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7 Points Per $1 + Bonus 15000 Qantas Frequent Flyer Points by Joining Red Energy Plus Electricity & Gas Plan


I expect negs, but perhaps useful for some:

Earn up to 7 Qantas Points per $1 on your energy bills, when you pay on time

Earn 15,000 bonus points when you choose a Qantas Points earning plus plan

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  • Red Energy are great, I joined to take advantage of the amex deal, 10K QFF and $50 Coles gift card, awesome value and they have excellent customer service!

    The overall rates weren't the cheapest, but with the stacking of offers it worked out really well.

    • Depend on where you live, I switched to get just 15k point and stay on gas, their electricity plan is horribly expensive, even with 10% discount and Amex stacking it only come up slightly cheaper than the cheapest on the market for me. And who uses quarterly bill nowadays in Victoria when every household has smart meters. In fact red is the only one doing, every retailer I've dealt with has real time monthly bill.

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    I expect negs

    You've come to the right place.

  • Yes they are great! Great customer service as well. 15k sign up Qantas points were nice +$100 Coles gift cards. Overall very happy.

  • Hey cheapo, how much do you know about this deal and are there options for existing customers?

  • With Globird at the moment they appear to have cheaper rates but I left my contact details for a callback lets see if they can drop the rates. I will let everyone know how i go. Has anyone had any success with having them drop their rates?

    • Won't drop their rates but can give you 15% off (whole bill) instead of 10. Bad time to change if in VIC as possible rate change in a few weeks, wait and see.

      (I'm also Globird)

  • Make sure you get referral info from the random referral messaging service here so you and someone else get a $50 Coles Myer gift card.
    I've signed up about a month ago and Red Energy have shown very good service (and I got the $50 gift card a few days ago)!

  • Always like QF points but at 9.95c/kWh and 34.37c/day higher than I'm paying it's not worth it.

    • Who you with now?

      • Tango Energy

        • It's VIC only. Really need a good supplier for Sydney/NSW.

          • @arctan: I went with Amaysim when they had the $75 sign up offer. No matter how I do the sums they still come out on top with their 40% off (their arbitrary rate) electricity 2 offer.

            Without the bonus it isn't worth it.

        • Wow their plans are really simple looking at the Home eSelect one you just get a daily supply charge and one consumption rate. Cheaper than Globird for my area. Also the rates are locked in for two years. Pretty good!

  • I had a read through T&Cs but can't find the answer. Can I switch to this to get the points and then switch back to previous providers?

    • Well I don't see why not. I got the 15k points straight after the services were switched to Red Energy. Only thing is that I am still with Red Energy and probably will stay with them.

      • How long until you got your 15,000? I got my 10,000 a week after my start date but my gas is nowhere to be seen yet

        • It was a few days after the service was switched (after getting the final bill from previous Gas provider)

    • I wonder if frequent changes to utilities providers has any effect on credit scores. This was suggested previously

      Utilities enquiries - so every time you change your mobile phone or internet provider, or electricity, there will be an enquiry lodged.