Nest Protect Smoke Alarm - Wired & Battery Versions $159 (Free Pickup or $5 Delivery) @ The Good Guys


This is a decent price not as good as the old JB Price, but as good as they have been recently

Currently $169 at JB HiFi and $168 at Officeworks

Battery -
Wired -

Also 3.5% cashrewards

I have these, they connect to Lifx and Hue Bulbs for alerting via the lights, and they link together via a builtin wireless mesh so if your router is down they still communicate.
Also you can connect via Home Assistant and IFTTT as well

They look like they will be going back up to $179 soon

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    Genuine question: does this have any practical everyday use? Other than getting a push notification to advise my house is on fire…

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      It also has night light motion as well
      But at end of day its a smoke alarm that meets the governments requirements for communication between each other


      In the event of a fire, it talks to you!

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      But you can post your burning house on social media with the notification before someone else does.


    My concern is… when I am away on holiday and when a false alarm's on my mobile I will have to hurry back home to check status, ruining the holiday.


    The Missus set our one off a few times a week with the cooking, but atleast we know it works and you can see battery level on the app, you can see when it did last self check, and it flashes most of our lights when it goes off

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    other things i can understand needs to be smart, but fire alarm…


      Not sure what state your in, but a lot of states are bringing in requirements for smoke alarms that communication with each other (wired or wireless). So you cant just have a dumb smoke alarm soon

      This is the QLD regulations


        AFAIK the battery version will not compliant to the new QLD smoke alarm legislation.
        The battery must be 10 years non-removable.


          There is still talk about its compliance in whirlpool forums and no one can say yes or no yet.

          At moment its the best around that is Australian certified (honeywell look good but not australian certified) and peace of mind for my family

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            "Smoke alarms must be either hardwired or powered by a non-removable 10-year battery."

            IMO the chance of NO is very high.

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          But once again Australian Standards are introduced to protect the stupid people (who will just disable these anyway as they have done in the past) and the safer products are made illegal.

          Just like ISOFIX child seats were illegal until a few years despite being far superior to the rubbish that was legal.

          Would you rather have a non compliant smoke alarm and survive a fire or be compliant and be injured or die?
          Would you rather have a non compliant child seat and have your child survive a side impact or be compliant and have your child injured or die?

          Everyone has a choice, just like you had in the past to fit smoke detectors or not. Make it an informed choice and you won't look back. Compliant does not mean safe.

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        Which is only going to push up house prices and rental prices and achieve nothing in terms of people killed because those that are killed will continue to disable smoke detectors, smoke in bed, store multiple gas bottles in their house etc etc.

        These laws only came about because of weak politicians making a knee jerk decision because of the slacks creek fire and tewantin house fire. Smoke detectors were disconnected, an activity being performed under the house started a fire in a room with many gas bottles, the people upstairs were not alerted until later and now everyone else are treated like children. There is no logic being used but the laws are being forced down our throats along with the huge cost of over $200 per smoke detector for rental properties plus the yearly maintenance. Potentially thousands of dollars to comply with the law and you'll get to spend it every ten years to remain compliant or many times over for rentals.

        "In the case of the Slacks Creek House Fire, while there were two smoke alarms in the upstairs section
        of the house, neither were working. Evidence from one of the survivors, Mr Taukinukufili Taufa, had
        been provided to the inquest that the smoke alarm in the hallway had been turned off more than 10
        years previously. Similarly, the smoke alarm in the kitchen was not in working condition."


          We bought a place with two crap smoke alarms that weren't working. We got quoted about $250-300 to install hard-wired smoke alarms. I picked up 4 of these at jb when they had them for $118 and think they are great only issue is still need 4 more to cover the whole house. So worked out cheaper then hardwired and I like it telling me where the smoke is coming from


    This or the smoke alarm from Cavius? Any difference other than being a "smart" smoke alarm?

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      I recently looked into a Cavius interconnected system and decided against it after learning that, in the event of a nuisance alarm, you have to silence every alarm individually until you happen upon the initiating alarm. Having 4 bedroom and 2 hallway alarms all beeping, with no way to quickly silence all except the initiating one, just wasn't acceptable to me.

      In other systems (e.g. Quell wireless interconnected), pressing the hush button on any interconnected non-initiating unit will silence every alarm except the initiating alarm.

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      Looks interesting with the RF communication, but doesnt seem to be available yet. Also still a 5yr battery life similar to nest


    Once returned from a holiday to find my front door had been forced open by the fire brigade because of a faulty alarm that apparently kept beeping in the middle of the night until some neighbour reported it. So the idea of a cloud-connected smoke alarm that I could silence remotely, after receiving an alert and monitoring the room via IP camera, is quite appealing to me.

    But, as far as I can tell, the Nest app doesn't allow it. The app's hush function requires you to be within a few feet of the camera - they're erring on the side of protecting people from their own stupidity by making sure you can't hush an alarm without checking the room.

    In combination with a camera, you would at least still get the benefit of being able to see and report an actual fire. Just can't remotely silence a nuisance alarm :-/


      I have silenced the alarm from outside the house but still on the wifi, i havent from 3G yet, i might try that next time the missus is cooking with the airfryer


      The app can be configured to contact your local fire department when alarm is tiggered


    Does anyone know if the wired version is legal in queensland?

    Bought a few a while back and could not really find out if they were


    Reading this JB HIFI review it looks like the wired version is not compliant? This SMH article suggests the same and says you will need to install a junction box, not sure what those are worth?


    Thanks. I needed a new fire alarm. Ordered.

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