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10% off Optus Plans + $400 (Pixel 3, XL, Galaxy S9, S9+) or $200 EFTPOS Card @ Harvey Norman/Domayne/Joyce Mayne (New/Port)


Update 12/12:

$400 EFTPOS card for s9, s9+, Pixel, Pixel XL
$200 EFTPOS Card for anything else

Must be a new number to Optus or a Prepaid customer switching
Virgin/All MVNO included this time
Current Sim-only (postpaid) or upgrading customers excluded
Can be used with the current "10% off the Rateplan" port in offer
Pixel also includes the Bonus Google Hub
(10% off on ports only)
(EFTPOS cards are on new customers and/or ports)

Offer is also available at Joyce Mayne & Domayne.

Mod Note: The OP of this post is directly employed by Harvey Norman and is penalised for sockpuppeting, however the deal will remain published as it has a large number of votes and discussion.

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      You have to go in store to the phone display area… they have a tiny sign on the table there showing the deal. Don't think it's advertised online.

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    Did anyone got luck with stacking up with 106$ iPhone plan?

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    I am looking to sign up and port over from vodafone but wanting to seek clarification;

    Will sign up to Pixel 3 plan, so will this include:
    1- 10% off monthly plan
    2- 400 EFTPOS gift card
    3- Google home hub
    4- 12 months netflix with optus.

    thanks in advance, seems like a great deal

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      1,2, yes

      Samsung only for the netflix

      Pixel only for the hub

  • Hey does anyone know when this deal will end?

    • 24/12

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    any experience on port-out (wait 48hrs) and port in back again ?

  • Would I get the 10% credit for porting in and $200 GC if I go with the Note 9?

    • yep

  • Hi fellow ozbargainers, with the huge amount of 100GB data included in the plan - I am considering to cancel my home internet as I pretty much live on my own and don't use the home broadband as much. I looked into buying a Optus dongle and plug it into my modem to use as my home wifi. What do you guys think? Buying additional sim will cost $15/month. Is there a better option to go on about this?

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    thanks to the OP
    i picked up a Black 128GB Pixel 3 yesterday from North Ryde (Sydney). at the time, there 'wasn't much' stock remaining.

    something worth mentioning: i was offered by the staff an additional sim card for $15 (usually $25, but $10 off now). this sim card shares the calls and data of the plan you choose (i chose the $69+25 100GB deal). so essentially can now cancel my wife's existing sim and we will be paying only $15 for her to share my 100GB and calls (unlimited). quite happy with this! the contract term on the additional sim is 12 months.

    i think this is the deal:

    • Winning!!!

    • i know that data can be shared, but are you sure you can share calls and messages?

      • The $15 second service comes with unlimited calls and text.

        • the 2nd sim service … can this be ported or has to be new number?

    • I just signed up for pixel 3 and a 2nd sim for my sister through this plan. Thanks for sharing.

    • If I pick the plan with Unlimited International Calls/Text … does the 2nd sim (the $15 plan) shared with main line's data … does this 2nd sim able to utilise the Unlimited International calls too?

  • The bonus data offer ends 13/01/19 unless withdrawn earlier. Does that mean that if I sign up to a plan with bonus data before the offer ends, I will get 24 months of bonus data or just one single allocation of bonus data?

  • Can i get the further $10 off per month by adding to an existing Optus account?

    I did with the Samsung Tab 4s on the 200gb plan last month.

    • yep

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    Is the $200 EFTPOS Card for anything else applicable for the iphones?

    • any handset

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    just got this plan for pixel 3 64gb from Harvey Norman. They gave me 10% discount on $69plan + $15 for the phone. came to $77.50 per month for 24 months.

    They gave me a google home hub and a $400 eftpos card.

    I also happened to ask them why harvey norman is giving these away and what's in it for them. This was his response:

    1. Harvey Norman is only paying $200 and Optus is matching the $200 and thus $400.
    2. Google is throwing away free Google Home Hub
    3. Optus is going to pay Harvey Norman a commission over the 24 months.

    He also mentioned that the Google Home Hub deal may expire earlier than 24 December with the way it's going.

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      Yeah, went in to get the pixel 3 today. The guy said he had no idea that they were doing the bonus google hubs, so maybe that deal has sailed.

      • This was offered to me today. They upsold me this when I collected a $5 copy of Doom

    • 25 years ago when i was selling phones. The dealer (family member) used to get $120 per connection and 10% revenue from your calls for 7 years. When digital came out, the connection fee increased to $200.

      I sold 1000 phones in one go on two occasions. He retired years ago, after making all the money.

    • Do you mind sharing the name or location of the store? I signed up today in Melbourne and they didn't offer Google Home Hub.

      • which one did u sign up with?

        • Pixel xl @ Broadmeadows HN

      • @Nickelback: i got google home hub from Harvey Norman Joondalup, Western Australia

        • Thanks buddy. Any chance you could provide a copy of the invoice?

          • @Nickelback: Why dont you ask them to contact the joondalup store and they can guide them through the process. You could also chat to harvey norman representative and may be they can tell you which stores are participating in this the offer?

            Some one down the comments section shared the link to their invoice:


  • Mrs needs a new iphone and we need more data to pool with our existing Optus 100GB mobile broadband at home so this deal is looking good. Intent is to use the new iphone with her existing Boost sim card (cos Telstra) and use optus sim in another device (wifi travel modem, ipad, etc).

    Looking at iphone XS 64GB on $106.25 or 256GB on $121.25 plan (15% off $125/m, 200GB plan).

    Here's my understanding of details/offers. Would appreciate if anyone can confirm Q's I have.

    • $200 VISA.
    • $10/month discount for 2 Optus services. We're 12mth into 24mth 100GB MBB plan so will only get 12mth x $10discount. How do I make sure I get this when signing up at HN?
    • 10% discount if port in, maybe. Unsure if it stacks with 15% off $125plan and won't actually be porting in her Boost number. I could grab a cheap pre-paid sim and try porting that in, but obviously not >30days active. Any chance of this working? What's the best cheap sim to get?

    I'm tempted to just port in her Boost number, but I'm almost certain Optus network won't be good enough. Could just try for a month and then get a new Boost sim if no good, but then she'd have a new phone number which is not ideal.

    Any way around this predicament? (eg. Port Boost to Optus then port Optus to Boost while retaining the Optus Plan on a different number?)

    thanks in advance.

    • Optus wioll cancel for free just send back handset if coverage not suitable. Only pay for days used. THen port out to boost, keep the gift card.


      • cheers. any idea about my other Q's?

        my understanding has changed since earlier today and I don't think I'll be getting either discount:

        • $10/m multi service bundle discount. Optus chat NO because as both services are mobile (My Plan Plus & My Mobile Broadband Plus)
        • 10% Port in discount. Post here says doesn't stack with the 15% off promo, and Optus chat told me the same today. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/420623#comment-6657911
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    Doesnt stack with 15% off offer, but you will get the $200/$400 eftpos card

  • Anyone else tried to get the pixel with the hub? Went in to get the pixel today, and the guy had no idea of the bonus google hub deal. Said he's willing to provide it if he can get proof of the deal going on.

    • Full page ad in the papers today does not include the hub. Id say it was a limited promotion and they are out of stock. Still pretty good offer IMHO.

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    Seems like a lot of the stores are unaware the deal even existed to begin with. I called up another store and they confirmed that the bonus hub deal is still valid. Told the original store I purchased the pixel 3 from about it, and after they made a brief call to the other store, my free Google hub was ready for pick up and they added it to my invoice.

    • Mate any chance of uploading a copy of the invoice? I signed up today but they weren't aware of any Google Home Hub promo.

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    Just got my first bill on the $69 + $15 Google Pixel 3 plan, the HN rep indeed wasn't lying and didn't apply a 10% discount for me! :( Obviously others have received it so wondering if I should try with Optus support

    • Was told by the rep at HN yesterday that discount will appear on 2nd bill. So no discount on 1st bill, but 10% off + 10% off (from 1st bill) when 2nd bill comes around.

      • Interesting. I spoke with Optus Live Chat, and he said the rep indeed did not apply the discount to my account when it was definitely available. The rep fixed it up for me and applied it instantly! Very happy!

      • It should be on 1st bill - and my HN did know about the Google Hub … signed up for the Pixel 64gb and got the $400 GC and Google Hub with 2nd service as well.

  • Does the 10% off apply to Apple products? more specifically iPad contracts?

  • Damn.. couldnt make it today. Do you know if it may be extended @farque ?

  • I think I saw the poster at HN saying the deal ends 31/12?

    • +1

      Went into HN Nunawading. They are saying the deal has ended… Damn.. they still have the port in 10% but not the $200 or $400 gift cards. Maybe other HN could be different?

      • I went to HN Sunshine. Same story :(

        • +1

          Damn… Need to play the waiting game again…

  • Having trouble activating my eftpos card, anyone else?

    • from experience:
      1. require 2 working days to activate
      2. plus, 2 working days to register

      in the end we have to wait around 1 week in total due to xmas holidays.

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