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Fractal Design Define Mini C White Case $69 (Was $125) + Delivery @ PC Case Gear


A small and solid case for clean/silent setup.

Key features

  • Define Series sound dampening with ModuVent™ technology for silent operation in a compact micro ATX form factor
  • Optimized for high airflow and silent computing
  • Side and front panels are lined with industrial-grade sound dampening material
  • Flexible storage options with room for up to 5 drives
  • Comes with two preinstalled Fractal Design Dynamic X2 GP-12 120 mm fans optimized to deliver maximum airflow while still maintaining a low noise level
  • Equipped with 5 PCI expansion slots for powerful dual GPU setups.
  • Open air designed interior creates an unobstructed airflow path from the front intake to the rear exhaust
  • Easy-to-clean high airflow nylon filters on the front and base with full PSU coverage and front access for convenience.
  • Includes optional top filter to prevent dust buildup when ModuVent is removed for additional fan slots.
  • Power supply shroud conceals drive cage and excess cabling for an even quieter and cleaner looking interior free of airflow obstructions

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  • +2 votes

    Really good case, especially for that price

  • I have the Fractal Design Define C (the slightly bigger one), and i'll have to say, it is the best case I have ever built in, so if the interior compares to it similarly and you are looking for a compact mid tower, this is the go.

  • Have an older version of this case and it was one of the most well thought out case designs out there.

  • $43 postage to WA.. get ****ed PCCG haha.

    • Yeah, their delivery costs are a blatant rip off.

      Wanted $17 delivery for a mounting kit, that one of their competitors charged only $7.90

      • I purchased a Phanteks Enthoo Evolv mATX case there and the postage was $52 (I'm from WA too).

        • Doesn't help that we don't have many retailers selling Phanteks in WA.

          • @karu: Yes. Checked it on partpicker and it's either only PCCG (which I bought from) or Amazon which is very expensive. The case looks is really good though and is timeless from my own outlooks. However, the downside is the price.

    • What did you expect? Define cases are heavy as (profanity) because the panels are thicker than normal to dampen low pitch sound.

      • They could have their supplier drop ship it to you probably same cost as to their own warehouse.

        • It's on sale because it's in their warehouse and they don't want it there lol…

          • @ozturtle: Supplier could easily also have too many in their warehouse. PCCG have a special relationship with Fractal Design in AU and FD’s AU supplier.

            PCCG really need to find a better shipping option as all it will take is Amazon to decide they want to price match them on PC hardware (already doing with groceries and games at least right now) and then why would you buy from PCCG?

            • @deelaroo: Lol your not just paying for shipping. Your paying for someone to pick pack and then ship it to you.. they pack it well and though higher in cost i can understand why.

              • @Seedy seed: Its already packed in a box that gets shipped to PCCG. I'm just saying it's possible to save cost they could just drop ship that box direct to the customer from the supplier, a very common event with other suppliers and resellers on heavier items.


                • @deelaroo: I ment in general not specific to the case.. your issue was their shipping costs not shipping cost of 1 case, but pick what ever small part you like to justify your life

    • It seems they're charging what it would cost them to post it, what's wrong with that?

  • Doesn't the horizontal orientation of the 3 SSDs make power cable arrangement difficult?

  • what's the point of having a psu shroud without a see through side panel

    • The case also comes in a window variant, I'm guessing they kept the internals the same and just replaced side panels with windows.
      PSU shroud also helps with cable management.

  • Needs more RGB

  • +17 votes

    Only $540 shipping with star trek express, I think i'll do it.

  • Excellent price.

    This video is interesting though: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T6jxiE2GQpY

    Leaving the front door open or off might be a good idea ;)

  • Any good Mid size ATX deals? I have everything but a case and GPU from all the recent Ozbargain deals…

  • Too bad it is a micro ATX case and there is no good MATX motherboard for AMD at the moment.

    I am thinking to either get a ITX case for minimum size or ATX for full feature.

    I won't compromise my new computer (considering how much I paid for the CPU, GPU and ram) because of 60 dollars of saving on case…

    • Have heard good things about the MSI Mortar B450M, due to its solid VRM. At least its not mITX, the pickings are so slim for those boards at the moment.

      • The Mortar one does not have wifi built in which means I need to spend another $70 for a decent PCIE wifi card.

        I am thinking to either go for B450 GAMING PRO CARBON AC for ATX build or Asus B450-i/Gigabyte B450i for the iTX build.

        • $70 for a WiFi card? what are you looking at?
          Just get something like the ASUS PCE-N15 which is at most 20 bucks.

          • @Ostrk: I got Asus AC56 dual band PCIE card for $72 dollars from MSY.

            I need decent wifi card.

          • @Ostrk: That card was decent 10 years ago

          • @Ostrk: Dual band WiFi cards are actually pretty costly. If you just want 2.4 GHz it's much cheaper.

            • @JMC: Why would you use wifi on 5ghz on a gaming PC? if you are that close just run a cable…WiFi should always be the absolute last resort.

              • @Ostrk: I am upstairs above the router in a rental. No place to run a cable, can't punch holes in the wall, and 2.4 GHz is crazy congested resulting in poor speeds.

                • @JMC: Interesting. Have you looked at ethernet over power? I heard it's better than WiFi. I'm in a single story rental and let me tell you that for me at least I don't see any difference in speeds with 2.4 or 5 but I do see better stability with 2.4.
                  I don't have Fiber to the premises because Perth so it might be different for you.

                  • @Ostrk: Ethernet over power is good, but once you add that to a wifi card (for phone tethering when the ADSL is rubbish), you don't really save much money.

                    I get good stability at 5GHz and it's more than good enough for our crappy ADSL speeds, so for me the expensive wireless card made sense. I don't game online enough for wired ethernet to be a big selling point.

      • I am also in market for an ATX mobo for my 2700x and read few articles about MSI boards not that good for BIOS.
        ASUS were regarded high. Was thinking to get the ASUS gaming x470 board, even I wont be using 2 GPUs. Normal reviews suggested latest Asus board to have better features.

        Purchased Caorsair 400c for $130 earlier.

        • As a normal user, MSI's mobo is good enough. They have very good VRMs (if not the best) (My understanding is better VRMs support the CPU better?) and less expensive.

          Ram overclock = one click to enable A-XMP

          I am not gonna OC my CPU too much either as it will increase temperature significantly and I might need to invest extra on CPU cooling.

          I also don't see the point to learn too much about overclock settings. It only increase performance like single digit percentage which IMO is not worth the hassle.

          Do NOT Overclock This CPU! — AMD Ryzen 7 2700X

  • Anyone in Sydney want to pool shipping costs?

    I can deliver to my office (Postcode 2000)

    $28 for 1
    $36 for 2
    $44 for 3

  • Not sure why everyone is complaining about high shipping costs, it's not an easy item to post and you can't expect the retailer to wear the associated charges.

    • Because Amazon would ship it for free (with Prime) at the same price. PCCG in trouble if they keep up these shipping costs. I can't remember the statistic but it's a huge % that do not complete purchase at checkout when they see high shipping costs regardless of if its a "fair" charge.

      • You're comparing one of the largest (if not, the largest) online retailers in the world, to a small PC component specialist in Victoria.

        Amazon can afford to offer free* shipping.

        *It's not free, you pay for it with Amazon Prime.

        • But my point is none of that matters. You are 100% right, but still Amazon's model will win and people will always avoid high shipping costs.

          And yes while you pay for Prime just shipping a single PC case once a year will put you ahead of PCCG just about.

    • I remember one guy offering me $5 for something that would cost $8.50 to ship. He claimed that since I had free shipping in my listing that it would magically be paid for somehow.

  • Still no USB C headers in end of 2018. This case is obsolete before you even get it. Are desktops meant to stick with USB A or something…

  • Exact case I was looking at buying. Wanted it it black though.

  • Awesome case for a great price.