expired Samsung 65 Inch Series 7 Q7FN QLED 4K TV $2336 + Delivery @ Appliance Central eBay (Excludes WA/NT/TAS)


Cheapest ever I believe!

Beautiful picture, beautiful fit
A feat of TV artistry, the 2018 Q7 blends style and performance. One thin cable attaches everything cleanly to the TV that mounts closely against the wall. Q Colour and an anti-glare screen add to the seemingly-genius features of the Q7.

Q Colour
Watch TV shows and movies with realistic, accurate, and vibrant colours. Experience the intricate details of your favourite scenes, and feel as though you’re part of the picture.

Q Contrast
Enjoy your entertainment undisturbed. Q Contrast helps reveal intricate details hidden in dark scenes, even when you watch in bright rooms.

Q HDR (HDR 10+)
Powered by HDR10+, Q HDR can provide a wide range of brightness and contrast to help you see through the director’s eyes. Discover details you may not have seen before, even in bright and dark scenes.

Q Engine
See spectacular picture quality powered by our intelligent Q Engine. Designed to analyse every scene, Q Engine helps bring you excellent colour, contrast and detail.

One Clear Connection
Now everything – including the power cable – can be managed by a single, clear cable. One Clear Connection lets you store your devices out of sight by connecting them to the One Connect Box. Time to design your space with the 2018 Q7.

No more Black screen
Show on-screen content that blends into your space when the TV is on standby using Ambient Mode - no more black screen. Enjoy the subtle display of photos, the time or weather on-screen, allowing content to appear as though it’s floating on the wall.

Boundless 360° Design
The stunning, clean back and four-side low bezel design keeps your focus on the incredible picture. Evoking minimalism from all angles, your eyes will be pulled into a pure viewing experience.

Key Features

4K (3840x2160) Q HDR (HDR 10+)

Supreme UHD Dimming

Q Picture Engine

Auto Motion Plus

Dolby Digital Plus

One Clear Connection

Ambient Mode

Built-in Wi-Fi

4 x HDMI Inputs

3 x USB Ports

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  • +1 vote

    Cheapest so far! Ordered one last week. Good find OP :)


      Been at this price for couple of days…No one posted, so thought well, I'll have do the dirty work.


    Nice price for this! Gives me hope it'll be sub 2k next year

  • +2 votes

    Awesome buy. Years of burn-in free viewing


    Wow, that's a great price, good find!


    Includes WA Perth ;)

  • +1 vote

    This vs Sony X90f?

    • +1 vote

      I have the same question! I was going to go X90F based on backlighting and local dimming over this Samsung which is edgelit. Keen to hear from others with some more experience though.


        At the moment, im leaning towards Sony because I simply like the brand more (japanese) and currently have a Samsung TV that is giving me quite a few issues (apps not working/crash, tv is slow to operate, sometimes things just crash/freeze).


        Picture quality can be subjective to one's taste and in some cases hardly noticeable with naked eye.

        Have a look at your local store and see which one you like. Being a QLED, I found color gamut and brightness to be awesome on this vs Sony X90F, especially watching in bright setup and it really has a good anti-glare coating. Sony does have full array local dimming though, which is good, if you have dim setup to take full advantage of it.

        This one has some nifty features like one clear cable and separate one connect box which is handy for clean setup along with low profile wall mount support. Also, Tizen OS seems snappier compared to Android OS with very less bootup lag.


      I have the 55 inch version of this tv. Brightness is great and the smart features work better than Sony but blacks are not so great and this is quite noticeable. It’s all subjective of course but if I had my time again I would probably go with the Sony.


      Sony if you value deep blacks and colour accuracy.

      Samsung if you like your retinas crispy.


    I bought a top Sony a few years back.

    I must say on still blown away by ther picture quality for a 5 year old tv. Their top end (non oled) tvs seem to be great.

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