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Huawei Mate 20: Unlimited Calls & Text + 80GB Data 24 Month Plan $55/Month @ Telstra via JB Hi-Fi


When you port your number over to the JB HiFi (Telstra) on their $65 per month over 24 months receive either the Huawei Mate 20 or P20 Pro for $0 upfront.

Also receive:
- $10 per month discount (total minimum cost $1320.00 over 24m)
- 80gb data per month
- Unlimited talk/text to standard Australian numbers

Please note this plan includes no overseas calls and Telstras $10 international call pack cannot be added on to this deal.

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  • Finally mate 20 on the list.

    • is it the better phone out of the 2 though? im not so sure…i dont own either but on paper i cant see the Mate 20 (for the everyday user) to be the better choice

      • P20 has better camera and AMOLED screen

      • +1

        Newer CPU and a wide lens camera. That's about it. oh bigger screen-to-body ratio. I choose this one over P20 pro, because I hate notch.

    • +3


      • Which fetches a higher price? Based on what anyone on ozb have sold/bought recently? Guessing $700-800?

    • mate20 …
      I was hoping mate 20 pro.

  • Isn't it just this deal but not expired?

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      Now includes the Mate 20 which is a better phone sir

      • is it though? extra ram, 40mp cam with extra features, AMOLED screen. you lose the extra storage (but everybody lives in the cloud these days) and 0.2ghz and i guess BT5, but unless you have a BT5 device to pair thats not a major issue.

        • +2

          You forgot the extra battery life and faster charging

          • @Pandabargain: Is it faster charging than the P20 Pro? or are you confusing the Mate 20 with the Mate 20 Pro?

            Just to be clear, i dont own either, but i've been tracking them lately as Huawei have been making a lot of noise lately.

            • @Bargains of Oz: P20 Pro battery life it great as well. I'm yet to run out of juice with a full day of conference calls, podcast listening, sport browsing etc…

          • +1

            @Pandabargain: I have been using Iphones for 6 years and just switched to Mate 20 Pro. The battery life is, to be honest, INSANE!! Had to charge my 6S three times a day to keep it going but I can hardly burn 30% juice of Mate 20 Pro with similar usage and it normally takes 15-20 min to supercharge it back to 100%.

        • You also lose IP67 waterproofing

        • It's not just an extra 0.2ghz, it's also made using the next-gen 7nm process. The 980 has about about 50% better performance than the 970 overall and currently has the fastest CPU for Android phones: https://www.notebookcheck.net/Kirin-970-vs-Kirin-980_9236_10...

        • 970vs980

    • That deal did expire, this is new and includes the Mate 20 handset which was not included previously.

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    Just to remind you that Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro very difference with the camera.

    • I'm keen to know if the mate 10 actually has a better cam than mate 20. Non pro with either.

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    Breakdown as posted on previous deals, these plans are great if you want a telstra sim plan with big data for cheap:

    24months X $55 = $1320 , Assuming you Sell the phone for:

    $800 pay that into the bill, $520 remaining over 24months = $21.66pm for a 80GB sim

    $700 pay that into the bill, $620 remaining over 24months = $25.83pm for a 80GB sim

    $600 pay that into the bill, $720 remaining over 24months = $30pm for a 80GB sim

    • Yep get and sell quick while Christmas is going on and while 10% ebay sales going on. Stuff sells real quickly at the moment. Got the p20 pro unloaded for $850

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    damn, wish i could get this deal but im with telstra already

    • -2

      Go to local Optus /Vodafone store with some free SIM card ( lebara/ 7-11). Port out from Telstra

      Go to Jb hifi next day and port in back to Telstra

      • I think they have a 30 day period before you can port in as a new customer

        • Can anyone confirm if this is true? I checked with Telstra after porting out and they confirmed I was 'no longer a Telstra customer'. Figured that makes me eligible for the deal! Also, says this deal is eligible to those porting in.

          • @scottiejm: Sorry all, should have read further through the comments before posting. For all those with the same question who hit this post first, looks like the 'official' period is 30 days but many seem to have successfully ported back in under a week later. Wouldn't try it within 24 hours from the sounds of it.

            Fingers crossed!

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    That is incredible value. Better than the Pixel Deal!!!!!

    • +5

      oooh careful with that one, there are some very precious Pixel owners in that thread that will take offense to that one!

      • I am still on the pixel plan :-( I just meant that you get a flagship for cheaper.

        • +1

          I got the Pixel 2 XL for $49/mth ($10 discount from signing up to a Business plan which I don't think was supposed to stack but did)

          This is still a great deal, but I'm not sure it knocks the Pixel deal off its pedestal (yet!)

          • @pennypincher98: 80gb sure beats the 35gb I got. Also for most the extra $10 discount didn't stack. Phone arguably much better than pixel, and for most would save $36 over 2 years haha. Can't so no to saving money!

            • @onlinepred: I only got 20GB :(
              It's more than enough for me though - I use between 10 and 12GB a month and that's without restrictions. The only thing I don't do is stream Netflix. I'll download the episodes for offline viewing because the train line has a dead patch in it (that download is still out of data most of the time though).

              Phone arguably much better than pixel

              What are we comparing here? Mate 20, P20 Pro with Pixel 2, 3XL?
              If it was Mate 20 Pro that would be better than the Pixel (one of the only phones I'll say that for) - don't think the Mate 20 cuts it and don't know enough of the P20 Pro to make a judgement there

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    Anyone have any luck getting the $100 gift card with the P20 Pro?

    • +4

      yeah i did, i signed up on Saturday and they didn't have the phone in stock so i had to pick it up on wednesday, the sales guy that served me when i signed up (who i also tried to get the $100 off but refused, said i was getting the phone for free already so wasn't able to give me the giftcard) was busy so he handballed me off to the lady at the register and she thought i bought the phone outright so she gave me the $100 gift card without me even asking.

      i guess if you can try asking at the register as they put the phone through, as long as you don't get the same sales person who sold you the contract.

      • can you please send out the invoice for the $100 gift card so I can ask them

      • You guys are lucky. The salesperson followed me all the way to the cash register and did it herself… :/

    • +1

      Also got the $100 gift card at the register after asking

  • +2

    gah i got this last week but i got the P20 PRO.

  • Are these locked to Telstra? I may need to do some SIM swapping with the wife to maintain our Optus bundles.

    • +1

      As per my knowledge mobile on contact are not Sim locked

    • Post paid telstra phones are never locked.

    • +1

      This isn't a Telstra branded handset, this is just unlocked stock! Will certainly work with other sims.

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    curse my s8 plus plan ends in april. i cant switch till then

  • Can I use the data as mobile wifi hotspot on other devices. Or is tethering allowed. ?

    • Use the phone as a hotspot? Of course. Tethering? Of course. This isn't the USA.

  • hey im hoping to jump on this plan, however i'm currently with Telstra. Would the process be to port out to say optus for a couple of hours then port back into Telstra? should i be waiting a couple of days at least before i do this?

    • Wait for 24 hrs

    • How are you going to get optus to release you?

    • From previous posts - Telstra generally have a 30 day rule regarding porting out/in.

      • Yeah can confirm, as I have asked at jbs that they now make you wait longer than 24 hours as that once used to work but not anymore. Not sure if its 30 days but it's definitely not 24 hour.

  • +3

    this is the mate 20 not the mate 20 pro which means the camera is inferior to even that of the p20 pro

    • If it had been the Pro…I would have got my wife to sign up today :)
      She really really wants an S9 though for the camera.

      • P20 PRO's 40MP LEICA camera is unbeatable.

    • +3

      no chance.

    • +1

      Just an fyi, no carrier will ever pay your cancellation fees so you can join them

  • +1

    Don't get confused Mate 20 is not Mate 20 Pro

    P20 has better camera and AMOLED screen. Mate 20 has LCD and inferior camera.

    • Don't shit on the Mate 20, it is a brilliant phone without a gaping notch.

      • -1

        Happy New Year to you too…not very productive but a great way to kill time eh…going through comments on a month old thread that is.

  • Fantastic deal. Waiting for mate 20 pro though. Would be willing to get a lot less data and pay $5 more a month.

  • I need International Pack $10. Is it possible to contact Telstra later and add International Pack when the number is ported?

  • Hopefully optus matches these deals shortly. Still have another 6 months on my 12month sim only. Wouldn't mind recontracting for a new phone + more data

  • How is it possible that Vodafone is about $80 for 24 months for basically the same deal, although much less data….Telstra is meant to be the expensive brand.

  • How do you compare this with Galaxy S8?

    • More comparable to the S8+ but with a CPU in it thats faster than what you can get in any flagship currently available (Snapdragon 855 will give it a run for its money in 2019).

      • S9+'s counterpart is P20 Pro

  • +2

    This is a great plan with the Mate 20 included now. You get the Kirin 980 and most of the features of the Mate 20 Pro, plus a better fingerprint sensor, 3.5" headphone jack and a bigger screen, which is not curved and so doesn't suffer the fragility issues that the Mate 20 Pro is facing.

    Unfortunately I am stuck with Optus for life (or at least until they finally cancel my $5 data share sims).

  • +2

    I'm not quite seeing why the Mate 20 is such an improvement over the P20 pro.

    It's not waterproof, so immediately you have to be way more careful with it. The camera is worse, the screen is worse.

    I understand it's faster but phones these days are so fast anyway, unless you're really working it hard I don't know how much of a real life improvement that is compared to the worse screen, camera and lacking waterproof.

    Can someone enlighten me? I am interested in this deal but not sure on what phone to go for.

    • I personally would take the faster CPU, 3.5mm headphone jack and bigger screen (with nicer notch) but you put up some good arguments for the P20 Pro, which is still a brilliant phone.

    • It's not really the successor to the P20 pro. AFAIK, its a different lineup and the P20P is expected to have its own direct upgrade this season. Also, the Mate 20 is not to be confused with the Mate 20 Pro, which is more comparable to the P20 pro.

      • That's what I thought. But there were a few comments about how the addition of the Mate 20 makes this a better deal so I thought I might be missing something.

        I'm gonna just go with the idea that they're similar enough and it's down to the buyer's priorities as to which to go with.

  • Damn, I signed up for the P20 Pro 2 days ago. Is it a better phone? On ebay it looks more expensive.

    • Seems like the P20 has better camera and screen but the Mate 20 might be faster and pricewise costs a little more.

      Great deal either way and for me it might come down to which phone I think looks nicer which would be the P20,

  • Also, can you go on any of the other telstra plans and applicable for the new phone feeling option?

  • My wife currently has Samsung s8… which phone do I get for her Mate 20 or p20 pro… taking kids photos and some internet?

    • +1

      Mate 20 only have 12MP camera (same as the S8), P20 has a amazing 40MP camera with great quality photos even in the dark

    • +3

      If you value photos being your primary driver, I hesitantly recommend the Pixel. It is the best, especially for capturing moving targets like kids and dogs. It can make taking photos fun and simple again for an android user.

  • +1

    Damn, I want mate 20 pro.

  • is it possible to get Invoice to claim TRS with the contract phone?

    • It's is not a contract phone. (Telstra only sees the Sim only plan)
      You own the phone outright. You will get a JB hi-fi receipt showing full price of the phone and a gift card being used to pay for the phone.

      • ty, this will made it even sweeter for travelers.

      • What is The total amount would show? $100 gift card ?

  • Ohhhh,, But why not the Pro version! I would've jump on board without even thinking twice!

  • +1

    For anyone wants Mate 20 Pro, go HN to sign up $85 50Gb plan, get 10% discount for plan fee so $76.5 per month and $1836 in total, HN is giving away $200 GC, Huawei is giving free wireless earphone, which can be sold at $100, so your total cost will be $1536, it's already less than phone RRP, if you have student discount, then even cheaper.

    • Optus $85 Plan?

      • Yes, sorry not mention it's Optus Plan

        • Thanks. although it is attempting, i won't sign up with Optus because the software update with Optus is slow and people say their mate20pro is still on Oct patch.

    • available for much less than $1500 on ebay :)

    • can you please elaborate on the student discount? Is there a further discount on the $76.5 per month price? thanks

  • +1

    Hi, does anyone know if this 80GB/month data has shaped down afterwards? ie. peace of mind data? many thanks.

    • +1

      No peace of mind data with this deal.
      If you go over you get charged $10 per gb

  • Urgh, should I go for this or keep holding on hope for a similar Pixel 3 deal ?

    • Are you looking for the Pixel 3 non-XL? The current HN Optus deal with $400 eftpos, Google Home Hub (say it's worth $150) and 10% of plan fees would get you to similar monthly prices.