expired Honolulu, Hawaii Return from Melbourne $412, Sydney $416 on Jetstar


Destinations: Honolulu

Airline: Jetstar

Valid Departure Dates: 7 May to 21 June 2019 and 26 July to 20 September 2019 (plenty of availability)

Deal Expiry: Till 10 December 2018

Things to Note:

  • Nonstop flights.

  • This fare is inclusive of carry-on luggage only. For checked-in bags, additional charges apply.

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    Thanks for the post I need to be there on 28/06 for +- 2 weeks, can't seems to find that fare, could you help?


    Looking for flights departing Melbourne on March 10, 11, or 12 with a discount. Do you have any?


    Btw, Sydney has similar prizes too!

  • +4 votes

    The return flight is ugly.

    Departure at 0830 for flights through to Melbourne so you need to leave your very expensive hotel about 0530 so the last night is lost.

    Much better if the return flight could be later in the day.

  • +2 votes

    This is the Biggest reason I have never flown Jetstar from the last 7 trips there.

    But the price is awesome.

    So for those that don't mind getting up between 5-6am to get to the airport especially if you have little one, its probably the best price I have seen.
    So thumb up to OP.


      Yeap, we went for my kids 1st Bday, we figured the early departure beats the transfer via Sydney. Jetstar the only direct flight from Melbourne.

    • +2 votes

      Last trip we left our bags at the hotel, spent the day by the pool, dinner in Waikiki and got The Bus to an airport hotel (which was about $100AUD) around 9pm. Just used the room to sleep and shower and it was adequate, got up 6:30 for the 5 minute shuttle to the airport

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