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[Switch] Super Mario Party Joy-Con Bundle $129 @ Big W


Good Price for Mario Party with 2x Joycons. Cheapest I've seen it since the Amazon $129.35 deal.

Pity there's no cashback. Though this isn't a bad alternative for those of us who missed out

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  • No cashback is ok, because I am sure Amazon with match BigW tomorrow :)

  • Is this the only way to get a green joycon?

    New to the switch

    • You can get the joycons alone (i.e., without the game) for ~$109-125, so I would recommend this bundle as you get decent priced game for just a little bit extra. Even if you don't want it, you can sell it off to make the purchase a bit nicer for the wallet.

      Note that the joycons you can buy separately are the opposite to the ones shown here (the left joycons is green and the right one is pink, not like in the bundle)

      • It's a shame this bundle isn't packaged with Mario Kart instead, Mario Party hasn't been reviewing that well… the series probably peaked with Mario Party 2 unfortunately.

        I managed to pick up two pro controllers for less than this bundle over the weekend, much better way to get to four players for me. The pro controllers are great too, I might even get another two if the deals keep coming.

        • But party only support joy cons if anyone wants to play

        • I’ve been playing Mario party at my friends place. Loving it.
          Hard to say that the game is balanced… so competitive people might be annoyed by RNG… but otherwise minigame design is great fun and the game is great fun with good friends

          • @pronoun: Re the minigames: how many actually rely on things you can only do with a joycon and are they actually any good?

            I watched some gameplay last night and the only thing I saw that needed a joycon was fake hi-fiving after a 1 vs 3 minigame…

            • @diamondd: Well, you can only use joycons - so all of them! :)

              If you mean, how many REALLY do need joycons (from a technical perspective), not sure. There are a lot that would certainly be awkward and much less comfortable with a regular controller. But technically, as long as the controller has motion controls, they all could be possible to play with any controller. Even the hi-fiving would be totally possible with a Pro controller.

              Personally, I'd say the joycon requirement is appropriate - I wouldn't want to use a Pro Controller for a lot of the minigames anyway.

              Also, I second everything that pronoun said above - it's a fun party game, but heavily RNG based, so very annoying for competitive people! (How can I win pretty much every minigame and still lose!!!!) :P

              • @caprimulgus: You could even use a PS4 controller with the 8bitdo receiver deal from yesterday.

                • @serpserpserp: Not 100% sure, but I believe the 8BitDo receiver acts as a Pro Controller (it represents itself to the Switch as a Pro Controller). I know that is what the Mayflash adapter does, and also 8BitDo's actual controllers, so I assume the 8BitDo receiver is the same.

                  If that is the case, you won't be able to use the adapter with Mario Party - it's joycon only (doesn't support Pro Controller).

              • @caprimulgus: thanks for the info.

                kind of supports my feelings that its a pretty arbitrary restriction though… I bought two pro controllers because they're excellent and along with the two included joy-cons gets me to 4 players on most other games. Still an odd choice by Nintendo IMO, hope it doesn't become a norm.

                • @diamondd: I would recommend getting a second pair of joycons anyway. This gives you 4-player with joycons for Mario Party, as well as 4 player with a “full” controller each using 2 pro controllers and 2 joycon pairs (a more even playing field, and some games require a full controller. Eg. Nine Parchments).

                  It may also allow 6 player on some games!

        • Yes it could do with more than 4 boards, hopefully DLC on the way but as a party game with friends its immense fun. Really a return to form after 9 & 10 suuuucked. I'm really enjoying it everytime I play it!

      • Hmmm, I feel like Right Joycon will be used more often than a left one so I guess this bundle is for me.

    • They do offer "Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Pair - Neon Green + Pink".

      Just note that the colours are alternate on the Super Mario Part Bundle.

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    Bit odd that they bundle the Splatoon Joy-Cons with Mario.

  • Got this from amazon deal. Kind of wish they had just green only, lol i dont like my pink one…

  • Don’t forget Cashrewards have 5% off big w (Woolworths) gift cards.

  • Hey op any other switch game deals in that catalogue? Cant find a link for that catalogue.

  • Picked this up at JB on Moday for $129 price match to Amazon when they had their pre order up on Amazon.

    • That seems like something jb would not do. Why would they price match an old price?

      • You take a screenshot of the old price and show them that you preordered when price is valid or preordered earlier.

  • The colour mix for this bundle in the US was what I wanted with the green and yellow.

    Still annoyed that they released this 2 months after game launch. We knew it was coming but why delay it so I bought the game seperately?

  • I ended up just buying a pair of joy cons for ~$85 after cashback on Amazon. I kinda regret not waiting for this, but at the end of the day Mario Party has limited playability. I think we played it on the Wii a few times when we had friends around but it gets boring after a while once you've played through all the mini games.

    • New mini games are quite good.
      If the bundle comes around the $100 mark. I’m In!

    • Mario party is a lot of fun 4 players and with kids. But if it is a bunch of adult gamers playing it, yeah it won't last longer than a month.

  • I am looking for the case that holds the complete set (including the switch, dock etc) that Target had.

  • Is the game a physical copy?

  • Is anyone else having issues with the joy con's not standing up to much use very well? My son is having issues with his and as a result I'm interested in this deal as its about the best value I can find for replacements. They just don't seem very durable or well made. We've never had this type of issue with previous nintendo consoles.

  • Argh just got these at jb HiFi two days ago with the $10 jb voucher deal. I guess I can live with $139 price.

  • Thank you good sir. Price matched at EB.

  • Amazon sent mine today, $20 Maccas voucher came in handy.

  • anyone having access to the staff discount and you have a smashing deal.

  • Amazon has it for $169.95 currently, unless the price was the same earlier? 2 left in stock, so may be better to price match or get at Big W.

  • Thanks OP. Matched at JB on the way home.

  • Do you think this will sell out quickly?

  • great deal for a game + joy con, ordered one this morning. thx OP

  • Big W in my area was out of stock but the EB games 2 stores down priced match this. good find. cheers!

  • No mention of it on shelves at Big W Southland - but asked staff and they grabbed one from a big box lying behind the counter. Thanks OP!

  • Thanks OP, bought one from Eastland Big W, might have been last copy there.

  • Thanks OP! I just pricematched at EB games in Adelaide

  • Damn going to have to return mine. One of the joy cons in my bundle has very mushy R & ZR buttons. Could probably get away with it, but with how expensive joy cons are I don't find it acceptable.

    Anyone know what returns at Big w is like? Seems like it's out of stock everywhere so they can't give me a replacement and can only refund me.
    Can I wait until they get more stock in?