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DVD Rental Vouchers (50c Weeklies, $1.95 New Releases, 3 Free Weeklies with any New Release)


Most video stores have a policy where you can use vouchers from any competitor; so even if you are interstate, these vouchers are an absolute bargain (IMO) when you use them at a store that accepts competitor's vouchers (this store is in Morley WA).
They were mailed in black and white and on plain paper, so it shouldn't be a problem if you print them out to use them.

Vouchers Are for:
$1.95 New releases
50c Weeklies
2 for 1 Videos
3 Free weeklies with any New Release
Hire 1 New release and get another New Release for $1.00
15 Minutes free internet

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    does video ezy do price match for rentals?


    New releases are $1 at my local video store


    I think they do-
    "What are the terms and conditions of the Price Guarantee offer?
    ‘You’ll buy our Price Guarantee title for the cheapest price in Australia or we’ll beat any lower advertised price by $1.’ "

    from here- http://www.videoezy.com.au/FAQ.aspx


    Video Ezy price match will vary from store to store. Generally speaking they only price match from local competitors through.
    @Gamgo, Price Guarantee is only for retail dvd purchase.


      And a lot of the stores don't participate in the retail price match, hint no sign of the price guarantee sign in store.


    My local video store (Home Pics Video) all new release DVD's Mon - Thu $1 & Fri - Sun $2. For the past 5yrs this has been every day prices.