expired [NSW] Apple 29W USB-C Power Adaptor White $20 (Was $69) @ Officeworks, Warners Bay


Spotted this yesterday at Warners Bay Officeworks 2282 NSW.

Does not show on website even when checking other stores for stock, Might have to call your local shop.

Clearance item.
Currently still for sale at JB HIFI


The Apple 29W USB-C Power Adaptor offers fast, efficient charging at home, in the office or on the go. While the power adaptor is compatible with any USB-C–enabled device, Apple recommends pairing it with your MacBook with USB-C port for optimal charging performance.
It's compatible for use with any USB-C enabled device.
This adaptor is white.
Please note that a cable is not included.

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    Recommend to get this instead of 30W if you are using it only for Apple devices (only 2 PDO as opposed to 4), the new A1882 30W version has some known compatibility issues, see Google+ Post by Nathan K, even the Apple recommended Mophie Powerstation XXL won't work with the 30W charger.

    Also see chongdiantou's test on compatibility with other USB-C Powerbanks, incompatible devices include many flagship powerbanks, e.g. ZMI QB820, RavPower PB058, Mophie Powerstation XXL etc.

    OP can you share an invoice for price matching?

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      USB-C situation is a bit complicated. I don't think using Mophie Powerstation XXL's compatibility is a good indicator (because that is not USB-IF standard compliant, nor is the 29W adapter). If you read Nathan K's review carefully:

      Note that I have purchased an Apple 30w USB-PD charger, and I quite like it. It appears to be engineered well.
      Apple's 30W charger, while updated from the 29W to meet the latest USB Power Delivery revisions …

      The issue is that Apple initially went for 14.5V for 12" Macbook (non-pro), and iPad Pro 12 inch (first gen). That's against USB-IF standard. However, due to that, some devices were introduced to support that voltage. Now, 30W USB-PD is introduced to follow proper standard (and thus removing 14.5V). If you have devices that only support 14.5V in USB-PD mode, then obviously they won't work. So, the bottom line is whether you have those devices.

      From following USB-IF standard point of view and if you have non-Apple devices (those will most likely NOT use the non-standard 14.5V), then the 30W is a better option. Newer / current gen Apple devices certainly will work with 30W adapter and it is the better one to go for in the long run.

      Bottom line: USB-C is not as simple as you think. Know your devices. If you don't have old devices that need 14.5V, you really need to think twice before you get this 29W adapter. Moving forward, the 30W is the better option. Also, when shopping for USB-C powerbank, it is best to avoid ones which support 14.5V unless you have devices needing that.


      Which is best for iPhone X or XS?


        The 30W one is better as officially it supports both iPhone X and XS (as indicated on the Apple page).
        The 29W one - due to it is old, I cannot find the official product page right now. It supports iPhone X. I cannot test it on iPhone XS right now because the only one I have access to (belongs to a family member) is fully charged at the moment. Need to wait for a while before I can run it through my USB-C meter.

        However, if you have 12" Macbook or the first gen iPad Pro 12 inch, then 29W is better.


          Can confirm it works. Currently using the 29W adapter right now for my iPhone XS. $20 is so dam cheap. I remember spending a substantial amount for both adapter & cable to allow for fast charging on the older iPhone X.

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        I'd say at $20, the 29W is definitely better!


        https://support.apple.com/en-au/HT208137 shows the 29W supports iPhone 8 and later.


          Highly doubt that this only works for iPhone 8 or over. The terms of testing were such that “* Testing conducted by Apple in August 2017 using preproduction iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus units and software, and in August 2018 using preproduction iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR units and software…”

          If they could, they’d test iphone 4 with a converter and iPhones 5/6/7 but they didn’t because they’re supereded by current models.


    We’re there any more left @ Warner’s bay?


    This or an anker power station thing from amazon?

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    Will other office works honour this price?? I'm in Syd


    Is this the charger you use for fast charging iPhone?


      Yes. Or the 30w version.


      Yes, but it isn't the only one. 18W, 29W, 30W, 61W, 87W Apple USB-C chargers all fast charge iPhones. Not only that, pretty much most of the other USB-C chargers (3rd parties or even Android ones supporting USB-C/PD) will also fast charge iPhone 8/X/XS. However, needing a proper cable (it's pricey) is the main issue.

      Based on the various reports, you don't actually gain much from USB-PD for iPhones. The 12W adapter (5V) does a good job overall (and you don't need a new cable).


      Unless getting 0-50% charging within 30 minutes is quite important, there is not much benefit getting USB-C for iPhones. iPad Pro's - yes. The reason is that you cannot overcharge the phone battery (relatively small compared to a tablet or laptop) so after 50% charged, you do need slow down the charging a bit.

      Apple's current 1m USB-C to lightning cable is a cost cutting version. The current version removes USB 3.0 support (original / old version supported USB 3).


    Probably the only one in Australia?


      Like 4 posts above yours…

      Orange store have had this for a few weeks (4 in stock). Just didnt think it was a bargain (don't use apple).


    Just called Fremantle… No stock in WA - but great deal!

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    Does this one support fast charging for iphone x?


    Will jb hifi match the price?


    What is the best deal to get a High Quality Lightning to USB Cable?

    The original Apple Lightning to USB 1M Cable cost $29