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NanoPresso Portable NS Coffee Maker Bunde $94.95 + $9.95 Flat Rate Shipping @ Alternative Brewing


Use Coffee Grounds or Nespresso Capsules® to make great Espresso anywhere with this small portable coffee maker


Created for travel-hungry espresso lovers, the Wacaco NanoPresso is everything you need to take rich, balanced espresso everywhere you go. Weighing a mere 336g and just over 15 cm tall, this is the most portable espresso maker on the market.

Despite its small size, the NanoPresso packs a punch. You can fit 8 grams of coffee in the portafilter and up to 80 ml of water in the reservoir, giving you the ability to brew single shots. If you’d like to brew doubles, a portafilter adapter is sold separately in the Barista Kit accessory for the Nanopresso.

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  • do they have adapter for them round disc type Nespresso that many workplaces have? not keen on these capsule ones…mainly bc in true ozb style I will only drink the coffee supplied free at work (and they come in those disc packaging). :)

    • Sadly not! I wish, that would be the best haha!

    • +4

      mainly bc in true ozb style I would steal coffee pods from my work if I could use them.

      I think that's what you meant to say. That's why office machines use disc packaging.

  • Wasn't this $50 a few days during the sales over the weekend.

    • Hey!

      That may have been the MiniPresso NS - which is the old version that only does NS capsules.

      This the NanoPresso - latest model and does coffee or pods.

      So in short, no not this one, this is the lowest its been!

      Hope that helps :)

    • I think Wacaco MiniPresso (NS Capsules) is still $50: https://alternativebrewing.com.au/product/minipresso-ns-nesp...

  • -2

    I was about to ask what the power consumption is lol. Then I see its completely manual including having to boil your own water. And I'd like to see someone generate 18 Bar of pressure with this thing lol.

  • What's the difference between that and this: https://www.ebay.com.au/i/264028041934?chn=ps ?

    • The price. The $35 is the barista kit, kinda like am upsize addon

      • ok, but the whole kit is $78 delivered, or am I missing something?

        • This is the $78 body which does ground coffee + the $35 adaptor which allows you to use Nespresso capsules instead.

  • What's the quality like on these things? Considering getting one for a Christmas gift.

    • I rate it, had one about a month now with no issues, seems very well made. Can't comment on the NS Adaptor though, I went with the Barista kit.

    • I dunno about the pod kit that comes with it, but I use the nanopresso every day at home for my coffee, usually I do two a day. Once you get the hang of it, it is a very easy method to get some good coffee. Bonus is that it is also portable, taking it camping etc.

      Although I would spring for the barista kit too, I'm at the point where I am usually doing a two shot coffee now, so I am hoping that this kit is coming to me as a crissy present as it does take a bit of work to do two shots in quick succession.

    • I've got one and I definitely rate it. I took this and a hand grinder on holidays and it is a lifesaver.

      Barista kit is a must have, if only so you can doubleshot.

  • +1

    This or Aerobie Aeropress?

    • Aeropress hands down assuming you're willing to use fresh coffee, proper temps etc

      • +1

        Aeropress if you don't do milk coffee. Otherwise this is a good alternative to a nespresso shot + frothed milk.

    • +2

      I was in this predicament a while ago, in the end I stumbled across a comment that summed it up almost perfectly.

      If you want good/great coffee and would like to experiment with different styles and methods go the Aeropress, if you want espresso go the Nanopresso.

      I ended up with the Nanopresso with a Barista kit, use it daily and am stoked with it, had it about a month now.

      Doing my first camping trip with it this weekend and I think I'm more amped about the thought of good coffee in the sticks than the actual trips itself haha.

  • +2

    I bought one of these over the weekend from AB. Wanted something different for camping as the aeropress wasn't cutting it for portability.

    If you buy the standalone in black and you'll get the EVA case included and then buy the NS adaptor separately. Ads up to $97.40, couple of dollars extra and you get the EVA case included.

    • Looks like the NS adapter has the same sort of metal spacer as the Barista kit, unfortunately the case is so tight that the machine doesn't fit with the adapter ring on.

  • Just to confirm, this bundle doesn’t include the EVA travel case does it? I was crunching the numbers on this kit on Monday and figured it was better value to buy the stand alone press and add the NS adapter since I’d get the case too. Is there any other benefit to the bundle I’m overlooking other than saving $2-3 over buying them separately?

    • See literally the post above you. Just get the black version. The colour version don't come with the case.

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