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Fitbit Ace $89 (Save $40) @ Big W ($84.50 @ Officeworks Pricebeat)


Didn't find any link if submitted before by someone else so submitting this good deal. Starts Thursday. A great Christmas present for young kids.

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Also available in Purple

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  • I'm looking for a wristband for my 10yo daughter. This Fitbit Ace looks nice, but then I found a big problem: it's not swimming pool friendly

  • I ended up getting the mi band 3 for my 9yr old

    • Its for my 7 year old, girl, if it doesn't come in purple, its not an option. haha

    • Does the band fit or did you get a kids sized band? My 6yo wants a fitness band and I’m not willing to pay the price for a vivofit jr as he’ll destroy it within days so was looking at the Xiaomi

      • My daughter used to have an original Vivofit when she was 8. It came with two bands (large and small), and the smaller one fit her wrist.

    • My wife has concern with not being able to turn off Bluetooth on Mi bands.
      Another issue with Mi band is after some time, the watch could get popped out of the band unexpectedly (I got that problem with Mi band 2)

      • Do any of them let you turn off Bluetooth? I've had a few different types over the years and never been aware of that being an option, but that might just be my ignorance.

        • I haven't had much experience with bands: one Garmin Vivosmart HR+, one Garmin Vivofit, one Mi band, and one Mi band 2. Both of the Garmin ones have the option to turn Bluetooth off. Neither of the Mi bands has.

          • @Averell: Thanks Averell. I used to have a Vivofit and never realised that I could turn Bluetooth off. Now that I know that it's an option, it's something I'm going to look out for.

  • Damn I paid full price for this and it is currently in transit from Big W