expired Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System $94.40 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Looks like Amazon has price matched to the Good Guys

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel K Keepa.

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    Nintendo have reportedly ceased production of these systems.


      And seems the Sony version hasnt sold well at all

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        It's trash

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        Cos most of the games they put on it are crap.


        I have the mini nes and snes. Was going to get the ps1 mini however after many negative reviews all saying the same thing, I gave it a pass. If/when it drops to $50 I might consider it. I'm not too happy with the non dual shock controllers either, especially considering the price tag $150 especially considering PS4 and Xbox one are nearing the $200 mark.

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        No surprise there. Even if the performance wasn't bad, it's too expensive for what it offers.
        If you want to play PS1 games you can pick up a ps3 for less and get a better selection of PS1 classics off PSN.
        A PS3 can even play PS1 discs if you still have those hanging around.


        I found my old PS TV the other day, forgot I even had the thing. Gonna plug it in sometime soon and see if it's still on a low enough firmware to be easily modded.

        Gonna load it up with a bunch of PS1 roms and have a smaller PS1 classic, with wireless controllers… that can also do Remote Play, PSP games, PS Vita games, minis, and so on out the gate, not to mention the emulators available for it too. Man, the PS TV really was underrated. I mean, it's entirely Sony's fault tbh that it failed, the Vita has a lot of reasons to blame, but the PS TV's fall lands entirely on Sony IMO, but that's a topic for another day.

        Point is, the built in Sony-made PS1 emulator in the PS TV is likely to shit all over the PS1 mini's, and it can have up to 4 PS3/4 wireless controllers paired at a time, and that's just on OFW, I'd imagine CFW could rig it to be even more potentially.


    Hmm saw the news on the weekend and bit the bullet and ordered one of each of the classic systems Saturday morning. Wondered if I over paid too much ( knew it was under $100) and jumped in and the copy in my cart has gone up.. so price matching GG isn't a good thing?

    "Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System has increased from $94.05 to $94.40"


    wow so Amazon matched the price after ebay 20% code, that's pretty cool

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    Dont forget 10% CashRewards


    This is a good system with amazing games!
    But, if you can wait for a lower price, resist this one.

    On BF, it was AU$ 79 in Amazon. It means that the price might go down to AU$ 79 on Boxing day. Can't guarantee but, possibly.

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      They've stopped manufacturing these, so I wouldn't hold my breath for big discounts.

      Can probably play it til you get bored and sell it for about what you paid anyway.


    With all the epic amazon deals I would hope they do this for $50-75 but prob isn’t much mark up left after that.


    wonder why they stopping production when it’s sellinf this well?

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      Expect the games to appear on the Switch store. Nintendo love charging customers to play the same games over and over again with every generation.

      Meanwhile MS keep adding more and more backwards compatibility for free (if you already own the game).

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      these things have been a great marketing tool to sell more switches off the back of the nostalgia and hype generated through the classic consoles. they make people remember how much they loved playing nintendo and decide to grab the latest incarnation. they've done their job, so nintendo can now take them out of circulation which generates even more press about shortages in a few months time. then they put all the games on the eshop and start charging everyone for them again.

      will probably repeat the same for an n64 classic a few months before xmas next year id say.