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ADATA Ultimate SU650 2.5" 480GB SATA SSD $56.49 Delivered @ Newegg


I'll see your mx500 for $70.10 delivered and raise you this Adata 480gb for $56.49 delivered.

$ vs gb i think this is the winrar.

This is also a close second, a 512gb ssd silicon power for ~$62 delivered. An extra 32gb for roughly $5.50 more.


Your move, ozbargain.

Original $30 Off $75 Minimum Spend On Newegg Deal post

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2018

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    MX500 effective speed +60% over SU650.

    Speed rank MX500: 138/967, SU650: 538/967.

    Your move megafacehead.

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      Never said it was faster.

      I said it was better value vs size. Which it is.


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        You win this round because you did say "$ vs GB".

        I counter with this: I can sell you a dead drive for $0. Best value in "$ vs GB".

        Second punch: Value for money should take into consideration price, size, durability, and performance.

        Model Price Size Warranty Performance
        MX500 $70.10 (+24%) 500GB (+4%) 5 years (+67%) +60%
        SU650 $56.49 480GB 3 years -
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          That mx500 is a great price, and i nearly pulled the trigger on it but this is just so cheap it boggles the mind.

          $1 AUD for 8.49gb. (please correct me if that math is wrong because it still seems too cheap)

          (if we really want to squeeze, i think cashrewards has 1% cashback for newegg, so it would push it to ~$1 AUD for 8.58gb)

          Is this the cheapest dollars vs gigs an ssd has been? It even smashes those 480gb ramsta drives which routinely pop up for ~$70 delivered.

          • dabs on your mx500 $1 AUD for 7.3gb *
          • @megafacehead: Coupon code is not listed on Cashrewards, so cashback is unlikely.

            • @alvian: Well ain't that a kick in the nads.

              I really wanted to beat that 8.49 gb ratio and get it nice and neat above 8.50.

              Technically it is $1 AUD for 8.497079129049389 gb. Am i allowed to round that to 8.50?

              (I already know the answer. No )

        • alvian, it may somewhat depends on what people want to do with the SSD. I do agree that generally MX500 is probably a safer buy.

          Per gig price is an acceptable matrix for decision making. I do use SSDs as portable hard drives (those ones, I tend to use ones with good $/gig ratio - pretty much all of them are slower than SU650 - one of them being the awfully slow BX200). Cheap SSDs are a viable alternative to USB flash drives (which are often slower, more expensive and even less reliable).

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            @netsurfer: megafacehead and I were just having a bit of fun. Please don't take us too seriously.

            Here is something you should consider seriously though. This SU650 is a DRAM-less SSD. The DRAM cache alone in the MX500 is worth the $15.61 premium in my opinion. One is an entry-level SSD, the other is a top-tier (AHCI) SSD.

            • @alvian: Personally, I am not a fan of TLC SSDs. DRAM cache, sure, it is good, but honestly, it hides the ugly true speed of TLC NAND flash. Too often, people don't care about sustained writes. I guess TLC SSDs really need the cache.

              I still try my best to keep my systems' primary SSDs MLC. I do have to settle for TLC SSDs for large size SSDs (cost). Problem is, for large file transfer, you get to experience the ugly side of TLC SSDs when the cache runs out (and the true NAND speed kicks in).

              This deal benefits more from the neweggs voucher (rather than the deal itself being good).

              • @netsurfer: You are confusing between the DRAM cache and the SLC cache. The SLC cache is simply a portion of the TLC flash working in SLC mode. All TLC SSDs would use this technique to help hide their true slow write speed. DRAM cache is used by the Flash Translation Layer to hold and update the logical block map. A DRAM-less SSD will have to hold the map in the NAND flash storage, every write operation will require an additional write to the NAND, and this additional write must be completed before the next write op can begin. Random write suffers badly on a such an SSD.

                With DRAM cache, the SSD will write data into the SLC cache as fast as it could and update the map in DRAM. The updated map can be written back to NAND when the SSD is idle.

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    only place I've seen this catty before is the women in parliament …

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      ?? no hostility here mate, just bringing the bantz :)

      • i know, was just surprised how quick the come backs were LOL.

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      We are just having fun in between bargain hunting.

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    Wow.. is this a new low for $/GB of SSD?

  • Got 1 thank OP :)

  • I am getting different figures- $58 AData/$63.50 Silicon Power.

    Ah, I get it.

    • Is it because of paying in US# versus AUD$?

  • Got 1. Thanks

  • Will this work in a basic 2010 Asus laptop?

  • +1

    ADATA - not exactly in the top tier of most trusted SSD brands.

    • What's wrong with them?

      • Not saying there's anything wrong with them

        • Then I don't see the point of bringing that up in the first place……

          • @DisabledUser94873: The point is, you get what you pay for. The slower speeds mentioned earlier for instance. And now that I think about it, I had an ADATA USB drive that started getting flakey after a few months. And judging from some of the online reviews on this drive, reliability isn't as good as the more established manufacturers.

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    OMG bought the Kingston one for $100 less than a month ago

  • How do I change payment to US Dollars? It insists on charging me in AUD.

    • Is it cheaper in USD?

    • Just pay it in AUD. The price will be changed by the system.

    • In the end, I got the Silicon Power 512GB version. Happy to pay $5 more for 32GB.

  • Thanks OP ,
    Got one

  • Got 1. Thanks. I am looking at the difference $58 vs $56.49 too. Figure out that just go to the payment process and the price is changed!

  • +2

    11.7cents per Gb. a new record

  • Why is it so cheap? Is it because of this brand?

  • Got 1 thanks

  • Bought one, thanks

  • Bought one
    Great Price for ssd for an old laptop
    Thanks OP

  • Your move, ozbargain.

    Haha more like RektBargain

  • Code no longer working, for me at least.

    • Works again but you've only got 45 minutes to order as the code expires at 18.30 Adelaide time.

  • thanks OP, got 1 just in time before it expired. I think deal is over now.

    • 12 midnight PST time 25th, so 16 hours left

  • 1 x (AUD$81.00) ADATA Ultimate SU650 2.5" 480GB SATA III 3D NAND Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) ASU650SS-480GT-R


    Subtotal: AUD$51.00
    Tax: AUD$6.60
    Shipping and Handling: AUD$0.00
    Total Amount: AUD$57.60

    how come i have to pay $57.6? can i get $57.6-$56.49=$1.11 refund?

  • Silicon Power cost me $58.70 delivered to VIC

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