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Xiaomi Mi Roborock S50 Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2nd Gen AU Version $397.49 (Sydney Stock) Delivered @ Gshopper_mi eBay


Credits to @lele as he originally posted as a comment on his 10% off thread.

No explanation needed for this product, I'm sure lots of people here know about it already!

Cheapest price I've seen.. ever?

Stack with your previously purchased 5% off eBay gift cards!

Original PXMAS10 10% off Sitewide @ eBay ($120 Min Spend, $300 Max Discount) Post

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  • +1

    Best price yet? We paid like $80 more only a month ago

  • +13

    Best device I have ever purchased.
    I’m extra lazy now.
    I only now need the Xiaomi bum cleaner so I don’t have to wipe my own arse.

    Edit: at this price it’s a steal

    • +6

      Good for you they make the bidet toilet seat

      • +1

        Yeah that’s what I meant.
        Looks good

  • How does this one compare to this:

    Huge price difference. Is it worth the extra $$$?

      • That's comparing the wrong version, the one he linked was the Xiaowa, which I believe is the latest model, but a budget version. It has limited features but is cheaper than both the 1st and 2nd gen.

        • yes, worth a try?
          From what I have seen, the difference is weaker suction and random navigation.

          • @congo: no not worth it , different gyro & laser tracker

            better get gen1 WHEN ON SALE for $100 more

          • @congo: for gen 1 vs gen 2 (not the Xiaowa one): I have both and I'll tell you this.

            If you have carpet rugs (e.g Iranian carpets) around the house, do not get Gen 1. unless the carpet is literally .5cm off the ground, it will struggle to get on the carpet.

            If you don't have any carpet like that, gen 1 is perfectly fine to get.

            • @BarginGrabber: I went for the Xiaowa at $168 plus 5% discount from gift cards.
              It is half the price of Gen1. So I am hoping that would be at least half as good as gen 1.

              I had 2 Neato that died on me after warranty (battery issues), so don't want to spend that much again on RobotVac.
              I only have laminated floors.

  • Wowed.

  • Grabbed one using your link OP. Thanks!

  • How do you stack with the 5% ebay gift cards?

    • Sorry, I meant.. use your gift cards if you've previously purchased at 5% off, there were many of these deals in the last few weeks!

    • +3

      You pay using the discounted ebay gift cards that were available recently.

  • +1

    That is cheap!! Best robot vacuum hands down!!

  • can anyone comment on the mop function?

    • +2

      ive read that its esentially just a moist cloth that gets rubbed on the floor

      • Yea but is it just a wet cloth or through steam?

        • It's a cloth but it's continually re-wet as it has a water tank attached to it. Not steam

      • Yep moist cloth that drags on the floor and re-wet by a water tank dripping on the cloth. Lasts about 30-40 mins (a 3×2 unit) before needing topping up.

        It doesn't replace giving floors a decent mop, but extends how long before you need to give hard floors a decent mop. We have 2 young messy kids, so run the vacuum daily with the mop function twice a week, and only need to get the actual mop out about bimonthly now rather than 1-2 weeks. It's definitely more effective running it regularly since it's a basic wipe.

        The vaccuum is still pretty good if you decide to not bother with the mop, but it just gets the floors ever so slightly cleaner (kinda like the difference between dusting with a dry or damp rag; not much of a difference but depends on personal preference).

    • +1

      More like a spray and wipe. Not too bad after vacuuming.

      • more like drips and wipe

    • Love the vac but the mop is next to useless in my opinion. It's just a wet cloth which passes lightly over the floor. No detergent is allowed - only water. It's about as effective at cleaning your floor as a light shower of rain.

  • eBay won't let me apply the code - says "This code can't be applied to your order." - am I doing something wrong? :D

    • Change your Ebay setting to Australia

      • did and still no luck :(

        • Same here. Can't apply code.

        • +1

          Checkout using 'Continue as Guest' works for me Arthur.

  • Just gotta sell my Roomba 630 which has been great but this is better!

  • +1

    I have an older version and it's great. Got one for my in laws! Thanks OP

    • +1


      Even the in-laws bit!

      • +2

        I have a gen 1 and I love it. Best investment I ever made.

  • Holy cow it's cheap!

  • Noooo Just bought one for $450 last week!

  • +3

    Cashback from ebay is still available on Shopback's app until midnight.
    Follow Shopback's instructions in their app…I didn't read so I missed out on $4 cashback :(

  • +2

    both cashrewards and shopback have taken off ebay Australia.

    EDIT: Message on CR
    Important Notice - eBay Australia
    Commencing 9 Dec 2018, eBay Australia has paused all activity with Australian Cashback partners.

    What does this mean to our valued members? There will be no Cashback on any eBay Australia purchases from 9 Dec 2018 until further notice.

    We acknowledge that whilst eBay's decision is untimely and unfortunate, we remain hopeful that it's only temporary.

    We'd like to thank you for your ongoing support and apologise for any inconvenience this change by eBay Australia may cause.

  • +6

    God damnit. I got this for $450 in the last deal.

    Irrespective, this device is worth at least double that. It's by far the coolest and best robovac I've had/seen for the price. It's kept our dog-laden house clean the last few weeks which was an absolute chore before. Especially considering it's wet season in FNQ so our labrador is shedding more hair than I thought she had.

    Twice daily very thorough cleans and we get the robo to mop 2x per week. The mopping is just a wet cloth dragged on the ground but is good enough to get rid of light stains on our tiles.

    • And the virtual wall is a blessing…without any extra cost.

      • The app is awesome! A recent update lets you save maps too so we have one for mopping to avoid carpets, one for cleaning the whole house and one for just the main portion of the house. The mi home app also connects with google home and I can make routines to tell google home to tell pacman (our robovac) to clean the living room and it will. How cool is that!?

        • I didn't know this, where can you save the map in the app?

          • @full0085: I only received the update overnight so check

            • @kcbworth: I am on firmware version 3.3.9_001702 and the app says it is up to date.

              What version has the saving map feature?

              • @design2last: That's the version I got overnight. Upgrade note said it had the feature but I haven't checked yet

                • @kcbworth: Strange. I have the ability to save a single map but that's it.

                  It would be handy to save an additional map for mopping with all my carpets blocked off as no go zones.

  • +1

    We were very happy with our purchased. Only issue is I don’t sweat as much as I used to be

    Good product, but why price dropped so quick???

  • Thank you!!!

  • Got one for $385 with previous discount vouchers, cheers!

  • +2

    Thanks OP.
    Finally pulled the plug on this for $337, using the 15% eBay gift cards purchased via eBay UK few months ago.

    • +1

      that's a good stack !

      ozb gold skill - unlocked!

  • Got one a couple of weeks back for a similar price. Damn it's good! Would recommend. Haven't used the mop (wet rag) function yet. It has only once been caught on a Ikea Poang chair leg.

  • Unfortunately Out of stock :(

  • Damn, looks to be out of stock :(

  • outa stock?

  • Placed my order, "The seller doesn't have that many left" :(

  • the same guy BRODEN 12 !!!

    r***r ( 672)

    Imagine 12 xiaomi robots running around

    • I was going to post the same thing.
      Checking to see how close I had cut it.

  • +13

    This will be 4 days sale end by this Sunday 10am. More stock will be available by this Friday, Also due to massive orders rushed in last hour. Handling time is 3 days for order processing.

    • +4

      Really need it up today as the special will stack with 10% off. Friday doesn't really help

    • eBay 10% will end by then I guess :p but thanks for the update anyway

    • +4

      Can you make the listing available for pre-orders for Friday? It will be great to use it with 10% off code today.

      • +1

        how to make pre order listing? can you show me a example. thank you

        • Try here

        • +6

          Increase the handling time and quantity.

        • Yup, I think you will sell lots if you just increase the handling time and note in the listing as pre-order. OzBargainers will buy for FOMO, not need.

        • Yes, please make a pre-order listing so we can buy out all your stock!

        • Please do!

        • +3

          So are you planning to list pre-orders today, or that's it? Seems a lot of us missed out and are interested in to take advantage of the 10% eBay discount today if you're going to list some more.

    • damn missed out

  • +4

    Now waiting for more local sellers to match this deal.

    • Got any links? =)

  • What is this like on Plush carpet with cat fur?

  • +3

    Sorry Guys, We have checked with Ebay, and they not allow us to make pre sale listing for this sale, and also not allow us to increase the handling time.
    So unfortunately, we only can add the inventory on Friday. i think there is 5% OFF code you always can use

    • +1

      Damn! Will have to wait for the next 10% off.

    • That sucks. I second batrarobin, will wait for the next 10% off. And there's a chance other sellers will follow suit in the near future too. Thanks for letting us know.

    • Thanks. Guess we'll have to wait for the next big sale!

    • Do you wanna create a new listing altogether for us?


  • +1

    looks like the seller increased the price?

    • yeah this is what i dont understand. Same seller, same product…different pricing…hmmm…

    • Hmm! Looks like the eBay talk was just an excuse and they wanted to end the sale sooner. Maybe they weren't aware of the power of OzBargain. I regret that I missed it before they pulled the plug.

    • Tried Making an offer on this item for the same price as above and was immediately rejected

    • +1

      this listing was still there when the cheaper one was in stock as far as I can remember. Not sure though why seller had 2 listings for same item, may be they only wanted to sell so many under the cheaper price tag

    • I sent a msg to the seller under this listing and ask them if they can match the price to their other listing…no response….

  • This might be a silly question - but do these actually work? Are they worth the money?

    • +4


      • So its not just a gimmick type thing..? Will start looking into them..

        • no

        • +1

          Pretty sure this is the product that cemented xiaomi into one of ozbargain’s fav brands, so yes works really well, I’ve got v1 and v2 :)

          Before someone askes me if the mop is any good. I haven’t used the mop yet, I’ve read it’s basically dragging a moist rag on your floor…. I just got it coz I was so pleased with v1 and v2 was more powerful so I brought another one to join my soon Amy of cleaners

          • @mikedenoob: How big of an area can they memorize? Surely it won't go into multiple rooms right?

            • @m0tyrider: It can’t go up stairs or down them obviously, u can do multi story you just have to move the vac yourself down or up the stairs no only down side to that is the map, if it scans a new area it forgets the old area and will need to scan again so you can’t do area clean up without a existing map (for targeted cleaning) I remember reading that you can save maps now in new update I have not updated mine yet due to some net issues at my place.

              My v1 is at my parents place that I just use to clean my room and en-suite which is about 40sm

              V2 is at my in-laws which does 4 bedrooms 2 lounges and dinning room it’s pretty big space the vac makes it in one charge

              If you lazy just buy one for each level if their fair decent sm area each level

  • +1

    Why cannot the seller just create a new listing with a 3 day handling time?

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