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Sapphire RX 580 Nitro+ 8GB Special Edition $299 Delivered @ DeviceDeal


Looks like this is one of Device Deals Black Friday specials with shipping waived for orders over $200. Deal ends Midnight tonight.

This is the cheapest price for this highly regarded card at the moment in Oz.

Edit - Sellers Product Title is a bit misleading. Theres a Limited Edition (OC Extreme) and Special Edition. SKU ID matches Special edition, which is same as in picture (light blue card)

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2018

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      This one I'd call is the flagship 580 and it's $299 as well. Free shipping on this site too brings the prices fairly even to your other 2 links.


      Only thing is that I've never heard of "Device Deal" and I wouldn't be sure on how reliable they are unless others have had experience with them.


        IIRC devicedeal is present on ebay and quite reliable


        Device Deal are okay, they are local and some deals have been posted here already. Asus has always been $299 regularly @ Device Deal but this time it comes with free shipping. Previously the Sapphire was $339 for previous specials.


      Gigabyte = loud. Sapphire has biggest heatsink and everyone favours this card.


    So there is no "super oc extreme" edition on Sapphire website. Is this the limited edition? If so, I wonder why the name change

    EDIT: Looks like it is the Special edition


      yep I get you, they seemed to combined limited & special edition product name. SKU ID matches Special Edition. Updated deal to reflect this


    Anyone know how to edit cart on mobile?

    EDIT: Done. Select item quantity to 0 and then update the changes


    Great deal for one of the best RX 580 cards out there according to many. Cool and quiet, while not being too huge. Great premium build quality too from what I've heard.

    With the 3 free games and postage too, you could likely sell the games if you want and get $80+ back (assuming $40 for AC and $20ea for the other two). Bearing in mind this seems to include the older 3 free games offer not the newer choose 2 of 3 games with other RX 580's, or all 3 of the newer games with RX 590's.

    Nice work OP :)


      Just got the card delivered today. Can confirm the game code is for all 3 games. Are the games any good ? I have to admit I only play 1 game seriously World of Warships and maybe a once off game for Cold Waters.


        I'm assuming you got the 3 older games then? Mine is still in the post. I am kinda interested in trying out Assassins Creed but not so much the other two. You might like them though, I can't say as I haven't played them yet but they do not interest me much from watching trailers/gameplay. I may sell on the keys to put into other games I'm more interested in playing right now.

        How is the card running? Any initial comments on performance, noise, etc?

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