expired Telstra $30 Pre-Paid SIM Kit for $10 @ Telstra Online


Info directly from the product page (with important dates highlighted):

Better than half price - get 8GB + 22GB Data Bank bonus on your first five $30+ recharges on Telstra Pre-Paid Max™.

Activate by 5 February 2019. For use in Australia within 28 days. Recharge required to access Data Bank (capped at 200GB).

Discount ends 20 December 2018 11:59pm AEST. Online only, limit 2 per customer.

Edit: this kit is also available from Coles until 11th Dec: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/420974

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    I got one of these from Coles yesterday too, wasnt advertised as such but scanned as $10 :)


    Pretty sure Coles and Woolies
    have the $40 sim for 15$ till cob
    Tuesday 11th Dec

    NB: might be just a special locally in woollies but is in Coles Catalogue

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    I thought I would add to this.

    1. Telstra Sim for $10 (save $20) plus 30GB
    2. $100 in ebay gift cards from Coles + current Bonus offer of 2000 Flybuys = $10 (cancels cost of sim)
    3. Buy 5 x Telstra $30 recharge vouchers on ebay from Ausvouchers (currently 30% discount) so $21 each.
    4. Recharge with vouchers using Telstra bonus 22GB of data.

    Total Cost of $105 for 6 Months at 180GB of banked data. or 17.5 per month.

    1. May be able to convert to long life plan and keep unused data.

    Also forgot use Shopback via app for 1% back on ebay purchase.

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    When going through the activation process you need to select mobile phone (not tablet etc) to get 30 Gb offer - did that even though I am using a tablet.
    Tablet option only offers 5 Gb

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