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5% off $100 eBay Digital Gift Cards (Max 5 Cards) @ PayPal Digital Gifts eBay


Greetings everyone, thanks to dollar dialler, this deal is back again!

Lasts at eBay's discretion, so get in quick if you want one.

eBay Gift Cards stack with eBay vouchers for anyone who doesn't know (E.G 10% off Sitewide @ eBay ($120 Min Spend, $300 Max Discount)
. There seems to be a limit of approximately $1500 per transaction from my experience.


As always, enjoy!

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    Thanks doweyy. This is a great saving to stack on top of voucher codes.

    • Using maths if you combine it with the 10% off deal then it will be 15% off.

      • +5

        Add on 1% cashback from Cashrewards and you're laughing all the way to the bank!

        • plus 0.5% converting flydollars!

        • +18

          My bank is laughing now with all these debts I own

      • doesn't work when i use that 10% off code

      • +32

        It's actually 14.5%

        • +1

          Your math checks out

        • Nothing quasi about this human!

      • +21

        Using a $100 item as an example:

        • PYRO10 brings it down to $90
        • Use a gift card obtained with PCARD5, at 5% below face value
        • The $90 payment has an effective cost of $85.50
        • End result - $85.50 paid for $100 worth of stuff

        14.5% off is probably the best way to describe the final percentage off.

        • +1

          14.6% after 1% cashback.

          • +3

            @wjb: I think it is actually 16.4% after cashrewards assuming you can double dip.

        • You may be good at Maths, but you're no good at English.
          Terms clearly state that it's $120min spend for the 10% off code.
          So using your $100 example voids the first part of your calculations. ;)

      • +12

        Stick to watches, leave math to the other Nerd =P

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    if you're not "in hurry" i.e. you have more than 5 hours to spare waiting for the gift card, then it's good way to purchase.

    However, if you're like me who want to buy in the next 1-2 hours, then forget about it - the risk of getting delayed in the gift card is not worth 5% saving because you could miss the deal (if it's popular) - not to mention the stress, anxiety and other mental health you may get.

    good luck!

    • I think the "mental health" I'll get will be greater if I pay 5% more on an item when I don't have to :).

      Unless you're buying a defibrillator for an imminent heart attack… I think the 5 hours or so you may have to wait before you get the codes is acceptable. If you're busting to buy something, you need to organise your frugalness a bit better ;).
      (I didn't neg you btw)

      • +1

        It's what I have experienced and I wished I didn't go for the gift card merely to save $20 (4 gift cards) and missed the deal - 15% off eBay to by xiaomi robot vacuum.

        btw, I don't care about who neg my comment - but I definitely didn't neg yours.

        • yeah i had the same problem. waited to buy more cards on another account. price jacked up by $200. so to save $25, i lost $200 and the item is now relisted at a higher price.

          now i have to wait for next normal price and the next 20% off and get in quick before pricejacking.

          • @DisabledUser254352: I missed a deal on the A7III, and when the deal came around again I got greedy and bought the gift cards… it was the most excruciating 4 hour wait to get them emailed to me… I thought the deal would expire XD

    • Just got mine - took 9 minutes from time of ordering.

      • I think its just a matter of luck tbh. Last time I bought these it took about 9-10 hours (ordered in the morning, didnt get till that evening).

    • This happened to me too last time during the last promo.. took them 18 hours to send mine (got it late the next day).. so angry I sent them a refund request and they denied it. I still need to use it maybe on the 2080GTX set..

    • Very True, Totally agree. I did not take the chance as item could get out of stock. Also I wanted it to ship today before 12 to reach me in time.

  • +3

    can also confirm that despite all the T/Cs on ebay gift cards being 8 per trans or $5k per month ,or cant stack

    its 15 cards x $100 per transaction limit
    not sure about different denominations

    • Did you also use the PYRO10 code for 10% off?
      I thought it was 14 cards and a code?

      • it could have been 14+1
        but Ialso had some credit leftover and that was also applied

  • +2

    Three year expiry seems pretty decent.

    • It's the law now too

  • +3

    can only buy "5" every 10 days.

    I still need to wait another 3 days from last purchase.

    • +3

      Now I know the reason why I can not buy.

  • Thanks. Bought 5 today.

    Tried to be clever and use previous gift cards and the PYRO10 and it didn't work.

  • -2

    1% Cashback too!

    Yeah I know its only 1%, but still…

    • +6

      I don't believe the cashback works on these. Only when you actually use them to make a purchase.

    • cashback tracked but always refused later.

  • doesn't seem to stack with PYRO10 :((

    • 5% only with PCARD5.

    • So if I buy one of these cards, I can't combine the cards value plus PYRO10 together when I make an eBay purchase?

      • +2

        You can. He was referring to trying to use PYRO10 to get 10% off these giftcards (rather than 5%)

        • Cheers!

  • Actually looked up this deal last night since I used up the $500 worth I bought just yesterday. Thanks doweyy.

  • +5

    In my haste I almost clicked the payment button without applying the discount code.

    • +1

      Happens to someone every time these deals are posted :).

  • Since when they replace 10% off with this 5% and are not less welcoming in this forum…

    • +3

      They don't think it be like it is but it do.

  • Thanks OP. Got 5 cards.

  • +1

    Never used ebay giftcards before, can someone confirm that it can stack with promo codes?

    • +2
    • +1

      The answer is literally in the op

      • +1

        Cheers guys, got a bit too excited.

        • +1

          No shame in asking in order to learn something new :) I bought my first eBay cards in last week's deal - ordered 5 a couple of minutes before midnight, received the codes via email 7 minutes later. Added the item to my cart, used a 20%-off code to bring the price down, then used each gift card's code to knock $100 off the price. Couldn't be easier.

  • -1

    Can you use previous 5%/10% gift cards to pay for this?

    • +2

      Has been asked numerous times previously and the answer is no

  • Purchased and came through in 10 minutes although YMMV!

  • +10

    I regret not buying more gift cards when they had the 10% discount. I will patiently wait for the next 10% discount.

    • +1

      I still have $500 worth of 10% off gift cards. Bought from the ebay uk deal.

      • hoarder

        • +5

          I guess I'll help you out.

          pcard5 only works for gift card.
          pyro10 for non-giftcard purcahses.

          Purchase an item using the discounted gift card you purchased with pcard5 and stack with pyro10.

  • how long does it take to be valid for use? Is it instant?

    And i can use 4x $100 cards in one transaction plus the current 10% code to buy a $400 item?

    • Instant. Yes and yes

      • awesome, thanks for the help :)

    • As soon as you get the egift card in your email, it's already active and can be used immediately

  • Hello,
    I need to purchase an item worth 700$. Can I purchase 5 gift cards worth 500$ and pay additional amount via card? Will this work on ebay?
    Please advice.

    • yes or create another ebay account to buy extra $200

  • I placed order at 829am AWST and received codes at 837am AWST.

    • Mine took 8 mins to be delivered also…

  • Sorry if it's been asked before on other posts (can't see it here). If I get 5 gift cards on my account, and then use a second ebay account to purchase 5 more gift cards, can I use all 10 on the one item I want to buy?

    • +4

      Should be fine as gift cards are not tied to any accounts before first use.

    • +1


  • Just wanted to confirm I can use the cards with the pickncollect 20% code

    • +1

      How did you do that?

      I am getting

      This code can't be applied to some of your items.

    • Wtf how ?

    • +1

      Yes, you can purchase an item using the pickncollect code and pay for it using these discounted cards.

  • I get the message anyone facing the same issue and know how to resolve it ?

    Sorry, this payment option isn't available. Here are your options:Contact PayPal Customer Support to resolve this issue.

    • Hi. Its happening with me as well. I ordered 5 cards from one account and got this error when I ordered more from other account.

      • Arw you using the same paypal account for both? Could be an issue there.

  • What is the typical time of delivering the codes? Mine has been 40 minutes but still not arrived.

    • +1

      Mine took 8 mins, looking up the page there's a few mentioning 8 to 10 mins…

      In the past sometimes people have to wait around 4 hours, no one knows why it's slow for some and not for others, it may be something to do with your bank, since these codes are basically the same as cash Paypal would want to be 100% sure they have the money before dishing out the codes…

      • Thanks mate. I did notice in the thread that people received in minutes or 15 minutes. Unfortunately after 2 hours I still have not received them. Checked the frequently asked questions and it says "The estimated delivery date for this item is 09 Dec, 2018". If this is the case…

        • +1

          Reply from seller:

          "Thank you for contacting PayPal Digital Gifts and for being our customer.

          In many cases our digital gift cards are delivered within minutes, however it can take up to 4 hours. If you or the recipient has not received the email with the the stated 4 hours, please contact us again and we will be glad to review the order and re-send the email if necessary.

          PayPal Digital Gifts "

          Know I am always on the bad luck side.

          • +1

            @ITveteran: You are not alone. Bought at 2:15pm and no sign of the email after 1 hour.

            Have you received your yet?

            • @o555o: Ordered at 10:38am QLD time (11:38 syd) and still no email.
              Sent them an eBay message half an hour ago…

        • Already 4 hours, no luck yet. What's going on PayPal? Hardware is cheap, just upgrade it!

          • +1

            @ITveteran: Exactly just when I posted the above update, the emails popped up. Time to use them now. Good luck guys!

  • Do I need to use up each $100 each time? Or Ebay can partially deduct the fund from a GC and retain the balance?

    • +4

      You can use it partially and the balance will be available for future purchases.

      • +1

        Just to add to this. The balance will then be linked to that ebay account, so you couldn’t sell or give the credit to another account.

  • Anyone else seeing this error message? To buy a gift card, you need a US eBay and PayPal account.

    • I got that exact message, but only when trying to actually use a US eBay and PayPal account (was hoping to use my US account to purchase, since I just bought five a few days ago using my AU account).

  • It seems I can't use a linked credit card in paypal to pay for this? I need actual balance in my paypal account for this to work?

    • +1

      Yes you can, which is the way I did.

      • Weird mine keeps giving me an error. Oh well, I'll wait for the 10% one next :D

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