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[OzB's 12 Birthday] Further 12% off 73 Sale Products @ Wireless-1 (ASUS GeForce RTX2080 $1099, 512GB Ext SSD $99, H30 H/S $69)


Happy 12th Birthday OzBargain! Some great prices here from our friends at Wireless-1. Apply code OZBG12 to reduce all listed sale prices on the landing page by a further 12%. Enjoy :)

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    Gee TA your working overtime.

  • +26 votes

    Happy 12th Birthday OzBargain

    For he has a really tight arse,

    For he has a really tight arse,

    For he has a really tight arse,

    And so say all of arse.

    Happy Birthday, everyone.

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    Sitting tight for the OzBargain 100 year celebration.


    This great:) but kinda holding out hope that there is deal involving an 8700k by itself or with an Asus board /msi board TA?

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    Holy sh#t!! https://www.wireless1.com.au/adata-emix-h30-gaming-headset-s...
    I bought these at the start of the year for $245 on sale, $69 is dirt cheap haha i bought another 2 pairs, they're great!


      I'm interested in them myself because of the great price, but many reviews are saying that the headphones don't sound that good, the USB sound card and software is terrible and you're better off not using it, etc. I wonder how you find the headphones and sound card?

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    Thanks TA, Bought the ASUS RTX 2080 blower here as it's quite a lot more on Newegg. Luckily I held out for this b'day deal.

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    Rant Alert.

    Just a warning about wireless 1, I just purchased a $650 monitor from them during the ebay 15% off black friday sale, as they offered express courier delivery through ebay+

    They then told me it won't be available until early January, as I used all my Ozbargain paypal gift codes and the 15% off is now over, I have no choice but to wait it out.

    Delivery was suppose to be today, I got a call this morning asking if I still wanted it and that they would now place my order with the supplier which just pissed me off more as it's now delivery day and they haven't even ordered it?

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      There are plenty of horror stories on Whirlpool regarding Wireless1.
      Personally, I've used them once and didn't have an issue, but do note many have.


        I purchased a GoPro 7 during the Black Friday sale and had no issues with them either. Got it delivered in two business days.


      So report them. Or threaten ombudsman for false advertising.
      That's the only way I know how to force these companies to stop this sort of practice.


      Hi Kegsta,

      We apologise about the bad experience you have with us, can you please PM me your order # and we will do our best to resolve it for you.

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    about $50 more but i would get the ASUS GeForce RTX 2080 Dual OC 8GB Graphics Card DUAL-RTX2080-O8G


      Only caveat I would apply to that, is if someone was going to watercool a card. In which case going for the cheapest reference pcb is the better choice.

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