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MacBook Air 2018 13.3" Core i5 1.6GHz (Dual Core) 8GB/128GB $1664.10 Pick-up or + Delivery (Save $184.90) @ JB Hi-Fi


Available in all colours from JB Hi-Fi.

Officeworks has dropped its price to $1664 Delivered or C&C. The price of $1580.80 (via 5% price beat) is no longer achievable.

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    Ive seen 10% off apple notsbooks regularly but if you get the price match at office works that would be 15% which i havent seen for a curremt model

    Usually officeworks want to see prices not % off for matches.

    Though i must say the new air is a fair price hike over the old …for better screen and extra ram .

    • Like everything Apple…

  • And if your lucky enough, 5% off officeworks gift cards

    • where?

  • +3

    Too late for OfficeWorks. They have adjusted to beat the price by 10 cents.

  • +17

    Officeworks sniffing around ozbargain :(

    • +1

      Probably have set up search alert 🤔

  • Just buy 5% off JB gift card and purchase from them.

    • From where?

      • Entertainment book and through bank/insurance reward programs

    • how long does it take to receive the JB gift card if purchasing via entertainment book? it would suck if you bought about $2000 dollars worth and they sale finished or they ran out of stock.

      Also, i think you can buy david jones gift cards at a 10% discount.

      • -1

        Buy the model you want today at discounted price on credit card. Go back a week later with discounted gift cards and swap the payment type over. It is possible, I've done it before. Just be nice about it because it's a huge waste of everyones time.

      • Apple 10% off macbook happens very often at jb, at least once every month or two months.

        • When JB do 10% off Apple they're selling off display models. The ads will say in the fine print that they have only one of each model. Demo models MUST be at least 5 months old before they're sold, so at best you're going to have 7 months warranty left, and will be getting a used computer. That might well be worth 10% off… but just be aware that this is what's happening.

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    For those thinking about this, in case you are not aware, the macbook pro 2017 without touchbar has better quality retina display and more processimg power while having same dimension. I ended up with that to replace my aging macbook air.

    • I’ve been wondering, but thought the new processor in the air was better?

      • +3

        Nah, check the benchmark comparison, the pro is overall better machine, it has better processor. The only (meaningful) thing the new air has over the pro is slightly better battery life. Which is mainly because it uses weaker processor.

        And keyboard I guess. But I've never had any issue with keyboards…

        • Thanks

        • Don’t you think your aging MacBook Air had a far superior keyboard to the MacBook Pro 2017? I went through the same upgrade as you and love the Pro except for its keyboard.

          • @bozbargain: Yeah you will need to get used to it - it's feels weird this 2017 MBP ones. Luckily I only use this for leisure - ie youtube/shopping, not much typing, so it doesn't really matter for me personally.

          • @bozbargain: The 2018 has a third gen butterfly keyboard and an 8th gen “y” series processor, and the screen is about 300 nits brightness.
            The 2017 MBP without Touch Bar has a second gen butterfly keyboard, a 7th gen “u” series processor, and the screen is about 500 nits brightness.

            So, MBA has better keyboard (apparently less susceptible to dirt). Otherwise the MBP is better all round. It is just annoying the MBP wasnt updated this year with the third gen keyboard and an 8th gen processor like the more expensive MBPs and the MBA.

            • @entropysbane: I haven’t tried the new butterfly keyboard. It might be better than the old gen but I guess I won’t like it either (the main improvements from what I’ve read was to make it more durable, not more comfortable to type on). With the old style keyboards, I can’t remember the last time I entered the wrong unlock password - with my 2017 MBP probably 25% of the time I get an error. I’ve got one uppercase character in my password and I think that’s where the keyboard is letting me down (when typing in a hurry).

      • +6

        Not even close.
        Its essentially the same chip with lesser graphics, no eDRAM and lower power and clock speed. The Air is actually quite a bad buy compared to the 2017 Pro.
        Last time i mentioned this on here someone posted 5 replies to me trying to convince me otherwise while knowing nothing about CPUs.
        Funny how this doesnt happen as much when the same chips are in Windows PCs….lol

        The best value is actually a 2016 TouchBar Macbook Pro 2nd hand. It has a 28watt essentially same CPU with better clocks and graphics again and can be found for less than the 2017 non touch bar.

        -Typed on a 2018 Macbook Pro 15 512GB for $3400 from Officeworks (price match Megabuy)…

      • it is and isnt.

        Its the lower power Y edition, at 7watts and it will give superior battery life over the Pro version.

        Downside is, performance but in the AIR its all about battery life.

        Ive got the 13" MB Pro. But for a new uni student (thats the target market) for the AIR, id buy it or recommend it to my neice for 2019

    • How much was it?

      (Given the Air weighs the same as the 13" Pro its name seems a bit of a misnomer.)

      • I bought it from ebay plus seller, $1849 retail and minus coupons etc, worked out to be around 17% off all up

    • +2

      2018 Macbook Air has physical esc/function keys as welll as a fingerprint reader though. May or may not be a factor in the decision.

      • +1

        im wondering how annoying not having physical esc key is, the fn keys i can live without (hardly used), but when an app crashes and you need to cmd+option+esc, that lack of tactile feedback may increase my anger further.

        what if the touchbar crashes and you need to access esc but can't?

        • I have a 15" MBP with touchbar supplied by work and the escape "button" drives me nuts.

          Something about my typing style means that I brush it in certain circumstances and as a touch is good enough I'm constantly accidentally escaping.

          I really hope they go the same way as the Air with the next round of Pros.

    • Yep, check out on YouTube, thickest point of MBA 2018 is even thicker thank MBP.

      • +1


        Not sure if this is the 2017 MB Pro or not. If so, it's a good price with current PRIZER code.

        • Thanks, ordered one!

          • @Frankcjc: You will like it. Apart from keyboard feel which is different, it's a great machine.

        • That’s a 2017 model which comes the second gen of butterfly keyboard. The current lines of MacBooks are equipped with the third gen of keyboard.

    • +3

      In Australia the price gap is only $50 instead of the $100 US ($150 AUS) which makes the macbook air completely unviable for the reasons listed above. Even at the $150 price gap most people agree that the pro is still the better buy.

      Having said that there's still no way i can recommend the mbp non touchbar either. It's using last years chips and for those who don't know because of the pressure Intel have felt from AMD the 8th gen core chips were much better and contained 4 cores instead of 2. They could update them tomorrow with the newer chips and people would be annoyed.Note i have been using OSX since Jaguar so I'm not anti-apple and understand why people buy them. . The truth is that apples lineup besides their ipad represents shockingly bad value like never before.

      Compare that with the surface pro 6 or surface laptop 2. Microsoft did not redesign them but instead made it a better value proposition. The low end now contain 8gb and the upgraded quad core chips from intel. If the macbook pro had the upgraded chips from intel and was the same price as the surface laptop 2 it would be a toss up for me. Given that the MBP hasn't got the upgraded 2018 chips and costs and extra $400 it's a no brainer.

      • I agree its bad, but not as bad as the worst period. The PowerBook G3 I bought in the nineties was mid range and retailed at $5700.

    • My thoughts exactly so I picked up the MBP 13” 2017 yesterday for $1520

      • great price

      • Where did you buy from?

  • sneaky sneaky officeworks

  • +4

    Jesus Christ how much are the ones with decent storage?

    • probably more than buying an external 2.5" to carry around!

      • I bought expandrive for my Mac. Host large files externally as if they were local using Google drive

        • +2

          yeah cloud solutions are not ideal when internet is slow. especially a problem when travelling.

      • My idea is to hook up an iPad Pro 3 12.9 inch to use as an extra screen and 512GB external HDD and 4G Modem.
        Although I don't know if it would work as well in practice as it does in my mind :P

    • +1

      Probably soldered on SSDs to (profanity) with consumers. This is why i hate apple.

      • +3

        Why downvote? Soldered on SSDs hardly reduce footprint, but limit options for upgrade and data recovery. What if the main motherboard dies but SSD is intact? How will you recover your data without massive effort in desoldering??

  • is it possible to price match from Officeworks over the phone

    • I did last year with an iPhone for my wife; I gave them the URL for the source store with the price to beat, and they approved and set the phone aside for her to collect later that day. It could depend on how helpful the staff member you speak to feels like being, of course!

  • +6

    If you are an apple fan, better off getting a mbp.

    If you are not an apple fan, get a surface pro or any other windows laptop.

    • except the surface pro's are decidedly average.

      • yeah similar pricing and fairly average in apparent build quality and looks

        maybe a HP or lenovo is good and fairly cheap in lower models but the ones with 4k screens are just as expensive.

        you don't get that ability to just take it into an apple store and get it fixed fairly quickly if you have issues either. they typically give a full 3 years under ACL no questions asked, after that - depends on your negotiating skills.

  • they should start making 32GB models and charge ~$700.. lol

    • Yeah its call the 2011 Macbook Air 11 inch

      • My mid 2013 11" is still going strong. I changed the SSD to 512Gb and it cost me $770 brand new in 2013 thanks to ozbargain. No way would I pay this money for a current 128gb Air. I'm inclined to wait for a MBP with better keyboard or possibly the Huawei instead.

        • You can do that? You can swap ssd?

  • +8

    Whoa. Just under $1,700 for a dual core and 128GB storage. Cracking deal, OP.

    • +1

      Can't tell if this is sarcasm or not, but suspecting it is.

  • +2

    128GB storage and 2018 should not be used in one sentence.

    • some people have cluttered minds, house, and live cluttered lives ….some live ordered lives …like those display home interior photos .

    • +1

      Just like the 3 LEGO sets you just blew 3k on in the DJs thread?

      • +1

        Don't be jealous, they might have moniez ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
        (or they might be just trolls)

  • +1

    Bought at 201pm, click and collect approved for collection at 2.04pm. Super fast.

  • Wished the Macbook Pro had that angular shape. Its so much easier to pick up and open an Air. Also makes it feel lighter than what it is.

  • +4

    Also the Air should have been priced entry level. Every kid now needs a laptop to keep up with our curriculums. They could have guaranteed that a bunch of these kids were loyal followers. If Apple goes down, you have marketing to thank.

    • that's arguably what the macbook 12 was for, but it's not cheap either.

      • +2

        I actually don't know why the Macbook 12 continues to exist

        • +1

          they might phase it out or they might keep it as a relatively lower cost to the air. i use it and find it's nice and it was a better option than the air for many years (with updated screen and slimness/lightness).

          they really need to update it and drop the price otherwise yeah it doesn't have much place.

          there used to be 12" powerbooks that were really good back in the day. then there was the whole netbook craze. woefully underpowered little machines most good for nothing.

          • +1

            @DisabledUser254352: 12” is too small to do homework or assignments on ….apple doesn’t have a school kid priced notebook anymore.

            they used to do white plastic ones cheap for schools, but now nothing and new air is priced crazy …. no wonder more schools are going windows10.

            • +1

              @garage sale: ah yes, "homework". special youtube research ;)

  • I bought the exact same one from the Apple store just last Friday. If I take it back will they refund the difference. As they do price match

    Otherwise can have them refund it all as it’s within 7 days. Then buy at the lower price.

      • +1

        That’s not correct, you can refund within 14 days at Apple store even if the stock is opened.

    • they do 10% max on price matches, they won't do the officeworks price match double dip …tried already.

  • 2 cores? that's so outdated. it's got to be 4 cores and gaming GPU on the die these days!

    I mean Dell XPS 15 9575 of course

  • is there any way to get 10% apple gift cards or something? (dont think they exist).

    or can you pay for apple products using your itunes balance? and then get 10% off those itunes cards?

    cos i know you can walk into an apple store and ask for 10% off and get it pretty easily (especially if jbhifi have a 10% off at that moment)

    i need 20% off and TRS 10% to get a decent discount for my next upgrade.

  • $1.6 grand for a dual core O_o

    And that's a bargain? Dam Apple's prices are high.

  • Releasing the new air just seems so pointless to me. It's priced too high for students and those looking for an entry macOS device. It's also only marginally cheaper than a much better mac book pro. Exactly who is this device meant to serve? It's not even lighter or thinner than mbpro and shouldn't even be called an air in my opinion

    • i think it is lighter and thinner in parts. but it's more suited to travelling.

      it's true that the pro's get thinner and thinner and the touch bar is exclusive to it because otherwise there's not much to differentiate. they could easily put quad core on the air, but again, need to have multiple product ranges.

      i think they're trying to trick those that were obsessed with the air when it first came out, back then it was attractive, to upgrade. now it hardly stands out at all.

  • The new MacBook Air is great with the screen but biggest cons are:

    New retina screen but low brightness vs MacBook pros
    Only 2 usb c ports if usb c ports alone wasn't a turn off enough
    Just get the 2017 MacBook Pro for a few hundred less.

    • I’ve just got this one today from having the 2017 (which still has good resale value so it’s a cheap upgrade really).

      USB C is a pain but need to just live with it as its the way the worlds going.

      Size is a plus, very compact and will be great on the road. Prefer the screen to edge display also.

      Don’t miss that apple light on the back either.

      Screen is a lot easier on the eyes too. Very happy so far.

    • -1


  • All over. Both back up to full price this morning.

  • I bought it from Apple on Saturday and just saw this post so I missed out on the discount! I bought it using the Bankwest card though that has Price Guarantee, wondering if I can claim the difference even though the offer has expired now?

  • Well good news, it's back on at JB's 👌

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