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Amazon Echo Plus with Alexa (Black) (Gen 1) and Bonus Philips Hue Bulb (Bayonet) $99 @ JB Hi-Fi


Even though this is Gen 1, it's a pretty good price with the free bulb.

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  • You need the Philips Hue Bridge for the dimming to work though.

    No you do not need the Hue Bridge. The Echo Plus has built-in Zigbee.

    • Really? I'm not familiar as I just quoted from the description in the JB advertisement: *Dimming function requires a Philips Hue bridge
      Connect your Philips Hue lights with the bridge to control your lights from your smart phone or tablet via the Philips Hue app.

      I will remove it from my description.

      • Just be careful never remove the Hue Bulb from your Alexa account once it is paired because it does not remove the pairing from the bulb. You will not be able to re-pair the bulb until you reset it with a Hue Dimmer Switch or a Hue Bridge + App. Source: Bitter personal experience.

        • Thanks mate.

          • @beetlebum: Not entirely accurate. There are three ways to reset a Hue bulb without a hub;

            1. Use a Hue dimmer, or Lutron LZL-4B zigbee light link dimmer. Start by leaving the bulb off for 30 seconds, then;
              a. Hold the dimmer within about 10cm of the bulb
              b. Hold down both button 1 and 4 (On and Off) on the dimmer
              c. Release when the bulb starts blinking (10-15 seconds)
              d. Bulb should stop blinking and return to full brightness indicating reset success
            2. Pair the bulb via serial number in the Alexa app;
              a. this was done through the "help & support" menu until recently, but I believe it's done via the "add a device" menu in the smart home tab now. Should be an option to feed in the serial number.
              b. Only works within the first couple of minutes of the bulb being turned on, and may take multiple attempts.
            3. Power cycle reset. Start by leaving the bulb off for 30 seconds, then;
              a. Turn the bulb on for 3-5 seconds
              b. Turn the bulb off for 3-5 seconds
              c. Repeat this on/off cycle 5 times in total
              d. Leave the bulb on after the final cycle. It should blink once to indicate pairing has been reset.

            If re-paired via method 2, you should be good to go. With either of the other two methods, you'll need to re-pair the bulb after the reset.
            Method 2 may require the bulb to be very physically close (less than a couple meters, typically) to the Echo Plus.

            ZigBee Light Link is a bit finicky, but once it's set up it tends to keep working. That said, I'd highly recommend picking up the proper Hue hub, it adds way more functionality and it's really, really slick.

            • @negaston: Can you please tell me where method 3 comes from as I cannot find any reference to it on the web? I have tried it just now with the Hue bulb that came with my Echo Plus and it did not work. In fact, this video from c|net explicitly said the Philips Hue Bulb cannot be manually reset using the power cycle method.

              I cannot find where to input the serial number in method 2 in the Alexa App. It simply cannot find the previously paired Hue bulb and gave up. Can you show me a slideshow or video on how it is done please?

              • @alvian: Finally found the reset screen in the Alexa App for method 2.

                1. Open Alexa App (I used Android version on a smartphone running Oreo)
                2. Tap Devices on bottom row
                3. Tap + in top right corner
                4. Tap Add Device
                5. Tap ? in top right corner
                6. Scroll to bottom and tap here in Access pairing instruction for common Zigbee devices here
                7. Scroll down to tap RESET PHILIPS HUE LIGHT
                8. Enter serial number and tap CONTINUE
                9. Make sure the Hue light is on and tap IT'S ON

                Where did you find out about the power cycling method (3). After multiple attempts it still did not work on my Hue light.

      • You can control dimming now, but with the color-enabled bulbs you don't get color control without the Hue bridge at last check. The disclaimer on JB's page is out of date, when initially released the 1st-gen Echo Plus only had on/off control for ZigBee LL bulbs, but it's gained dimming since and the Gen2 always had support.

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