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Lenovo Star Wars Jedi Challenges AR Headset $69 (RRP $399) @ JB Hi-Fi


Was just googling this product and am pretty surprised to see it for so cheap. It's normally $399. Harvey Norman have it for $199 on their website right now. $69 is a steal.

Update: this got removed from their website as it got "ozbargained" however it is still $69 in store

Update 2: back online. Confirmed not a pricing error.

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  • Wait. It needs a phone? Do it’s a glorified Google Cardboard?

    • Didn't realise it was on the phone, I thought it was on the TV, I swear I saw someone use it like that before, and you have to swipe certain directions, but the video doesn't look like that :(. Ah well, just happy to get my first light saber haha.

  • got excited but non of the 4 phones in the house are supported :(

  • More supported phones from HN site

    Currently Validated Phones: iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, Samsung Galaxy S7, Google Pixel XL, Google Pixel, Moto Z2 Force Edition, LG G6

    No note 8 tho :(

  • So keen on this but my phone (s9 plus) is not supported :(

  • I remember reading it works on some phones not listed like S8+ so worth further googling

  • Miight be okay for a kids christmas present. From the video it sounds like you just need the right adapter & it reflects from the screen onto your actual location

    Good video review on it.

  • Also Harvey Norman are giving these away with any Windows PC purchase over $500

  • Did people spend $399 on this shit. I wouldn't call it shit if its RRP was under $129.

    But 400 for that is a rip off.

  • $70 is still a bit pricey =/
    theres only like 4 games on it

  • For those interested not supported by the latest generation (XS, XS Max, XR) of iPhones (currently).


    Also this comment from August (presumably before the iPhone X was supported)

    "I was very wrong. I have a new IPHONE X and the lightsaber does not want to connect to my phone regardless of what I do so I ask my brother for his IPHONE and it connects within 2 seconds. (which is agitating as his phone is older, and have read reviews that they have fixed them to work)"

    Has anyone purchased this and tried it on a newer iPhone?

  • I didnt reealise that at 399 this required a phone, thought it was an all in one unit. I figured it was expensive back then as the price is approaching a ps4 pro but it's actually absurdly expensive, 69 is probably fair though.

  • +8 votes

    Can I use this to watch vr porn afterwards?

    • No, it's designed to use your phone to project a transparent hologram style image, so other vr content won't work.

  • Don't waste your money, this is a plastic box with no significant electronics and a nice looking lightsabre hilt. It's vaguely entertaining for about 15 minutes, but k not something I'd spend money on if you're interested in vr. The fact that they could even suggest a RRP that high is a joke. The only person I'd recommend this to is a hardcore star wars fan, and even then you'd be better off picking up a vr headset and beat sabre.

    • I want that saber hilt. :(

    • It does have dual motion tracking cameras, so not just a passive headset. Better value in other headsets at full price though, at this price its probably worth a look?

  • Even $70 is expensive for what it is. It's just a basic AR game. Get any other phone based VR/AR headset. They're cheap and you can do a lot more with them like watch 3D movies etc.

  • Thanks OP. I have wanted to get one of these for someone for ages. Used a gift card from Prezee I had been holding onto purchase. Probably made their christmas.

    • To be honest the main reason i want this is because of the full size lightsaber hilt. Normally these Lone can be $200 plus. So yes, a star wars fan will love this

  • It uses your battery up like crazy. So have a charger nearby. I got mine for free but I would pay $70 for a second one as you can duel someone else that has one

  • Been waiting for this to drop. Thanks op has good reviews and they have done some decent updates

  • Link Is 404…Had In The Basket For 40 Minutes, Wouldn't Check out.

    Possible Pricing Error As Stock Appeared Plentiful For C&C

  • Anyone got a screen shot or invoice showing $69?

    I was just about to buy it and the site page has disappeared. I’m going to pop into my local JB Hi-Fi this morning to see if I can pick one up. Anyone have a screen shot or invoice showing the $69 price in case they don’t want to sell it to me for $69?

    Thanks in advance if you do.

    • I do, took a screen shot using my phone last night.

    • Let me know how you go as I am about to do the same. Hope they honor the price!

      • Will do. Let me know how you go too. As I’m in QLD so stores aren’t open for another hour.

        • Managed to get one in store while it was still $69. Even the staff were surprised it was that low. How did you go?

          • @AlterCheapo: I went to my local store and it was ticketed at $399, asked the guy about it but he knew nothing and thought I was crazy. He got a guy with a pricing machine and it scanned up at $69, they were both shocked. I told him I would take one. When he went to get it they were out of stock. He looked up the next closest store who had 12 in stock. I rang them and got them to put one aside for me.

            When I got there to get it the guy scanned it in and said that’ll be $399, I said no it’s $69. He said $369? I said no $69. After he went off and spoke to a few people and came back he said it’s $399 on all the scanners and pricing machines and website, but because it was $69 when I rang and the guy I spoke to confirmed it with the manager they ended up doing it for $69 for me.

            My partner is giving it to me for Christmas, so have to wait a few weeks before I use it. Looks pretty good though.

            • @Poss81: Sounds like you went on a bit of a mission but glad it worked out. I pretty much rang up all the jbs within a 10k radius to confirm which ones had it in stock and confirmed the price before I went there. Some staff were shocked at the $69 price as well but my encounter wasn’t as difficult as yours sounded. Seems to be a lot of confusion with this item and JB seems to still be figuring out what to do about the price. My ones coming from Santa and will be a good gift to fill the Xmas tree. Hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor during the Xmas break!

    • I have to collect mine still. Personal details and store name removed. Unsure if it will help. Happy to post the proper receipt once collected


  • Checked so many reviews, 5 hours later had enough and purchased. Did notice though that on the US website it is on sale for $50USD. So maybe coming down in price permanently

  • I just got confirmation sms and email that my order is ready to be picked up, so the deal must be legit? Ie: not a price error

    • I’m just about to head down to JB, would love the screen shot or invoice confirming the $69 price.

  • Looks like JB just pulled it, prob a price error I guess

  • man I come to work and I am half an hour late to this deal and its no longer there.

  • Got one from jbhifi btown

  • I ordered two this morning online - managed to collect

  • so: this got removed from their website as it got "ozbargained" however it is still $69 in store

  • I’m getting a 404 when I go to the link. Unable to find it when I search for it on their site as well.

  • I'm not sure why I bought this. Considering immediately refunding it when I go to collect.

  • Just went to my local JB and informed me that 69 is the correct price at the moment. They also said they will be getting more stock in the next couple of weeks. They were not sure if the new stock will be same price, but if you pre-order today you can get it at the same price of $69.

    • I rang one store up and was told that they had many website orders packaged up at that price for click-and-collects, but price now showing at $399 for them.

      However I managed to talk them into selling me a resealed (previously opened) one for $69. Happy with that.

      So for anyone still wanting this it's worth enquiring, but YMMV.

      • Which one did you go to? I went to the one is Holmesglen in Victoria and they let me pre order one for $69 today at 11:30am. They also had a returned one and offered it for 65 dollars.

        I guess you have to go into store to order it.

        Also for anyone in Melbourne, they said that the Brighton store is the one to go to since they have plenty in stock!

        • Forest Hill VIC - I'm going to collect it after work today.

          BTW I don't think their live stock levels at most stores are going to be accurate after the flurry of orders they received overnight!

  • Damn I love this site and thanks Op! Just picked it up and the packaging is huge for $70 lol. I passed this few times but at this price was insta buy. Can't wait to try it out!

    • All the people trying to flog theirs for $150 on ebay must be so mad right now

      • Yeah I can imagine. The hilt alone is worth $70 as it a solid build. And the rest some generic vr headset and that round beacon thing. Only a super hardcore SW fan would pay over $200 for this. Lurking in ozb on a daily basis paid off.

  • Rang my local JB who said it was scanning at $399.
    Said that there must be something happening with these units though as there is a huge order coming in and stores are being sent 60-70 plus each. Not something that they sell a lot of at $399 so must be a price drop/sale.

  • Price online shows $399 for me

  • The package alone is probably worth 70.. and follow the phone compatibility list dont ret to force anything else especially note 8 the bay itself isn't made to fit one …

  • Back up to $399 in store and online. I managed to get mine for $69 only because I rang up and had it put aside for me while it was still scanning at $69. They really didn’t want to do the $69 price though! Used my discounted JB vouchers too to save even more!

  • Tried JB Hornsby. They wont honor it but willing to sell at at $200 or buy aLenovo laptop. Stay away from this scammers.

  • $399 = $69 these days? “Confirmed not a pricing error”. You might not be correct about that seeing as it’s back to $399. Well that was fun…..

  • Got a delivery tracking number!

  • Pre ordered 2 @ $69 each. Store has stock on order x 70 units arriving in few weeks. They make $350 profit when selling them at $399 each
    Gona be the favourite uncle this Xmas

  • Na bro, pre ordered at 3pm this arvo
    Some staff are awesome but most are shit, just roll the dice and hope for someone who knows what the F they are doing
    Just wait, once the stores all get their stock it’s gona be chaos

  • It's listed $99 now. Geez wtf.
    Should I jump the gun?

  • ok so i went to pick up my order this afternoon, heres how my story goes:

    last night when i found this deal for $69 i paid via paypal and chose to pickup in store. all good no problems there. when i got to work this morning i told a colleague about the deal and he wanted one too, but by then it was gone from the website. so i called up the store and asked if they had any in stock (they did) and if they could also put one aside for me, ill pay for it when i come to collect the other one. sure thing.

    wwent to the store, picked up the first one no problems. when it came to payment for the 2nd one, it scanned as $399. i told them it was $69 when i paid last night. the lady behind the counter did some beep booping on the computer, and the price was now $99… i said again, it was $69 last night and showed them my confirmation email. this time she made a quick phone call to someone, and then yes, confirmed the price is $69. even she said it was a bit strange with all the different prices, but eventually we got there

    because i had the original $69 product + receipt in front of me, this obviously made it easier for me to get the 2nd one for $69 and not $399. however i understand how it might be a bit difficult if you just rock up now and try to explain that it is $69 not $399

    as others have said, they appear to be getting more stock soon and who knows it might revert back to $69

    btw the girls behind the counter were fine about the whole thing, no attitude at all, so it probably pays to be nice + also some luck to get a nice cashier and not someone whos having a bad day

    • Any chance you can post an image of the receipt/confirmation? I want this, but would rather pay $69

  • My order has been posted. I am a huge Star Wars fan and have been eyeing this off for a while

  • I will wait for $69

  • LOL 404 Page Not Found
    Keep an eye guys, it might come back with $69 :)

  • I can confirm that it works perfectly with Galaxy S9 Plus also. (both HW & SW)
    During setup, message popped up saying it found a device profile for my phone.
    Then it automatically calibrated the screen size to fit. Works great.

  • Its back online att $99 both JB and HN. Can confirm it works with an S8+ but its a bloody tight fit and it stuffed my screen protector in corner. Otherwise it's an interesting toy, bit of a gimmick but ill get $69 worth of value from it.

    • Yeah it was priced that much couple days ago. Didn't bother to C&C (or visit store for price matching) as they are a bit far from me, so I ordered online. Now can't see any stock in Sydney within 50km.

  • My local store mentioned this was a price error. Still getting the item.

  • Back to $69 & in stock everywhere in few NSW stores. Fark me!

    Edit: can I return mine?

  • So glad I didn't buy for $99 a few days ago - It would have been an impulse buy. Going to get it for $69 now :D

    There is stock near me in Vic!

    • when i posted this deal, the price online changed every few hours from $399 to $69 to $99 to $399 etc it was a bit hard to keep up. just wait until it goes back to $69 and then pay + click and collect

      not sure if a mod can remove the 'expired' status

    • Don't remind me about impulse buying (FOMO) lol.

      I ordered another one & will try to return the $99 ver. Worst case, I'll get them price match but I would ended up having 2 unit. Then it will be Gumtree time lol.