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EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 BLACK EDITION GAMING $1049.75 Delivered @ Newegg


For those chasing the latest gen Nvidia GPU.

Staticice closest comp. is $1350.

EVGA has 3 year international warranty. So no issues there.

Don't forget Cashrewards!

Mod Note: Updated price to include duties.

**Update 6/12:*** Price has been decreased to $1049.75

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  • +1

    binned GPU?

    • Probably not, 10 series Black Edition was a reference PCB layout with a 2 slot cooler and no backplate cooler.

      But I didn't check for this card.

    • +5

      It's not. The 2181-KR model number is binned, this one (2081-KR) isn't.

      Between that and the shitty Newegg shipping this is not such a good deal IMHO.

      • Yes, I am only now experiencing the newegg shipping. it is terrible. first time for everything and I won't be buying from newegg again.

        • What's shit about it?
          I've never bought from Newegg.

          • @Harold Halfprice: It takes forever

          • +4

            @Harold Halfprice: Nothing, I think they're just shocked that it takes about 8 business days for something to arrive from the USA via Air Mail.

            If my expectation was that my goods were stuck on the next available commercial flight, I suppose I too would be disappointed.

            • @jasswolf: Recently ordered a couple of things from them on free shipping. Some were shipped by DHL and some FedEx. The FedEx ones were very fast but the DHL ones were comparatively taking a lot longer

          • @Harold Halfprice: it's shit cause it's free

        • It is like lightning compared with Auspost.

        • Yep I've been through it too. Make sure to complain as they refunded me all the shipping cost.

      • Economy shipping from America is still way faster tham from China. China takes 1 month. Amazon US about 10 to 14 days. Newegg is similar I assume.

    • that finna be a yikes from me dawg

  • +4

    Still waiting for the newegg orders from the $30 off promo

    • +3

      my stuff just arrived today

    • +6

      Mines in Sydney, on its way to Tassie, after visiting New Jersey, Tennessee and Honolulu.

      • +2

        Wear a condom when handling, for the first few months.

      • Mines still in Oakland California lol

    • According to the DHL tracker mine only just arrived in Sydney. Hopefully no longer than a week to deliver to Perth!

      • It looks like it comes from DHL to bris to auspost for my end.

        • +1

          haha aust post has taken longer to deliver goods to my door than it took from china and america to get to australia those bludgers

      • +3

        My order is still in Compton and has been since the 1st. "SCANNED INTO SACK/CONTAINER" dafuqqqqqqq

        • +1

          It took 4 days for mine to change from that to “CLEARED CUSTOMS”. Hopefully yours is done today!

        • Mine too, stuck in Compton. Fingers crossed the status changes today

        • +1

          Mine has been stuck in Compton since 28th Nov. Newegg suggests the delivery time is 4-7 business days, but it looks like it is gonna take much longer than that.

        • Yeah I was pretty disappointed with the lack of updates too, but that means it's in transit. If it seemingly gets stuck there, they will run an investigation for you (they have more detailed tracking information).

        • +6

          Mine was straight outta Compton

      • 2 packages in the exact same situation, otw to Perth, at SYD now

        • Wouldn’t happen to know if we get any more updates after “ARRIVAL AT DESTINATION COUNTRY” before it’s delivered?
          I’ll keep updating any changes.

          • @CripplingDebt: Just checked this morning and got a "Sydney Australia, AU Thursday, December 06, 2018 8:12 PM (EST) CLEARED CUSTOMS"

            • @Neilzy: That’s good to hear. A day later mine was “ARRIVAL AT DESTINATION COUNTRY”. No sign on parcel yet so I think it’ll probably be Mon/Tue

              • @CripplingDebt: yeah im hoping for a mon/tues as well. but good to know its in the country

                • @Neilzy: Status on Sunday “PROCESSED AT LOCAL DISTRIBUTION CENTER”, status today “ARRIVED AT DELIVERY TERMINAL” and now I’ve finally got it 🙂

                  • @CripplingDebt: WHATTT!!!!! mines still "Sydney Australia, AU Friday, December 7, 2018 11:17 AM (EST) ARRIVAL AT DESTINATION COUNTRY" :(((

    • Mine was only shipped yesterday. Shipping cost me $40 and it due to come next week Monday…

    • +1

      I'm getting really annoyed with Newegg, first they cancelled my G.Skill ram order due to an address issue (despite using the address previously with no problems) and refunded the order, then I got the $30 off promo and re-ordered the same ram. I've got a tracking number from DHL but it doesn't work on the DHL site and still has a status of Packaging on Newegg. Starting to doubt if dealing with them is worth the amount saved.

      • +2

        They bloody sent my G.Skill RAM to the wrong address and I have to wait 7-15 business days for them to investigate my claim and refund(maybe).

        • +1

          MMM. I also ordered g.skill RAM. Sounds terrible. I will probably never buy from them again tbh.

    • I got one order 4 days ago, another order hasn't arrived yet.

    • +1
      1. They clearly had an insane amount of order to process over that weekend, and early into that next week. It's literally the busiest time of the year for them.

      2. Priority Air Mail still takes about 6-8 business days. They do not fly direct for you, they do not schedule a flight for you. The goods get sorted, and your item goes into a sack that goes into a queue, which eventually starts getting loaded onto a commercial or freighter airline (DHL freight in this case).

      If you went in this with the expectation along the lines that it'd a day processing, and 3 days further to arrive, you're not particularly clever. Just be glad it's not bottom rung transit, or you'd be waiting closer to a month.

    • Mine is still in Compton…

    • Economy shipping will probably be slow at the moment for a few reasons…

      1. Black Friday and Xmas, so orders are up.

      2. Upcoming US tariff hike. Like a few moths ago, suppliers are filling every available shipping method to get their stuff out of China before the 25% tariff kicks in come January.

  • +1

    EVGA has 3 year international warranty. So no issues there.

    I've been reading a lot of negative things about EVGA's warranty recently, such as some people having difficulty claiming warranty on 2+ year old cards.

    With that being said, I'd still purchase this card if it were suitable, but I don't think I'd be comfortable with gambling double the amount on a 2080 Ti.

    • +4

      Ive had to claim warranty on 2 EVGA cards in the past, the biggest issue I had with it was how much time it took and have to send the card overseas costing about $50-100 in postage depending on insurance

      • +2

        Ive had two EVGA warranty claims also. Like you said it takes ages and costs alot in postage but they are really reliable. Ive had Gigabyte, Asus and MSI all deny me for stupid stuff like swapping out the CMOS battery on the motherboard or purchasing it from an international retailer. Whereas Ive accidentally broken a 1080 from water damage which they replaced where they really didnt need to. If im buying a 1K GPU im 100% buying from EVGA just for that security.

        • +1

          It is pretty unusual to have GPU's fail. Is there any talk as to why EVGA cards have been having higher failure rates than other brands?

          • @Major Mess: I didnt know they had higher failure rates. Do you have a source?

            • @WhiskeyBurn: There is two above. Most people go through life without a single failure. With these deals and EVGA becoming more available in Australia again. There is more chat and others reporting having used EVGA warranty, here on OZbargain as well. Maybe it is because they are the most commonly talked about that it is coming up, but having so many seems odd.

    • yeah i havent bought a local card since the GTX 680 and any warranty issues have been straightforward with EVGA - just postage is expensive

    • +8

      Why would they care about DVI anymore???

    • +7

      Display port?

    • +12

      DVI = Dead Video Interface

    • +4

      Your monitor is 144Hz and does not have display port?

    • +2

      Run it on a display port cable.

    • +1

      DVI is electrically equivalent to HDMI. A passive cable(or adapter) adapts between the two. But it will only support what HDMI supports. HDMI 2 can go faster but any DVI device will not be too old to know about it.
      Yeah, looks like you have DVI mixed with the more modern Display Port, which is what you want for all high refresh rate monitors.

  • -3

    It is probably worth paying the extra $200 after ebay 20%, for a local MSI Tri fan, if you can find stock.

    • +1


      • For the higher performance.

    • I wouldn't. I ordered an MSI Gaming X Trio 2080 in the Computer Alliance sale. Mine died within the first day. Shipping it back for a full refund tomorrow. Next card will be an EVGA.

      • That's no good. Has there been recent reports with these cards having issues?

        • There were for the 2080Ti but I thought that was limited to the FEs and the 2080Ti. After my card died, I did some digging online and it seems that people have had issues with cards from the 2080 series as well. Not just FE, board partners as well.

          • @FogAndSteel: Yes I have seen issues with 2080ti of all brands, there is also still poor supply - all a bit of a worry. I gathered the 2080 was a bit safer, maybe because not pushed so hard? So not necessarily the custom board MSI(I read they were the only one so far). The sensible thing is to wait, but I have been, for years now due to the mining crap.

            • @Major Mess: GamersNexus says the issue isn't due to overheating or pushing the card too high - they're guessing defective design or some silicon issue. I've been waiting a long time for the new 20 series, so as soon as my refund comes through, I'll go get an EVGA 2080 and hope for the best. At the very least, EVGA is supposed to have great customer service so the RMA process should be okay.

  • 1080ti or this

    • Depends, is the 1080Ti much cheaper?
      If it's less than a $200 difference I'd get the 2080 without a single doubt. It's newer, already faster and will only get better with driver updates unlike the 1080Ti which is at it's peak already. Forget about ray tracing, right now it's useless. Maybe with driver optimizations some ray tracing games will be playable with the 2080 which will be a nice side bonus if you do decide to try it out one day.

      • +1

        DXR on low, other settings on Ultra should be 4k60 FPS with a 2080ti in BFV once this update hits. A far cry from the initial dribble that was being thrown about on forums/reddit.

        • +1

          Pretty nice, I will admit I did read about this update that apparently was gonna give an up to %50 performance boost in BF5 but I forgot about it entirely.
          Yeah the card is newer, faster (could get even more faster with driver updates) and has a side bonus of ray tracing. I think at these prices people should go for the 2000 series.

    • +2

      2080, easily.

      As above, the 1080ti is only a viable option when stock was high, as I believe it's still possible overseas… But locally it's eliminated that choice imo.

  • This is MSRP for the 2080 Black, so this is not a deal so much as alerting people what real pricing should look like.

  • Damn - these prices make the techfast deals look like amazing deals for sub $1500….

    • They would be tempting except for the brand they use. Risking a couple of hundred on substandard hardware is not to bad, but risking this sort of money is a fairly large risk.

      • As I understand it, they're using Galax OC cards, so it's a pretty good deal if you've got a use for the other parts.

        • Yeah that's what I mean. The post with the dodgy build received a card that is warped - might be a worse concern considering the size of these cards over the lower end Galaxy cards you normally see.

  • +1

    Too expensive for what it is IMHO

  • Used 1080ti can be had on ebay for half the price. Would wait at least another year before price gets competitive.

  • Price has been lowered to $1046.10 delivered (Sydney).

    Glad I held off yesterday now.

  • Does anyone know if this is eligible for the free Battlefield V promo that is going on at the moment?

    • Don't think so. If you change country to USA it's there on the order page and automatically adds to your cart with the GPU, but disappears if you change back to AU.

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