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$59 Foxtel Now Box (Save $40)


As part of a Black Friday promotion, Foxtel has reduced the price of the Foxtel Now box to $59 instead of the usual $99. Considering this has Chromecast and access to the Google Play store built-in, it might be a handy pickup if you're looking for an 'all-in-box' box for your TV

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2018

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    Hmm wonder if the Kayo app will work on this…

    • Wondering the same thing.

    • AFAIK, they haven't released an android tv app yet but I was able to cast to the VF TV fine so this shouldn't have an issue.

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        Casting Kayo to my VTV worked fine for about 20-30 mins then it would completely freeze up and have to restart both the VTV and my iPad to be able to get it to cast again. Not exactly the most pleasant experience to be honest :-/ Hopefully they release the native app for it soon.

        • I messaged them late on the day they released the Android phone app asking if a tv app was coming. I was surprised that they replied at around 10pm saying that the Android TV native app is on the way. IIRC they said coming soon, so fingers crossed!

    • I was able to cast Kayo to the FNB, so once they release the Android TV app, there is every chance that it will work.

  • Will Kodi work on it?

    • Has google play so i assume it would

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        Some branded ROM block certain apps.

    • No, but SPMC (Kodi fork) will work.

      • Thanks.

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        The guy developing SPMC has jumped ship and is working on the MrMC project now. Looking at the forks on Github, doesn't look like anyone has really picked up where Koying left off yet. MrMC isn't free, so I guess someone will.

      • SPMC is abandoned. The developer has join MrMC.

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    Is this similar to the Vodafone TV? How does this compare?

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      Interested to know as well. Vodafone TV is excellent in my opinion.

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      Both are manufactured by same company

      I would go for the voda TV though. More user friendly

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      Reason why VF TV is better than the foxtel now box:

      • Better remote (dedicated live tv and netflix button)
      • Native android tv OS
      • Easy to sideload Foxtel Now apk if required.
      • Digital TV tuner

      I have both and the VFTV is just better.

      • Haven't heard of this one before but might be a good fit for what I'm looking for. I see it's got chromecast built in so you can obviously push from device to tv but looking at the interface, it has apps inbuilt so you can open them directly without the need to cast them via another device? If that's the case, I can see Netflix and iview, is it also possible to do Stan and the SBS one as well?

        Looking to get the parents something which they can control from a remote, chromecast works perfectly for me however if I can get it working off a remote then that would be easier for them to adapt.

        And does it also have an aerial for doing FTA or it's purely for SmartTV?

    • Surprised that no-one has mentioned that this has no Netflix support, not even through Chromecast functionality.

      Edit: Just saw No Child Support's comment below. Can sideload apparently.

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    For an extra $13, Vodafone TV is better:

    Netflix is disabled on the Foxtel Now Box (unless you go to the trouble of sideloading it)

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      I have both, and would go for the VTV as the FNB interface is clunky, and they restrict certain apps, plus you can load the Foxtel Now APK on to the VTV:!PaJQELqY!dg3wVzOFIybj6an5Yeq7PA

  • Does anyone know how the hardware compares between this and the $72 Vodafone TV box?

  • No dvb t connection. Voda tv is better.

    • It does have a tuner, but it does not work with Live Channels, only through the Foxtel guide / interface, and the integration Is terrible

      • Live Channels works fine

        • That's the first I've heard of anyone getting it to work - the best I could do is a few SD channels come through, but everything else is either audio only or just a black screen.

          Same thing happens when trying to use the HDHomerun through either Live Channels or the HDHomerun app on the FNB.

  • Does Foxtel (considering inbuilt chromecast) work fine with Google Home or Alexa?

  • Voda TV is good just watched Black Panther 4K on Kodi very good also hooked up the the free to air TV aerial
    Better than my Sony smart TV

  • If I have Android TV built in - is there any sense in acquiring something like this?

    • No IMHO

  • so no need to foxtel via satellite anymore? is that the consensus? does it play just the same on big tv as it would via regular foxtel?

    • Yes, but you need the bandwidth to ensure you can do what you need to do. Depends on the speed of your connection and what other people in your house will be doing on it while you're streaming Foxtel.

    • You can't record on Foxtel Now is another difference.

    • Foxtel via satellite is 1080i50 (plus a 4K channel), Foxtel Now is 720p50 (although Kayo seems to be 1080p50 so Foxtel Now might be upgraded soon too).

  • Is the 4K content available only via net and not via sat?

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      The other way around. Foxtel 4K channel is satellite only. Other 4K content will work on this but no Netflix support at all on this box.

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