not a huge deal. Also agree with @Monstalova that you might want to look for a Series 9 over the 7. Maybe go compare them at Harvey Norman etc, by doing so I was able to confirm that I was happy not to go the next model up for the difference in price.

      • You can turn off recommendations in the menu which does a lot to help out on the visual clutter. Also makes it much quicker to access the home screen.

        • Yep I did this a while ago and the home screen is much faster. The home screen is probably my most hated aspect, and that's how you access the settings menu.

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    Great work mate.

  • Panasonic OLED 55fz950u Vs LG 55 oled c8?

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      This may help answer your question, depending on what you're looking for.

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        Thank you very much!

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    do you know the final price of Sony sound bar, thanks

  • That seems like the best price I've seen for the 55" Pana OLED.

    • picture quality is superb. just saw 1

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    Thanks for the post champ

  • Nice work with the Costco pricing!

    Could dedicate a team to Costco pricing in here, would have more OzBargaining going on, with 1 membership even!?

  • Tassie doesn't have Costco :(

    Is this possible to price match?

    • +1

      Most retailers will say no, citing the membership aspect.

      • I see. Thank you

  • I recommend Samsung 55Q6. It is about $60 cheaper than TGG eBay 20%-OFFdeal.

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    Upvoted you for doing the hard work. Those Costco emails are annoying with no actual prices. Thank you.

  • cmon Costco, open your Perth warehouse already!

    Any idea when is the completion date?

  • What can people suggest for a 55" General viewing from the above. Budget is around $1000.. What I can see in the budget are

    LG 55UK6540PTD
    Samsung UA55NU7100
    Samsung UA55MU7000
    Panasonic TH-55FX600A
    Sony KD-55X7500F
    Samsung QA55Q6FNAWXXY (stretching)
    Hisense 55P7

    • Although I haven’t seen the price on it yet the 55NU8000 is probably your best bet. It’s the cheapest proper HDR TV on the market.

      • it's probably going to be $1300-$1400.. Any options from above?

        • It was about $1200 at Costco.

          • @tp0: 55NU8000 is $1295 at Costco. Great TV

  • You didnt happen to note down the TCL prices did you OP? thanks anyway

    • +1

      There’s a tcl 55 p6us for $679
      70 c4us for $1599
      65 C6us for $1699

    • +1

      Actually I think the C6us tcl was full price when I was there at $1699
      The attachment says 350 off so I’m guessing it’s $1350

      That is a bargain

      • With eBay's PYIPPEE Code on Binglee store, model TCL 65C6US would cost $1220.60 + $40.00 for delivery, but only till midnight today.

  • +2

    In all honesty, if you have a full HD tv and do not need to upgrade, it's not worth doing so. There is barely any decent 4k content out there, most of it is upscaled fluff.

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    If you’re after a new TV you MUST watch this.


    It’s a UK HDTVTEST video, model numbers might be different with some, but it’ll help with your decision making.

  • Any idea of the final prices on Samsung q7 55 and 65?

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    Cant find any reviews on sony70x8300f
    Any thoughts on this tv and price?

    • Don't bother. Only good Sony TV's are in the 9 series range. The Samsung Q range and Sony 9 series are the only good LED TV's in Australia at the moment (Although the Hisense P9 is up there too) The others are fine but you're basically paying extra for no reason compared to others. Samsung N8000, higher end TCL is decent but depending on price. Wouldn't look at too many others as they use IPS panels which is good for looking at from different angles but much worse picture quality. Basically you get what you pay for…

  • I was there a few days ago
    The 65 tcl C6us was the best display of the sub $2k units

    Just looked amazing, better than the Sony 65x7500f

    But then they had a different video playing which was annoying. Still, respect to that tcl
    Not sure how they compare spec wise …

  • +1

    LEDs 2018
    Anything <X9000F not recommended (no local dimming, except for 85x8500f)

    NU8000 (best quality budget model for gaming and etc refresh rate)

    QLEDs 2018
    dunno (Might as well get OLEDs)

    OLEDs 2018
    Panasonic (no comparison - best colour accuracy colour reproduction out of the box, except it doesn't have Dolby Vision)
    LG (has the largest OLED i believe)
    SONY (Best screen/picture for smooth/seamlessly experience)

    All this info I learned from Vincent Teoh the TV reviewer and professional calibrator. lol

    • +1

      Don’t forget to visit Crompton and Moore 😀

  • +1

    Anyone knows if the Costco membership owner needs to be present to purchase the item ?

    • +3

      Yes, as he/she needs to pay for it
      photo ID unless you are the twin

    • +1

      you can get a $60 membership, buy the item, then cancel the membership for a full refund.

      however the warranty terms are better if you have continuous membership. I assume Australian consumer law requires them to give you some warranty even without membership. but members warranty is great.

      also I believe if you cancel your membership you cannot get another membership for 6+ months. I think if you do, you'll be paying from when you cancelled / let it expire.

      • Thanks for that guys
        Wouldn't the warranty be directly under Samsung and not by Costco?
        E.g. if the TV breaks down I will be getting Samsung to get it repaired instead of going back to Costco.
        Though I'm intending to keep the membership for a year, however I think the TV warranty is actually for 3 years (correct me if I'm wrong)

        • It’s like a bonus warranty, 3rd party warranty type of thing.

          Part of your membership fees cover the extended warranty

  • Anyone knows the price for Samsung NU8000 55"?

    • 55NU8000 is $1295 at Costco.

  • +1

    Don't need a new TV right now, but have an upvote for your efforts by going to Costco and getting the prices for the OzB community!

  • How much is the Dyson V7 after the $230 discount? As there's another deal with DJ posted as well?

  • Very nice work my friend.
    That TCL 50 inch for $679… wow!. Even 4K monitors costs lot more than that, but then again it's to do with refresh rate and all that non-sense.

    By the way, because of that TCL TV, I am now without a home theatre. I wanted to buy it and wife didn't, ended up having a huge argument right in costco and walked off empty handed and in mad rage threw out the whole home theatre setup once I got home.

    • Curious as to why you chose the home theatre to throw out?
      Gimme an address so I can go through your trash :)

      The tv looked good in store but they had some stupid ninja turtle game running - seemed a poor demo for the quality

      At that price the size is almost worth giving up but the 65 C6us looked so damn good

      • Well! I only threw it out to garage. Not going to throw out collection of my speakers. :)

        That TV was going in Theatre room and thats caused the arguments.

  • How much is the sony soundbar?

  • can someone post up some receipts or pictures of the prices?
    Panasonic 55-FZ950

  • Are there any way to check if the store still has stock before proceeding with signing up for the membership?

    • You can get a refund on your membership at any time

  • whats the chances of JB or any other retailer price matching?

    • what's the benefit of price matching? JB or other retailer wont give you warranty like Coscto gives on item

      • +1

        Looks like costco has had a change of heart on their generous warranty.
        Suspect it has been abused the hell out of.

  • what about KD65X8500F? Are these selling at Costco part of this offer?

  • So who's had a look? What's the stock level look like for Panasonic OLED? Thinking of checking out Epping tonight.

  • +2

    Just went to TGG at Alexandria. Asked them (kindly) to price match the Panasonic 55" OLED FZ950 based on this OZB post, they matched it and threw in free delivery. Final price $1,750. OLED FTW.

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