expired 25% off - USA Travel SIM Card with 5GB Data + Unlimited Calls/Texts to Oz - $41.25 AUD + Free Shipping @ SimsDirect Sydney


Hi OzBargain,

I’m Aidan from SimsDirect.

A big thank you to everyone who purchased and supported us in our Black Friday Deal a few weeks back and welcome to anyone who hasn’t met me or the team before.

I’d like to start the deal with a quick story about us but if you don’t have time to read, or you've read this before. It’s all good, just scroll down to ‘The Deal’ :)

I started SimsDirect with my best mate in February this year and can confidently say it has been an absolutely crazy ride for the two of us. We have had an explosive year of growth and the amount of support and positive feedback we received from Aussie travellers has been awesome.

In the past 9 months, we have moved into an office, brought on our first employee and learned a lot about growing and managing a business. It has been extremely fulfilling to build SimsDirect from scratch and an incredible feeling to be able to help thousands of Aussies travel connected overseas.

However, it hasn’t been all rainbows and unicorns. Mac and I are both in our mid-twenties and we have never owned and operated a business before, so unsurprisingly, we’ve made plenty of mistakes and had our fair share of difficulties to overcome. We don’t always get it right, but the one thing that's pushed us through is looking after our customers and appreciating every bit of support we receive. We wouldn’t be here without the love and support of not just Ozbargain, but every customer we’ve been fortunate enough to help.

So why am I telling you all this? Well, we want to see how far we can take SimsDirect! It’s going to be a long journey but we are going to take a crack at becoming Australia’s leading Travel SIM brand and to help as many Aussie travellers as we can. We aren’t going to be able to do this without your feedback and support so please let us know your feedback in the comments and leave an upvote if you see value in what we are trying to do!

Thank you for reading,
-Aidan and SimsDirect Team

The Deal

We are offering 100 discount codes for our best selling ThreeUK Europe Travel SIM exclusively to Ozbargain for the next 72 hours.

Forget the hassle of buying a SIM when you land and snag a discounted SIM before you fly :)

Use discount code: USAOZB25

  • Travel connected with high-speed data and unlimited calls and texts in the US
  • Keep in touch with friends and family while you travel with unlimited calls back home
  • Conveniently save time and money while you travel the US
  • No need to buy a local SIM at the airport
  • No registration/Identification requirements
  • Plug and Play - Get connected as soon as you land in the US

Product Details

  • 5GB of Data
  • 30 days duration
  • 4G LTE Speeds (4G, HSPA+, 3G, 2G also supported)
  • Unlimited local calls and text to US numbers
  • Unlimited international calls and texts to Australian numbers
  • Sim Size: 3 in 1 SIM (Fits Nano, Micro & Standard)
  • This is an Ultra Mobile USA SIM Card that operates on the T-Mobile network
  • Usable in unlocked phones, tablets and wifi devices

Things to know

  • Bundle expires 30 days after activation
  • Shelf life: Expires 06/09/2021 if not activated
  • Hotspot/Tethering is allowed
  • You can keep track of your data usage by texting DATA to 6700
  • No top-up or recharge available

What's included with your order:

  • SIM tray opener tool
  • 100% Money back guarantee (read below)
  • Free standard shipping
  • Aussie live support via Facebook and email

Where does it cover?

Works in: USA & Hawaii

Does not work in: Alaska, Canada & Mexico

Phone Compatibility

For this SIM to work you need to have an unlocked device.

Generally, anything more modern than iPhone 6s and Samsung S5 will be perfectly fine. Anything older, or lower/mid budget devices I would check to see if it is compatible.

Please check your device compatibility with the T-Mobile network here.

Follow these steps:

  1. In the first drop down: scroll to the bottom and select ‘Other (GSM) Carrier’
  2. In the second drop down: Type and find your device
  3. Click ‘Check Device’

If you cannot find your device I would recommend to avoiding a T-Mobile SIM.
You will need to look for an AT&T SIM that supports your devices network bands.


Very easy activation:

  • Land in USA and insert the SIM into your phone
  • Turn on 'Data Roaming' in your network settings
  • Text GOGO to 6700
  • Restart your phone



All Orders will be shipped from Sydney and will be shipped via Australia Post.

We ship orders Monday to Friday and offer same day dispatch before 3PM.

  • FREE Registered Standard Shipping 4-7 Business days (Signature Required)
  • $7.99 for Express Tracked Shipping 1-2 Business days (Free on orders over $100)

Learn more about our shipping here.


You can check out securely with:

PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Amex and ZipPay


Fire away with any questions in the comments below, I will be here to respond to any questions :)

Kris, Mac and I are also active on Facebook and you can live chat with us via Facebook Chat.

Alternatively, you can email us at: hello@simsdirect.com.au

Money Back Guarantee:

I offer a Money Back Guarantee with this product. If you have a technical issue we can’t resolve; I will refund you in full.

Please read further details about my Money Back Guarantee here.

If you have any questions please leave a comment here on OzBargain or chat to us on our live chat. I will be here to answer any questions you have.

Again thank you everyone! <3


If you wish to help out then you can contribute in a few ways:

  • Jump onto our OzB company page and hit that sexy subscribe button to get notified when we post deals. You can also leave me a sneaky Facebook like ;)

  • Share this deal with any friends or family you know are travelling soon by using the share icons below

  • And lastly! Leave an upvote if you see value in the deal :)

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  • +1 vote

    Hi Guys, go nuts with any questions and I will be here to help :)



    Just got back from a trip to the US where I used one of these. Calls were fine mostly but I found data to be patchy. My speed test results varied from 1.59Mbps down at worst, 9.94Mbps avg, to 29.5Mbps down at best. As they say, service is by T-Mobile and I didn't find coverage as good as my previous trip using an AT&T sim I bought from eBay. For reference I use an S7 Edge on Aldi mobile in Oz and have no probs with reception otherwise. Just my feedback here, obviously US is a big place with varied coverage. I was in city areas only - YMMV.


      Hi Vinnie,

      Really appreciate the detailed feedback! We've had customers say similar things where T-mobile can vary in speeds depending on where you are (similar to Vodafone here in Oz). AT&T is definitely a superior service but comes with a higher price tag. We are still sourcing AT&T products for USA.




      From my experience:

      Verizon = Telstra (ie very good regional coverage)
      T-Mobile = Optus (when it's good, it's good. If it's bad, it's usually really bad - no signal or extremely slow)
      AT&T = Vodafone W/out domestic roaming (ie not the worst coverage, I could reliable get at least 4-5mbps in most places. Not fast, but enough. Vodafone here obviously benefits from domestic roaming to fill in the gaps - AT&T does not)


        Nice, awesome insights. Comparing it to Oz telcos definitely helps.

        Thanks for your contribution dyl!



    Hell yes, im going to Hawaii in Sept, i had this on my list. Can you confirm its good on Honolulu?


      Hi beige,

      Yes, it works in Honolulu, we have a few reviews from customers with feedback on Hawaii coverage you can read on our product page :)

      If the coverage is ever unsatisfactory I will never take your money! I'd happily honour a money back guarantee for you.

      Let me know if there is anything else I can help with!



    Hi Aidan,

    Please have some deals for Asia data SIMs. Thanks.


      Hi gstfree,

      We likely won't be having any deals for the Asia SIMs unless they are apart of a storewide discount. The margin for us is too thin to offer a discount for the OzBargain community. Perhaps one day when we start ordering in larger quantities as we grow.

      Sorry I can't help out (yet)!



    Hi Aidan, although it's a conflict of your interest - I'll be travelling for a whole month and wondering if it's going to be better value for me to pick some sort of sim up at the airport or in a store?

    • +2 votes

      Hi Jatacid,

      Its entirely up to you. You have a variety of options to choose from but you will have to wait until you land to really see whats on offer. Maybe some research online might be worthwhile (look at AT&T / T-mobile prepaid offerings). That's typically what you will find when you land.

      Our SIMs are a great option for 30 days if you think it will suit your needs but again, it depends what you need :)



    Any NZ deals?


    The Simsdirect USA sim card we got used T-mobile.
    We found this product or any that use the T-mobile service are no good for Australian android phones in New York.
    No data just phone calls and a world of frustration.
    The T-mobile shop said they only have patchy support of the channels used by Australian android phones in other cities.
    Next time I'm going with an AT&T based sim, does Simsdirect have one?


      Hi ozsimonrose.

      Thanks for reaching out with your feedback. Its true that some Australian devices will struggle on the T-mobile network. Simply because we use GSM networks here in Oz, whereas USA supports mostly CDMA devices. What you need is a USA provider with a wider range of GSM network bands.

      Older devices and lowbudget/mid tier budget devices will struggle the most. May I ask what your device is?

      AT&T have a wider range of support here and we are still sourcing products for it.

      If you had an extremely unsatisfactory experience with the product, I don't want to take your money from you.

      Please go to our money back guarantee page and fill out the form with your details and I will work something out with you Simon.



        Hi Aidan I have a Huawei Mate 20 Pro (Australian model), does my phone have the relevant bands to support T-Mobile? I Wi be in Las Vegas in the new year and apparently T Mobile along with Verizon have the best coverage there but I want to make sure that I have no issues with the network+smartphone combo I will be using


          Hi merajaan,

          Your device will be supported. Just make sure the SIM is in slot 1 on your device.



    Hey Aidan, thanks for this; just bought 2 - literally a few hours after asking for a deal you've created one. Top customer service, I'll be supporting you guys!


      Hi thierryhenry,

      No worries my man :) Let me know if theres anything I can do for you!



    Awesome deal, Aidan, shame there's no coverage in Canada. Any idea when you'll be getting some SIMs that have both calls/SMS + data to use in The Great White North?


      Hey Chazz,

      We have new products for Canada coming before Christmas, calls included. Also works in USA/Mexico.

      Keep an eye on the site and just reach out to me if you need any help :)



    Hi Aidan I have a Huawei Mate 20 Pro (Australian model), does my phone have the relevant bands to support T-Mobile? I Wi be in Las Vegas in the new year and apparently T Mobile along with Verizon have the best coverage there but I want to make sure that I have no issues with the network+smartphone combo I will be using


    Hi Aidan,

    I've got an Android LG G6 (Australian model) and I will be travelling in LA, New York, Chicago and Washington D.C. sometime end of January / early Feb.

    Given above concerns, am I likely to have any issues using this SIM while there?


    Edit: I have the LG-H870DS, which I bought in December 2017. I cannot find it on the drop-down list on the link provided in the original post.


      Hi nxclay,

      The calculator T-mobile provides isn't always up to date so I'm not certain about whether your device will work or not.

      It might be a safer bet for you to go with AT&T as they support more GSM bands like yours. Either have a shop around online (Simcorner have options for AT&T) or wait until you land and go into an AT&T store and ask them directly. They can do an IMEI check and will let you know if your device will work on their network.

      I hope this helps



        Thanks for your reply Aidan. I spoke with an LG rep from America, and they suggested T-mobile should work with the LG G6. If I have any issues, can I still contact you guys?


    Im currently in the US. Quite disappointed with its very patchy data. Im in an outlet called Clarksburg near Germantown MD… No data available. Waste of money.


      Hey im,

      I am sorry for the poor experience my man. Usually, in this case, its a phone compatibility issue with T-mobile network overseas. We don't have a thorough enough process just yet to make sure customers are going to be using supported devices so I apologise for that. Please email us directly (help@simsdirect.com.au) and let us know all the details, Mac or Kris will be able to work out a MoneyBack claim with you so you aren't left empty handed.


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