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Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Vacuum Cleaner $290.95 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Cyber Monday deal on Amazon AU. RRP $599.

  • Outcleans the leading rental carpet cleaner for professional-grade results
  • Cleans on the forward and backward pass for reduced cleaning time
  • Dries faster than the leading competitive rental carpet cleaners

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  • Anyone used one?

    • I have the smaller spot cleaner and really good. Everything I've heard is these are really decent. I only have carpet in bedrooms so can't justify this but if I did have carpet elsewhere would be a definite purchase - I figure that this price costs about what a pro steam clean would.

      • I have the rooms, hall & lounge room in dire need of a clean. I was about to call up to get them professionally done.

        But maybe this is a better option & I can clean them when ever I want

        • Bought one 2 years ago for around $500 when we moved into a new house.. Excellent investment..
          At $290 its a bargain.. I have used the rug doctor in the past.. This is equally as good if not better. Carpets usually dry within a day

    • Yeah…we bought one in August, and paid substantially more for the "Pet" version of this. I'm not quite sure what the difference is, though the whole roller cover comes off on the Pet, whereas I don't think it does that on this one. Otherwise, they look pretty close.

      We've hired Britex for years, and then switched to hiring Rug Doctor. I actually just used the Bissell Proheat on Saturday to freshen up our carpets (medium nylon pile). It seems to do as good a job as the big commercial machines as far as I can tell, and we're pretty happy with the results. It probably doesn't have the suction power of the Britex or Rug Doctor, though if you take it slowly it will still get a lot of the water back out of the carpet. The return water looks about as dirty as it did with the commercials.

      You'll be filing and emptying it more regularly than a big commercial machine. It carries about 3.7l of water/solution, whereas the rentals take around 9l.

      Certainly not as solid as the commercial machines - but they are big $$$ to buy in Australia. Really, we're pretty happy with it, and I'm stoked not to have to collect an return a rental machine every 6 - 12 months. Time will tell how robust it is, but we're trying to look after it and flush and clean it after use.

    • This is an excellent price btw.

  • I bought one early this year. Works really well. Is a lot lighter and easier to manoeuvre than the rug doctor machines. And having it at home means I am more inclined to clean the carpets every few months than going and hiring one, or getting someone in to do it.

    There is a confusing amount of cleaning solutions, but in the end they are likely all pretty much the same.

    Great price. I think I paid $450.

    • That's about what we paid for ours too.

      I should also mention, there's no way we could have stored one of the commercial machines in our house had we bought one…the ProHeat is more like an upright vacuum cleaner, and fits in the wardrobe in our spare room.

      I'm surprised that Amazon still has them in stock.

  • Any one know the best deal on the cleaning product/shampoo etc that goes with this? Just bought one!

  • I'm in the market for one of these but missed out. That'll teach me to take my eyes off OzB for too long!

  • Thanks Op, bought one, don't know why but i bought it. Probably it was last one :-)

  • anybody who bought this and dont want it…happy to purchase it from you… i am in melbourne

  • Can anybody send me the tax invoice so I can price match it at other store

  • Great deal, if anyone here see anything similar please post it here, can't wait to upgrade…