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Cyber Weekend 40% off @ Under Armour Australia


Credit to user CabraLB

Who got the hot tip/leak that UA are again doing 40% off on Cyber Monday as per last year.
So you may want to disregard previous deal and wait Monday!

Pair with AmEx Statement Credit: Under Armour Australia - Spend $100 or More, Get $25 Back to save even more.

Don't forget increased 11% Cashback with ShopBack

EDIT Looks like UA has decided to make it a CYBER WEEKEND Sale instead

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2018

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  • Cashback tab only seems to state 6.5%, and the supersized cashback seems to end when this starts. Also is it stackable with this code or only the 30% one?

    • If you click the Cashback link on Shopback site it says UA will end on 26th 11:59PM.

      • Fair enough, says 11% now as well.

  • Thanks op

  • Glad I didnt call for their 30%

  • Anyone in need of amex offer let me know. Happy to help. 25% off $100.

  • I received a 40% targeted Cyber Monday code yesterday. Check your email if you are a subscriber.

    • +1, wondering if this will stack..

  • I didn't know about the amex deal, but they had 40% off the other week!

    I wanna do an order from ASOS tho and it's only 20%< yet was 30% last week too!

  • this has started now

  • +1

    Got 2 duffles at $24 each and then stacked with the 11% cashback via Shopback this is a steal!

    Also got hubby a UA tee -

    Worth checking out given it also includes their outlet section too and with free returns I couldn't resist.

  • +1

    I said I wouldn't buy much because i bought a heap last year, but 40% + AMEX + Shopback 11% = dam

    I expect at least half will be returned as I won't like the material or style, i love free returns! (extends to 100 days over xmas)

    • i stuck with CR, but yep
      40% off ended up being a $102 order, less CR, less Amex makes for some cheap UA t shirts

  • +1

    They don't have any of the Steph Curry men's basketball shoes on their site.

    • Men's UA SC 3ZER0 II Basketball Shoes
      $170.00 AUD (4 colours)

      Men's UA Curry 4 Slides
      $70.00 AUD

    • You can try the 30% off on the Currys at Rebel

  • +1

    I don't even think I've used the underwear from last years 40% off sale but may as well stock up. The quality is fantastic, they last ages before the stitching on them eventually goes.

    • Best underwear around. I'm stocking up too.

    • Same have two pairs of shoes in the wardrobe bnib.

  • Thanks OP, purchased 4 shorts and a shirt for $75 after Amex. probably around $70 after CB.

    • which shorts?

      • 4 different types, they were all around 30-40 pre discount.

    • AMEX cashback offer is not eligible if using third party link ie CR so did you get the AMEX refund? I'm about to place an order but not sure if I should do it via CR.

      • +1

        By third party it means amex payments via PayPal. You'd be fine using cash rewards as long as you pay directly from your card.

        • Thanks Hallaj!!!

        • "No it will not work as it will be processed through another payment portal.
          It needs to be processed through the merchants portal." I just got a reply from AMEX. Oh well.

          • +2

            @jk1234: Trust me it will work. I did that and got amex confirmation mail.
            Cash rewards->under Armour website ->pay using amex card

  • Nice, grabbed some undies!

  • +5

    Overpriced spandex

  • Love uae great gear . only time i would buy it tho . till next year ;)

  • I got the Small Duffle Bag, Extra Small Duffle Bag, pair of shorts, and 2 shirts for $108 - $25 AMEX - 11% Shopback

  • I already bought, but definitely keen again consider amex offer.
    Basically 40% off plus another 25% plus cash rewards. Definitely jumping in again.

  • Split shipping Adelaide anyone? I only need the duffle bag

    • Which are you looking at? All the bags seem to be $100-150 other than a few and Janert mentioned

      I'm in Adelaide

  • I wonder how small the extra small is vs the small? $10 difference

    UA Hustle 3.0 Backpack is actually more expensive than both.

    • 37lt vs 42lt

      • I guess they're tiny? Small is probably better
        I don't need 2, I have other duffle bags.

        Gotta control spending hahah

        • They’re both pretty big for a gym/ trainer duffle bag.

          Xtra small suits me. Otherwises it’ll just be too bulky to keep on me & carry around.

          • @stickymoo: I have no idea sizing wise, which is comparable to a standard backpack?

            I do want a small one just for gym aka towel, drink bottle etc

            • @Adelv: I have a 25ltr Patagonia that can easily fit in shoes, spare clothes, sports towel, bottle, keys, phone & wallet etc plus some knick-knacks.

              So the 37ltr will be plenty

              • +1

                @stickymoo: Thanks, I bought both. I figured a mate would take one off me or at worse as someone else mentioned I'll return

      • Extra small is $1.08 a ltr the small is $1.19 a ltr

        One of the few times the smaller capacity is cheaper


    • Got both extra small and small. Only need it for gym but I'm sure both will come in handy at some point. cheap enough not to pass up

  • Cheers OP! Had the Amex offer, $70 after $105 spend is pretty good.

  • Hows the sizing on the females (getting some pants for the misses)

    • +12

      don't ever let the missus wear the pants, stay strong brother

    • +1

      If it’s leggings. Always go a size smaller.

      You will thank me later

    • +4

      Buy both and return the one that doesn't fit.

      • +1

        I bought both anyways haha
        But you're right, my issue is I'm really back at doing returns and end up with huge amounts of unwanted clothes :/

        • exactly my issue as well! swapzies?

      • +1

        exactly what my wife did, they don't do size swaps only returns so you will miss out on the deal if they are wrong size

        • Good plan, we will do the same!

  • Thanks OP and whoever.

  • +1

    Xsmall duffle bag $24
    Locker III slides $18 x2
    Blk tech short sleeves $15 x2
    SnapBack cap $18

    $25 back from Amex + 6% cr

    Now I can dress the part when I go to a cafe

  • anyone know if u can pay with afterpay and still get Shopback credit ?

    • +1

      Payment method won't invalidate your Shopback credit. Otherwise Shopback would tell you not to use afterpay - remember, shopback only makes money when you make money.

  • Is anyone else having problem when trying to 'save to card' on Amex website?

  • Thanks OP. Stocked up on socks. Love the UA socks.

  • AMEX cashback offer is not eligible if using third party link ie CR so did anyone get the AMEX refund?

    • How soon is it supposed to show? How will Amex know we used CR? I used the card instead of After Pay just to be super sure.

    • It works, I got the $25 credit showing up on my Amex account

  • Thanks OP but I’m only seeing 6.5% CB for ShopBack.

    Ok I think the 11% offer ended.

  • Thanks OP! I purchased a pair of shoes last night (26/11/11) and received the 11% Shopback refund and AMEX refund confirmation emails!

  • Hm anyone know how long delivery takes? Ordered 3 days ago and order is still being processed

    • Same here. Ordered 3 days ago, status is still not shipped

      • Probably swamped with orders. Generally if not busy its 1-2 business days for metro areas (in my experience).

    • I thought I’d check on here if anyone else has delivery issues. My order is still processing also!! I spoke to customer service on Wednesday as I’m leaving overseas tomorrow and needed my order asap. They advised they would ship it that day…. haha yeah right still waiting!!

    • Mines also processing.

      Was hoping to get the bball shoes for this Saturday o well next week hopefully

    • As expected, they said it was due to volume from the sale, but they are able to escalate your order if you give them a call, not sure if that'll make much difference but they said it would be "pulled out of the queue to be sent out"

    • Just checked mine today, still processing. Hopefully I can receive them before christmas as most of them are gifts. Lol & smh

  • Ordered Sunday morning, still processing today (Friday afternoon)

    It is a pretty big order I guess

  • Still waiting for mine, pretty small order of 4 items.

  • Got a shopping notification this morning.

    • still waiting.

      is it with austpost?

  • +1

    Still processing (3 shirts).

  • +1

    Ordered 26/11 and still processing.. looks like im not the only one waiting

    • Just received an email tonight, order has been shipped!

      • same

      • ironically after posting this within an hour or so i got the confirmation email for shipment :)

      • Woo! same here, email came through a few hours ago :)

        • .. and delivered already.

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